Shooting Cum - Video

Please upload a video demonstrating how you shoot your load or get fucked.

That is the request that I get the most from my followers. I have several cum-shots videos in my videos section.

You can find them here: Cumshots Videos

Checking my website's traffic data also reveals where people spend most of their time visiting my blog. 

The most popular section in my blog is the video pages. Among these pages, the cum-shots videos page is the most popular. 

I still haven’t added a video of me getting fucked. I've already explained a few times why.

You can find more about it here:

Fact or Fiction.

But why don't I have more videos showing how I shoot my load all over myself?

The answer is quite simple: 

I don't have many such videos because usually when cum runs on my pecs or my face, it is while I'm getting fucked or when my ass is full of delicious cum.

I honestly don't empty my balls when alone that much.

When I'm horny, I seek a guy to spend a passionate lovemaking session until both of us experience the best male bonding. Nowadays, it is mostly with my boyfriend. 

Most times, I end up with his cum leaking out of my open hole. I take his cum, eat some of it, and use the rest as lube to help me travel to heaven. 

Some guys have asked me why I don't masturbate alone in between fuck sessions.

The reason for that is also quite simple:

I prefer to engage sexually when my balls are full of boiling cum and not half full or less.

The other reason is that the sensation I feel when I cum while being fucked, or when my ass is full of cum, is so much more profound. 

Here's a recording of me screaming as I shot my load after my boyfriend had filled my ass with gallons of delicious vegan cream:

You can hear me yelling in the video below, but it's no comparison.

I've been planning to make such a wanking video for you, my sweet followers, for quite some time. Especially since many followers sent me videos demonstrating how they shoot their load while thinking of my love hole (or cock).

I got such a video this morning from a guy with a terrific thick uncut tool. After he'd fired beautiful shots of white love all over his hairy body, he said: 

"That's for you, Theon."

Watching him do that made my cock rock hard and my hole soft. I could feel some cum leaking out of my cock when I heard him say my name.

It was such an intimate gesture from him.

As I've said, I get plenty of such videos. So, it only makes sense I devote such a video to my sweet blog followers.

An unfortunate chain of events had led to this video. 

Initially, I had other plans for my next blog post. 

The post about how Felix and I hiked last Friday is almost done. There were many highlights (besides fucking like wild animals in ruins at sunset). 

One of the highlights was seeing a group of high school graduates and soldiers naked or in tight underwear bathing in a small well. 

The post also detailed my first day at the office (post-COVID-19) and how my love hole was surprisingly explored right after work.

Not only did I have other plans for my next blog post but also for yesterday.  

I was hoping to get fucked at the beach and/or by Felix afterward. But the beach was a mess. 

First of all, it was so dirty, from pollution and people leaving their garbage behind. And second, even though there were quite a few people, none were to my taste. The fact that it was so crowded also meant that it would have been impossible for me to enjoy sensual anal action.

That's because I don't particularly appreciate it when people watch me moan and scream while I get fucked. 

I could have waited till sunset in the hope that I'd get lucky, but I'd already made plans for Felix's dinner; therefore, I was not that concerned about not serving a cock at the beach. Dinner with Felix always means that I get to eat his cock and that my ass drinks his cum.

He got caught up with a lot of work and asked me if we could postpone it by a day. Of course, I said yes, because he's such a sweetheart. 

Bottom line (pun intended), I came back from the beach very horny. 

The last time I got fucked was during the hike with Felix, on Friday. I had a three-days worth of cum in my balls, and I had to get it out or go mad.

I decided to run 7 miles since that always wears me out. At the end of the run, I figured that I'd prefer to play with my PlayStation instead of my cock..

However, while showering, I started getting horny again. 

It didn't take much. 

I suddenly remembered how Lee fingered my love hole in the parking lot while we were both in his car yesterday. That was the trigger that had sent my balls complaining to my brain, demanding that I take out whatever was stored inside.

I knew that I could find someone on Grindr or contact one of my fuck buddies. However, I remembered the emails from my followers, asking to see more videos of me emptying my balls, and it made me think: 

"Why not?"

So here's the result:

The bracelet was a birthday present from Dor, my best mate and fuck buddy. The coin pendant was one of many presents from Felix for my birthday. Felix is the love of my life and my boyfriend. 

I've written how I enjoy eating cum (mine or my sex partner's); I hope this video is convincing enough 👅 My cum tastes excellent since I'm vegan and eat very little processed food. It has a faintly sweet taste, and it's almost odorless. 

After listening to the video, I realized that maybe my English was not that easy to comprehend. I concluded that I should also add what I'd said before yelling and after. 

During the first 1:50 minutes, I merely enjoy my love hole and play with myself. Occasionally saying, "Fuck me," or "Fuck yeah." 

Here's what I said after 1:50 minutes:

"So, I know that all of you want to see me cum. Everyone is asking to see me cum. So, this is for you guys because you like (to see it) it so much, I guess. 
I am going to take some lube here. Makes it a little bit better, makes it easier to finger my hole too. You know how much I love fingering myself, right?
So, I'm going to cum for you guys just because you have asked me so many times. 
Felix is not coming over to fuck me tonight, and there was no one at the beach to fuck me so…"
Then there are some yells, and I laugh. I always laugh after I shoot my load because it feels so good.
"Oh, that feels so good. 
I love eating my cum; there is more here, I think. 
So, I hope you enjoyed it at least as much as I did. I'm going to go eat my vegan supper.
Vegan cum is not enough.
Tastes good, though. 
See you later, guys."

Maybe next time, I'll show you how much I enjoy my anal vibrators while playing with my cock. 

Hmm, now that's something I wouldn't mind doing right now.