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    Shock @ the Shook

    A boiling hot morning here in the holy land.

    Just came back from the "Shook." That's the Hebrew word for the farmers market.

    It's one block down from my apartment.

    I always buy from the same farmer. His prices are reasonable, and he is a nice guy (and cute). It is nice that he delivers for free as well.

    When I came back home, I was so sweaty that I stayed under the cold shower for quite some time (in this photo).

    It's so nice to take a shower like that

    The delivery guy was quick; I was still in the shower when he rang the bell.

    My life is, sadly, not a porn movie.

    The delivery guy is not good looking, and in any case, by the time I got to the door, partly wet, he was already gone.

    On a side note, I am pleased that one of the congress demons was granted a visit to Israel after all.

    The minister of the interior has approved her request based on humanitarian grounds. She wants to visit her 90 years old grandma. 

    She signed a document promising that she will not use this as an opportunity to incite violence and break Israeli law.

    I hope she keeps her word.

    The other congers demon is still banned from entering the holy land.

    She does not need to be pro-Israel to visit. She needs to stop being such an antiemetic bitch. It's that simple.

    Well, I'm off to make myself a fruit shake and then play for several hours on my PS3

    More about that and a little bit more about the congress demons later.

    Sweet Hugs,