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He's sexy, mature and has an incredible cock! Check him out now!

I found a terrific gem in the blog's forums that I'd like to share with you.

If you've never tried the forums, here's the link to it:

The Blog Forums:

In the forum, I found a series of photos of a mature gentleman who was generous enough to share his beautiful body and incredible penis.

His photos made me rock hard in seconds:

Click here to see my hard cock:

In the forums, you can share or view photos and videos.

I also share photos & videos there:

I've shared this one today.
I've shared this one today.

I often write about my desire to be fucked and bred by men older than me.

I would love to ride this blog follower's terrific cock until it shoots in my ass:

His cock is uncut - a major turn-on for me.
His cock is uncut - a major turn-on for me.

The sexy man in the series of photos below would have been perfect for my ass because:

  • His body is lean and hairy

  • His bush is intact

  • His cock is uncut

  • His erect cock is thick and long

  • His balls are large and beautiful

Here's the first photo:

The next photo is promising.

It reveals his hairy, sexy upper body:

I love the feeling of a hairy chest pressed against my relatively smooth pecs:

The next photo shows his gorgeous naked body.

One must admire that he keeps his bush so thick and beautiful:

I also keep my cock's crown intact.

But my bush isn't nearly as thick as his:

I neither trim nor shave my bush.
I neither trim nor shave my bush.

The following photos demonstrate how beautiful his hard cock is:

If he ever comes to Israel, he can count on at least one fuck hole:


Click here to reveal my smooth hole.


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