How to deal with sexy, unreliable guys in their 20s

Yesterday, I pumped cum out of my balls three times and overfilled cum in my ass twice. Indeed, it was a fantastic day for getting fucked and watching a beautiful beach sunset (not at the same time).

The first fuck was a no brainer.

Felix, my boyfriend, was the first to make love to my ass.

That's where I like Felix, behind me

He is finally off medication and, once again, horny. It was so awesome to feel him penetrating my horny ass with his marvelous tool. It's almost as if, just over half a year of him fucking me regularly, my love tunnel is now shaped like his thick cock.

His big mushroom slides deep inside me in seconds.

The timing of his mushroom reaching my spine was unique.

Not because of my cock, which was rock hard as it is every morning.

It doesn't go soft until I get out of bed.

My erected cock
My morning wood

Felix filled my ass with loads of vegan cum shortly before 6 AM. As far as my love hole is concerned, getting fucked before 6 AM is almost unheard of.

Why is that?

In my "Are You Clean?" anal sex guide, I wrote:

"For me, since I empty my waste till noon, I know that I can't get fucked until noon. If I do, I risk an accident happening."

You can read my anal sex guide here: "Are You Clean?"

Why did I risk getting fucked so early?

Was it because a week had passed since Felix had made love to my ass and filled it with his American DNA?

Even though I was half asleep when I'd felt Felix's massive hard cock rubbing against my smooth crack, I almost yelled with excitement. I longed to feel him take over my ass.

The last week of us not fucking had been driving me insane.

But I wouldn't risk him fucking me and getting his cock dirty, no matter how horny we were. However, that morning I knew I was perfectly clean.

That's because the previous night, I was stood up.

The guy was 24, incredibly hot, and said all the right things to get into my ass:

  • He said he loved kissing,

  • He was excited that my hole was naturally smooth and edible

  • Like me, he was on prep and said he could fill my ass twice with loads of cum

  • He sent lots of photos showing his perfect hairy body

As his parents were away, he asked me to go over to their place around 8 pm. I changed my schedule to accommodate his. I worked out early and had a very light dinner.

I had a light dinner because I never overeat before getting fucked. I want my digestive system to be idle as much as possible to further minimize the risk of an "accident".

Gluten tends to make my stomach protrude, and I want to appear for a sex date with a flat stomach.

I also did a colossal Number 2. I knew that, even if I took a 20-inch cock in my ass, it would come out clean. I was speaking theoretically of course. The capacity of my ass is a 9-inch cock, and I don't think I've ever seen a cock longer than 10 inches.

Our last message was at 7:15 PM.

At 7:30 PM, I sent him my phone number and asked for directions.

He didn't reply.

To be honest, I wasn't surprised.

Guys in their 20s are notorious when committing to a sex-date is concerned. This has happened to me more than once. They talk with several guys at the same time to increase their chances. In the end, they pick the one they want the most.

When I talk with a 20-something guy, I always give myself a 10% chance of actually feeling his cock taking control over my horny ass.

They are so unreliable.

How is all this related to my ass being able to drink Felix's cum before 6 AM?

Because I'd done a huge #2 the night before and had almost nothing to eat for dinner, I knew that I was still clean. Usually, I eat a large dinner, but I lost my appetite after that humiliating incident.

I only had some over-roasted cauliflower

My light vegan dinner

What was my response to his selfish behavior?

I discussed it with one of my female friends, and this was her response: "I'm so sorry he did this to you."

"You know what?" I told her, "This is ridiculous, I'm blocking him. No one is going to treat me like that."

Later that afternoon, I was naked at the beach, and it was lovely. I remembered how Felix had fucked me that morning and felt very relaxed.

- and horny again.

I didn't expect anything would happen, but it happened big time. I'll devote another post to how I served a sexy 20-something master at the beach.

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Why do I call him a "master?"

  • He spat on my hole,

  • He spat into my open mouth,

  • He spanked me non-stop

  • He slapped my face with his massive cock

  • He forced me to eat his cock and balls

  • He fed me his cum that was leaking out of my hole

Eventually, he drilled my ass with his thick cock until he gave me loads of white sticky gold.

That's just a concise summary of all the things we did.

The way he started to caress my smooth wet ass gently was misleading. That's because I already knew him. I remembered that his soft touch would soon turn into spankings and dominance.

It happened minutes after I'd placed my beach towel and went to the water. I forgot to mention that an older guy was also watching us fucking and masturbating. When I screamed while releasing long bursts of cum, he shot his load as well.

This story definitely deserves a post of its own.

When he left, I felt exhausted.

It's months since I was fucked twice on the same day. I had a stupid satisfied expression on my face. I almost wanted to scream: "FINALLY!"

I slept on my stomach for an hour.

On waking up, I noticed that my naked body was getting attention from three guys. Two of them were standing close to me and checking me out. They were shirtless, playing with their cocks and had been waiting for me to wake up. I didn't feel ready to get fucked again, and they weren't my type at all.

To the one on the left, I signaled "buzz off".

I thought that the one on the right would understand by himself.

But he didn't.

I released a quiet sigh, stood up, and went to talk with him.

"Have you never seen a naked guy before? You are staring at me as if this is the first penis you've ever seen".

"I'm staring at your sexy ass."

"Not interested, sorry."

He started walking south but kept stopping and looking back. Was he hoping that I would change my mind?

The third guy was a different matter.

A week ago, after sunset, I was alone at the beach, and he showed up.

He was hairy, muscular with some belly, and a very promising cock in his speedo. He stopped near me and put his bag down.

In the rule book of "How to get fucked at a nudist beach," when a guy does that, it can mean only one thing.

Except in his case, he must have read a different rule book. Alternatively, his closet walls might have been too thick to smash open.

I tried a few things to help him break free:

  • I put on my jock because lots of tops find that extra sexy

  • I walked near him

  • I somewhat bent so he could take a peek at my hole

All to no avail!

"Whatever," I thought to myself, "What a weird guy."

And here he was again, not too far away from me.

There was ample time till sunset, but it was just the two of us at this part of the beach. I was naked, and my hole was quite loose. He was wearing the same speedo from that evening.

And once again, with such a thick promising bulge.

OK, I thought to myself. It is no coincidence. Since he is once again next to me, he's after my ass for sure.

I did everything that I've done before + two more things:

  • I showed him my hole while in doggie.

  • Right after that, I went to talk with him.

I saw that his cock was becoming even more prominent in his speedo after my "fuck me please" display. But I could barely get a simple, coherent sentence from him despite all my efforts.

In a way, this was worse than the 24-year-old guy from last night.

But was I going to make a big drama of the fact that he'd seen my hole and decided not to use it?

Not at all, but I did take my things and I left him, swearing that I'd never pay any attention to him in the future.

What a weird guy.

One thing that did happen because of all this effort was that I became horny again. I wasn't sure I could cum again so soon, but my hole was begging me to find a thick cock, like the one belonging to this weird guy, or like Felix's, and allow it to fuck me.

As I was walking south, away from this strange guy, it seemed that I was about to get my ass's desire fulfilled.

I was walking south wearing my jock, and a cute guy in his 40s passed me. I looked back and noticed that he was checking my ass. I smiled and kept on walking.

I was confident he'd return.

And I was right.

He came back after 10 minutes and placed his towel not too far away from me. There were just the two of us at the beach except for a young hot couple that were constantly fucking.

They were behind some rocks most of the time, but occasionally they would go to the water and present two huge hard cocks. They kept playing with each other in the water and, shortly after, went behind the rocks again... no doubt to continue some wild anal action.

Seeing them, I became even hornier.

The connection with my guy started lovely.

First, he took off his clothes keeping a tight speedo on. The bulge was not as impressive as the guy from before, but his body was much sexier. He was athletic. Judging by his legs, I was sure he was a jogger like me.

When he took off his speedo and revealed an extra muscular hairy ass, I was even more confident that he jogged regularly.

He had a nice thick promising breeding tool. I was sure that in less than 30 minutes, I would feel him fucking my mouth, then my ass, and lastly flying me to my third orgasm.

He kept staring at my naked body, but staring can move you forward to getting fucked only up to a point and not beyond it.

I decided to help him.

The first thing that I did was to lie down on my stomach.

He was walking on the beach and staring at me. I wanted him to feel free to carefully assess my ass without feeling embarrassed that I was looking at him.

I could have spread my legs, but I didn't want to appear too desperate. Waiting for him in a submissive posture like that should have been enough to get him near my ass and start playing with it.

But I was wrong.

Unlike the master from 3 hours before, he didn't come over and begin caressing my demanding ass.

OK - I thought to myself; that was disappointing.

I stared at him as he was walking back to his beach towel. When he sat down, I noticed that his cock was hard. He noticed that I'd noticed and raised his right leg to hide his beautiful erection.

Now I knew that he was interested in forcing his nice thick cock inside my open hole.

Now what?

The next time he went to the water, I went to talk with him. His cock was soft again at this point.

"Are you afraid to go in because of the jellyfish?"

"No, the current seems very strong."

Then he stood there like a dead tree, and after a few minutes of being silent and weird, I went back to my beach towel.

But I was not going to give up so easily.

Now that I'd seen his beautiful hairy balls from a close distance, I was determined to extract every drop of the white gold stored inside. They dangled so beautifully between his toned hairy legs. I had no doubt in my mind that he wanted my ass or, at least, my mouth.

I got my camera out of the bag and took this photo:

I used it as an excuse to go and talk to him.

"Don't worry; I'm not going to take your photo."

He nodded his head, and again I felt I was standing next to a dead fish or a fallen tree.

What the fuck???!!!

The sun had disappeared.

I was about to disappear too.

I put on my jock and started walking south towards the exit. As I was passing him, he stood up and looked at me, astonished.

His expression said: "What??? Are you leaving?????"

Well, guess what, dummy, I offered you my ass in so many ways, and you did nothing about it.

What did you expect me to do, beg for your cum?

I looked back a few times as I was leaving. He stood there watching me with a shocked expression on his face.

Two things happened as I was leaving the beach.

  • I noticed the young couple fucking behind the rocks. The bottom was on his stomach, legs spread, and both of them moaned and fucked beautifully. It was marvelous to see their love-making.

  • The first weird guy passed me going north. I wondered what would happen on reaching the second odd guy. I guess they both disappeared into a giant closet.

Later that night, I worked out and decided to take a video of me soaping myself.

Naked in the shower
I guess there was still some cum left in my balls

I hope to share that video quite soon

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