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Yesterday, I pumped cum out of my balls three times and overfilled cum in my ass twice. Indeed, it was a fantastic day for getting fucked and watching a beautiful beach sunset (not at the same time).

The first fuck was a no brainer.

Felix, my boyfriend, was the first to make love to my ass.

That's where I like Felix, behind me

He is finally off medication and, once again, horny. It was so awesome to feel him penetrating my horny ass with his marvelous tool. It's almost as if, just over half a year of him fucking me regularly, my love tunnel is now shaped like his thick cock.

His big mushroom slides deep inside me in seconds.

The timing of his mushroom reaching my spine was unique.

Not because of my cock, which was rock hard as it is every morning.

It doesn't go soft until I get out of bed.

My erected cock
My morning wood

Felix filled my ass with loads of vegan cum shortly before 6 AM. As far as my love hole is concerned, getting fucked before 6 AM is almost unheard of.

Why is that?

In my "Are You Clean?" anal sex guide, I wrote:

"For me, since I empty my waste till noon, I know that I can't get fucked until noon. If I do, I risk an accident happening."

You can read my anal sex guide here: "Are You Clean?"

Why did I risk getting fucked so early?

Was it because a week had passed since Felix had made love to my ass and filled it with his American DNA?

Even though I was half asleep when I'd felt Felix's massive hard cock rubbing against my smooth crack, I almost yelled with excitement. I longed to feel him take over my ass.

The last week of us not fucking had been driving me insane.