How did I react when a sexy top spat into my mouth?

I published a blog post about the guy with whom I had chatted 12 years ago. We met again at the nudist beach last week, and he nearly fucked me.

You can read more about it here:

We chatted twelve years ago, and suddenly we were naked together

I mentioned that three guys were interested in my hole at the nudist beach during the previous week.

He was the first one on Sunday.

I met the second on Tuesday.

During the first hour at the nudist beach, I was alone.

I put on a speedo so I can post this photo on Instagram
I put on a speedo so I can post this photo on Instagram

It was both weird and lovely at the same time. It gave me a lot of time to think about my life, work and, of course, my sweet boyfriend.

I fondly re-lived the way he'd fucked me the night before.

I'd recently discovered that Felix likes to have his hairy hole fingered when he fucks my mouth.

Felix even tried one of my anal vibrators a few weeks ago before fucking me. It was the first time he'd ever used an anal toy! He was so excited by it, I already know it's going to be one of his birthday presents!

That night, I gave him a long, loving blowjob while I was fingering him. I gave my mouth a short break, and then Felix asked me: “Do you want to ride it?"

“Of course I want to ride it; it’s so big!” I replied.

“Then what’s stopping you?” Felix asked.

Felix is so sweet!!!!
Felix is so sweet!!!!

And here’s how it sounded when I started riding his penis:

After riding Felix’s mighty cock for 10 minutes, I pulled it out of my happy hole and immediately continued to suck it.

It was so hot sucking his cock, knowing that, moments ago, it had been deep inside my ass.

A cock always comes out of my trained ass clean.
A cock always comes out of my trained ass clean.

I sucked his cock again because I wanted to show Felix how grateful my ass was. But Felix wasn't done with my hole just yet.

He asked me to lie on my back.

While I was getting into position and applying more lube to my open hole and cock, Felix waved his cock and made funny noises. It was so cute (you can hear it in the recording).

Then he raised my legs and shoved his thick penis deep inside my submissive fuck hole with one thrust.

While fucking me, we talked dirty.

“I’m going to pound your ass,” Felix promised me.

“Nail it deep,” I said.

“I love to pound your ass; it’s such a nice soft ass,” Felix said while fucking me.

Felix is always willing to take good care of my smooth ass
Felix is always willing to take good care of my smooth ass

Here’s the recording:

That night Felix wanted to shoot his seed all over me instead of inside my thirsty hole.

Since he’s the top, I obeyed his wish.

I wanked his huge cock, held his cum-loaded balls and fingered his hairy love hole until he shot so much cum on my neck, chest, nipples and stomach, the final drops were on my hard cock and balls.

Here's how his orgasm sounded:

And finally, Felix helped me shoot my seed. My legs were back on his muscular shoulders so he could take control over my horny love hole.

He finger-fucked me with two fingers while holding my nuts. It made me feel so good how he was controlling my orgasm and body in that way.

It didn’t take me long to start screaming and shooting my seed all over myself (including my face).

That's how my orgasm sounded:

Fast-forward to the beach: recalling our lovemaking had made me hard.

My hard cock
My hard cock

I badly wanted a thick cock to take care of my hole again. However, there was no one in sight!

Suddenly I saw someone coming over. Since I was so horny, I decided not to play games and check him out right away. I didn’t care for kissing or touching. I just wanted a demanding cock to take control over my body.

Lucky for me, this guy, Ben had a nice big penis, and he was horny just like me. He had an average build and was hairy in all the right places: Chest, pubic hair, balls, ass, and legs.

In other words, he was really hot!

After talking for a while, he said: “Well, I think I’m going to suck your beautiful thick cock.”

He kneeled and was just about to.

“Please don’t, I don’t like that.”

“What? Are you serious?”

Here we go again, I thought to myself: “Yes, I’m a bottom. I don’t like my cock being sucked.”

Ben looked at me somewhat puzzled, “You are weird. I've never met a guy who didn’t like his dick sucked!”.

I don’t understand why it’s such a big issue.

There’s so much more to do with my body than sucking my cock. Not to mention how I can satisfy the other person as well.

“But I love to suck cock,” I assured him.

Ben pointed at his thick, red cock: “Then what are you waiting for?”

We were both in the water and so I kneeled and started serving his beautiful penis.

Sex in the water is the best
Sex in the water is the best

It was so hot. Occasionally Ben took his cock out of my mouth and slapped me hard with it. I screamed in response: “Yeah, slap my face with your big cock. Damn, I want you to fuck me!”

What happened next was something that had never occurred to me.

Ben took his cock out of my mouth and bent over.

He squeezed my cheeks with his fingers to open my mouth and brought his face close to mine.I was surprised because I didn’t think he was the kissing type.

I was happy that he was about to kiss me.

Kissing is fantastic and makes me enjoy getting fucked so much more. It can elevate good sex to incredible sex!

However, Ben had no intention of kissing me. Instead, while my mouth was open, he spat into it.

It was so disgusting.

“What are you doing?” I yelled.

“You said you were a bottom!”

“So you think you can spit in my mouth because I’m a bottom?”

Being a bottom is about getting fucked and nothing else
Being a bottom is about getting fucked and nothing else

It was so gross, and I spat it out immediately, it was also quite humiliating. I didn’t even bother to say anything else. I turned my back and returned to my beach towel.

I think the moral of the story is that you should always talk with your sex partner. Sex is all about communicating with another person.

If you want to communicate by pissing on or spitting in (or on) your sex partner, make sure he also desires it before doing so!

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