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    Back to Life - Part ​3

    I wanted to tell you about the incredible lovemaking I have had with my 18 years old fuck body about a week ago. But two days before that I have had some wild sex with Ronen. I published the first two parts, and here is the last part.

    You can find the first two parts here:

    Part 1:

    Back to Life - Part 1

    Part 2:

    Back to Life - Part 2

    How did the sex with Ronen end?

    "I was lying in bed, satisfied and happy, my ass full of his hot cum shots and had watched his hairy sexy body as he was taking a shower with the door open. His beautiful big cock was dangling between his legs and the hot water running all over his beautiful body.”

    You would think that.

    But it was not like that.

    It ended up quite differently.

    But first, back to where part 2 took off.

    I was in doggie, all lubed up, and Ronen was about to start fucking me with my nine-inch dildo. He was hard, and once again, very horny.

    I was in this position when I was dildo-fucked by Ronen:

    “Go slow please, it’s been a while since I used it and a dildo feels less natural inside compared to a cock.”

    Since I have discovered anal vibrators (several years ago, I now have two kinds of vibrators), I don’t use dildos that much. I only push it inside of me when I am not sure that I am 100% clean.

    As he started to push the dildo inside, I began to moan as I felt my love tunnel opening and my slit hole widening. He went slow, and when it was half in, I told him to wait and play with my nuts. That feeling was so incredible that I started to moan and when he heard that, he began to push the rest of my massive dildo inside of me until it was entirely inside my warm oven, and I was moaning uncontrollably.

    “Fuck, Theo, that is so hot.”

    “It’s Theon”


    Then he started fucking my ass with the dildo. It felt awesome. Not as intense as being fucked for real, but quite good. But the whole point of this dildo thing was to prove to him I was clean. I was starting to yearn for his cock.

    “Damn, I want to fuck your ass so badly.”

    He took out the dildo.

    “You were right; it’s clean.”

    “Let me see."

    Ronen brought the dildo over; I licked it from the base to the head. It was burning hot from the heat that exists inside my ass. Since his cock was now close to my mouth (I was still in doggie), I started to blow his cock, then licked the dildo, the blow his cock again.

    His cock was now massive, and Ronen was trembling with passion. Without saying anything, he jumped back behind me, and with a loud cry, pushed his cock entirely inside my horny hole.

    I screamed as well; it was so powerful to feel a real massive cock after being fucked with the imitation.

    Ronen, just kept it inside, moaning.

    “Oh my God, Oh my God. The feeling is the most amazing ever. It’s nothing compared to having a condom on”

    In response, I squeezed my ass muscles to grab his cock. I enjoy doing that a lot.

    He pulled himself out right away: ‘Don’t do that, already I can barely hold myself from shooting my load. Without a condom, my cock feels so good that it is unbelievable.”

    He started again, this time very slow, I tried with all my power not to squeeze my ass muscles. I love doing that because it puts pressure on my prostate, and each time it is like a mini orgasm for me.

    He pushed himself in and pressed his weight on me, so in the end, I was on my stomach, his muscular upper body on me, and his thick cock buried deep inside. I could feel him growing some more

    He started to fuck me, but very slow, just pushing his cock inside and out. We were both moaning like wild animals.

    “Finally, he said, "I am going to fuck you hard and give you my cum. When are you going to cum?”

    The question was a bit unexpected. The truth is that I prefer to cum after the guy shoots in my ass. I want to be fully conscious and feel those shots as they hit the walls of my love tunnel. I also enjoy intensifying my lover’s pleasure by squeezing my ass muscles and playing with his nuts as he climaxes.

    “I’ll cum right after you.”

    He was moving his cock inside of me, in and out, very slowly.

    “I want you to cum with me since after I cum, it’s different.”

    That was an alarming sign, I knew it, but it felt so amazing to feel him fucking me like that, slowly pressing against my prostate and then pushing deep inside of me, that I stirred that thought aside.

    "OK, I'll start playing with my cock."

    I changed my position to be like in this photo. He was fucking me from the side so I could play with my hard cock at the same time. Before that, I was just flat on my stomach.

    I started rubbing my cock with my left hand, and very soon, I began to raise my voice as I felt the buildup before the orgasm. Ronen was fucking me now harder and harder.

    “Fuck, Theo, I am going to cum very soon.”

    I considered correcting him again for saying “Theo” instead of “Theon,” but I was too focused on my balls that were about to explode. My prostate was also sending wave after wave of electric pleasure up my shaft.

    I started to scream, and now I was tightening my ass muscles on his now huge cock, be both were shouting. Him fucking me with force, his right hand grabbing my right ass cheek, and then there was a mutual explosion that has seemed to have lasted forever.

    When we were both done, he pulled his cock so fast out of my ass that I am sure it proves Einstein was wrong regarding the speed of light.

    “Where is the bathroom?”

    I was shocked and humiliated, but I just pointed out at the door.


    He went inside, and I heard him washing his body or his cock for a long time. When he went out, I was terrified that he is going to be my first screw up. It can’t be, I knew I was clean. I had to ask him to be sure.

    “Everything is fine; it came out clean.”

    Like a lot of married or bisexual men, after he shot his load, he wanted to deny the fact he was with a guy. I am used to that, but here it was just brutal. His cum was still burning hot inside of my ass when he was already fully dressed and ready to leave.

    Two days after that, I made love with my 18-year-old Adonis.

    When I write about it, it will include the paragraph I wrote above:

    "I was lying in bed, satisfied and happy, my ass full of his hot cum shots and had watched his hairy sexy body as he was taking a shower with the door open. His beautiful big cock was dangling between his legs and the hot water running all over his beautiful body.”

    In other words, it has been very different than sex with Ronen.

    Don’t think just because someone is young, and without experience, he cannot be a great lover.

    Because he truly is.

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