Sex with Pieter

I am happy to share with you the first photo of Pieter.

Pieter is the stud from Belgium I made love to last Wednesday at the beach.

Looking back at his beautiful hairy legs and stunning uncut breeding tool brings back so many beautiful memories.

First of all, the smell.

The smell of his manhood was the smell of heaven on Earth.

I know I wrote in the past about some uncut cocks smelling awful. Pieter's proud cock's scent was like spring flowers mixed the sea breeze.

The smell alone made my love hole yearn to be penetrated by him.

When I blew Pieter, my tongue went deep below his foreskin to taste all that moist. It felt like drinking from Apollo's cock. I remember how he moaned when I did that while playing with his beautiful pair of balls.

Speaking of his big balls, I devoted a long time to lick them, play with them, and put them in my mouth.

Each time I did that, and especially when I fingered his boiling love hole at the same time, I received precum as a gift. It leaked out of this beautiful wide opening.

I either tasted his sweet love juice or used it as lube to finger my hole.

When I pressed both our hard cocks next to each other, I felt all the moist of his foreskin lubricating my cut cock.

It felt great to play with both our tools, pressed against each other. There was so much wetness that I finally realized what I was missing having a cut cock.

In my story about our lovemaking, I wrote about how I sat on his hairy legs and felt his hair gently teasing my hole.

Those are the gorgeous hairy legs I was talking about.

At that time, I was masturbating Pieter while my finger was buried deep in his hairy hole while he rolled his eyes and moaned. Now you can envision it better.

I wish I could share a photo of each man I made love to.

Nudity for me is so natural that I forget that for 99.9% of people it is not. If you add sex or showing your face and your cock into the equation, then the number goes up to 99.999%.

Almost all the guys I get to take naked photos of are tourists. The exception being hot Aaron from 3.5 weeks ago. I wrote about him (+ photo) here:


But even Aaron as open as he was to be photographed fucking me (+ video, yes I know I need to share that too), did not agree to have his face visible.

With Pieter, I was not sure until the last minute.

Many times I took photos of naked guys, and they ended up not giving their approval. Then their photos are deleted promptly.

After some delay, he said he has no problem sharing all the photos except for those that show his face and his hard cock.

A real shame, because you will not see his beautiful, lustful expression while he was getting close to shoot his load.

Which by the way, never happened. I wrote about why it did not here:


MeWe, like Facebook, does a poor job when posting more than one photo at a time. So, I will post each picture of him (face included of course), in the next couple of weeks.

It'll take me time to sort through all of them. Because each one looks so beautiful to me.

I will return tomorrow to the nude beach.

Pieter and his (also sexy) friend leave on Tuesday.

I sure hope we can finish what we started four days ago. This time though, it will not be my finger is Pieter's amazing hairy hole, but rather his breeding tool deep inside of my love tunnel.

Naked hugs,


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