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Do you like having sex in public toilets? It's fun if you know the rules!

Every day, I wake up at 7 am.

By 7:15, I start my 2-hour workout.

After my workout, I shower and prepare for my 10-hour working day.

After work, I work out for another hour.

I finish my evening workout in the summer by showering on my roof terrace.

Sadly, it's too cold for that right now:

However, I'll finally return today to the nudist beach after five cold months.

The water will be too cold even for a short dip, but that's not a problem. Being naked outdoors is what I'm looking forward to.

Of course, I'll be glad to get fucked as well:

During my morning workout, I walk 5 miles in the city park.

While doing so this morning, I considered my next blog post. I wasn't going to write again about how I disagree with shaving or trimming pubic hair.

Nevertheless, a quick reminder:

Please keep your cock as hairy as mine:

I love an uncut, veiny penis.

But since this one is bald, I don't find it attractive!

The next 21-year-old cock is stunning because it's hairy (and thick).

It hasn't fucked me yet...

I didn't have to think about a future blog topic for too long.

The man who followed me shortly after I'd entered the public restroom gave me an idea along with his semen.

In the past, I was always against sex in such places.

However, my attitude has changed after it happened a few times lately in dance clubs.

Finding a cock that needs milking in the city park is quite similar.

All I need to do is stand by the urinal, take my cock out, and wait.

There are three urinals in each of the four park restrooms.

In addition, there are two cubicles and a large one for people with disabilities. disabilities.

If a person enters the restroom while my cock is out, stands next to me, and unzips his pants, it always means that he wants me to help him shoot his load.

Since the toilet for people with disabilities is larger than the other two, that's where I always fuck.

I sucked two guys off there and had another one shoot his creamy seed on my ass once.

Two others also fucked and bred me here:

None of them compared to how Ethan fucked me at the dance club's restroom.

That's because Ethan is a very dominant top who also adores kissing.

The combination of his dominant handling of my ass and his desire to kiss me passionately makes me more submissive than usual.

I love being submissive, particularly when horny men refer to my hole as pussy or cunt.

Such as this one:

I leaked instantly on reading that sweet compliment:

What followed was a series of photos from that stud.

They all demonstrated how much he adores my cum hole:

He also sent me videos demonstrating how he shoots his seed while looking at my anus.

Here's a photo of the aftermath:

I think that his uncut, hairy meat is beyond perfect!

Ethan also calls my hole "pussy" and encourages me to wear a thong.

This one is his favorite because it's a feminine one:

As you know, my preferred underwear is a jock.

I encourage you also to try one.

I like it because it keeps my thick cock and large smooth balls in place while enjoying the feeling of my ass being somewhat exposed.

A thong, on the other hand, is less comfortable for me.

It's because my hole is smooth and very sensitive.

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

Unlike Rico's:

A thong rubbing against my hole soon irritates me.

However, I always wear a thong for Ethan.

After all, it doesn't take him long to remove it and start enjoying my "cunt":

My lust for Ethan's hairy cock hasn't escaped Felix's attention.

It's making him somewhat jealous and possessive regarding my ass.

It's good that he doesn't know that Ethan writes me the most affectionate messages.

Here's an example:



"Happy Passover, you gorgeous prince. You're a charmer who knows how to capture one's soul"


"You are an incredible sweetheart. I miss you."