What are my reasons for having a sex blog with so much nudity?

I opened my ass at the age of 16, and I opened this blog two years ago.

You all know why I like to open my ass, even though I still need to write how it'd felt for the first time and who was the 18-year-old, that shot his load in me (twice in a row).

My hole has seen quite a lot since that memorable evening when I got fucked for the first time

However, today, I want to share with you why I opened this blog.

Maintaining a blog is time-consuming and requires a lot of technical knowledge.

A typical blog post goes through several stages before it's ready for publishing. It usually takes me three days to finish a post. I also spend time marketing the blog and posting about it on several sites daily.

And of course, a blog costs money.

How much money?

Having a high-quality blog costs quite a lot. There are a lot of cheap or free alternatives. However, whenever I do something, I want it to be the best: