What are my reasons for having a sex blog with so much nudity?

I opened my ass at the age of 16, and I opened this blog two years ago.

You all know why I like to open my ass, even though I still need to write how it'd felt for the first time and who was the 18-year-old, that shot his load in me (twice in a row).

My hole has seen quite a lot since that memorable evening when I got fucked for the first time

However, today, I want to share with you why I opened this blog.

Maintaining a blog is time-consuming and requires a lot of technical knowledge.

A typical blog post goes through several stages before it's ready for publishing. It usually takes me three days to finish a post. I also spend time marketing the blog and posting about it on several sites daily.

And of course, a blog costs money.

How much money?

Having a high-quality blog costs quite a lot. There are a lot of cheap or free alternatives. However, whenever I do something, I want it to be the best:

  • When I suck a guy off

  • or write software

  • or open my hole

  • or open a blog...

...I always try to do it as professionally as I can.

As you know the "best" isn't cheap (although my hole, which is one of the best, comes for free).

In addition, I have a relationship, a demanding position in a high-tech company, friends, family, and hobbies.

My time is limited.

So why do I even bother with this blog?

You might think that I make all this effort for the following reasons:

  • I'm an exhibitionist. I like to show off my naked body.

  • I want to get compliments about my physique.

  • I'm using the blog to find high-quality sex partners.

Allow me to explain why these reasons are wrong:

Am I an exhibitionist?

Quite the opposite: at the nudist beach, I always shy away from the crowds.

To avoid curious people, I walk as far as I can in search of an isolated area.

It's not because I'm ashamed to be seen naked. Nudity, for me, is natural and liberating. I shy away from the crowds because I don't like people staring at my naked body or wanking while looking at me.

And I especially dislike being watched while getting fucked.

So if I'm not an exhibitionist, am I using my blog to get compliments?

Everyone likes to be complimented on his looks.

I'm not ashamed to admit that many men of all ages (from 14 to 84) send me enjoyable erotic massages and that I enjoy them. Some of them even send me long emails detailing what they would like to do to my body, especially my ass and anus.

Take this guy, for example:

"Good afternoon, my beautiful Prince. I dreamt of you last night and awakened with a raging erection.
In the dream, we were cuddling spoon-fashion in a cabana on the beach as the sun doused its rays in the blue Caribbean sea. I grew erect as you raised your leg to give me entry through the gates of heaven..."

I do raise my leg at the beach to signal some guys that my hole is available.

I was charmed by his sweet message, and after a few days we started chatting on Skype.

He's a dark-skinned older guy with a huge cock. I'm most attracted to black guys with massive cocks. Because of Covid, it's been two years since a black penis belonging to a tourist has made love to my white ass.

We've wanked together a few times, and he always cums shortly after seeing my love hole. Unlike my penis, his cock doesn't shoot seed with long powerful bursts, Instead, his mighty tool oozes beautiful thick loads of sticky cum.

However, even though he's a top, it's not my smooth hole that attracts him the most.

It's my feet that drive him wild.

Seriously, I don't even need to take off my clothes or show him my horny hole to make him shout and cum.

I only need to take off my socks and show him my soles and play with my toes. In a matter of minutes, his massive cock oozes so much love juice.

His orgasm arrives in no time if I show him both my hole and my feet.

Smiling at the guy whom I'd ridden while he was sitting on this chair.
Smiling at the guy whom I'd ridden while he was sitting on this chair.

A lot of guys get sexually aroused by my feet. I neither understand this fetish nor do I see what's so special about them.

However, getting compliments and helping guys cum from seeing my feet are not why I keep this blog.

My Flickr account is far more popular than my blog.

So far, 45,660,510 of my photos have been viewed on Flickr.

That means that tens of millions of people have seen my naked body.
That means that tens of millions of people have seen my naked body.

Don't worry; I'm still the same humble and very happy, smiling bottom.

Compliments don't change the person I am or make me an arrogant prick.

I enjoy compliments, but that doesn't change me one bit
I enjoy compliments, but that doesn't change me one bit

So, if I'm not an exhibitionist and I don't use this blog to get compliments, do I at least get fucked thanks to it?

Not at all.

I don't need a blog to find guys to play with and empty their balls. There are several types of guys with whom I engage sexually and none of them are thanks to my blog:

I fuck with guys that I meet at the nudist beach.

I had sex there twice on Wednesday. It was fun and exciting. I hope to write about it soon.

I get fucked by tops that I find on Grindr.

Since most Israelis are now vaccinated, Grindr has come back to life, and I'm flooded with offers. Here's a conversation from a few days ago.

He was a 24-year-old dark-skinned stallion with a beautifully toned hairy body. I haven

t seen a photo of his cock erect, but even flaccid, it appears to be quite thick.

He started our chat with this message:

"Will you fulfill my fantasy?"

I hesitated to respond because, most times, the idea of "fantasy" is one of the following:

  • Bondage

  • Fisting

  • Pissing

  • Dom-Slave

I never engage in such acts.

"It depends," I answered, "What fantasy did you have in mind?"

"I'm fantasizing about fucking your amazing ass in doggie!" was his swift answer.

Doggie is a wonderful way to serve a thick cock
Doggie is a wonderful way to serve a thick cock

I had a huge smile because he was not only sexy but also so sweet and original.

"I'll be happy to make your dream come true," I answered. "If you fuck me good, you can return every time you need my hole."

Felix is going to the States next weekend and this young stud will replace him next Friday.

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I do fuck with guys that I meet by chance...

... such as the store manager of a new patisserie which is close to my apartment. He fucked me this week in a dark alley behind his store - and I hope to write about it soon.

And lastly I fuck with fuck buddies (I've got about 10) and my boyfriend.

My blog doesn't help me find potential fuck buddies especially since most of my followers live abroad. I prefer cum suppliers that are a walking distance of my apartment or a 15-minute drive at most.

So why did I open my blog?

I opened it to do good.

I wanted to help guys who struggle with the following issues:

  • Nudity

  • Sexuality,

  • Being Gay,

  • Shame about being a bottom,

  • Relationship,

  • Love,

  • Anal sex,

... And many other topics.

Because I've had sex with so many guys and had so many experiences, I feel that I have a lot to offer to my fellow horny men.

That was the main reason I opened the blog and it still is what drives me forward. I've been rewarded with so many moving messages and testimonies.

Today, I want to share two of these testimonies with you.

Here's the first one:

I don't know what this young man looks like, and I've no idea even if he's comfortable about being gay. We chatted only briefly.

When chatting with a teenager, I try to keep the conversation as less sexual as possible, especially since I could be speaking to a 12-year-old who pretends to be 16.

He tried to make the conversation sexual by saying how much he admired my cock.

Unlike my feet, I can understand why people are attracted to my thick tool
Unlike my feet, I can understand why people are attracted to my thick tool

However, I didn't continue this line of conversation with him.

The second communication was with a fellow member of BateWorld named Mike.

His brown, thick cock, is a delight to look at and I imagined it penetrating my body. He's also very handsome and leaks a lot of precum.

He sent me this message:


"Just a few words of compliments to your profile and your blog.

I discovered your profile today morning and went through your blog, and read every article. It was so interesting and fascinating!

I want to thank you for all your effort to write about your experiences.

I am myself in kind of a changing face.

In the past, I was very reluctant and hesitating to live up to my sexuality, though I was always OK with being gay.

I just started two years ago to live it out, have sex as much as I wanted, without inhibitions, and with as many men as I craved for.

I love it, though it's still a changing phase in my mind.

Your blog was exemplary and a model I've started to live out, but your blog was an additional encouragement.

I started nude hiking at a nearby lake summer two years ago, known as a cruising area."

I prefer to hike naked whenever I can, but it's hardly ever a sexual activity for me.

"However, I still fantasize about traveling, especially to places like that beach you described in your blog, mainly for having a vacation to have sex."

Indeed the nudist beach is like paradise.

"I was surprised how are your articles spoke out what has been on my mind.

I got a lot of encouragement from you reading your articles. They were fun, erotic, sexy, and simply confirms what I'm looking for in this phase of my life.

I just would like to say thank you so much, for all your efforts in describing your experiences.

That was truly an inspiration!

I spent a lot of time today reading your blog. I lost count how many times I shot to your articles and your pics…

Keep up the great work, and keep on having fun and enjoying your life!

My goal is to live out freely my sexuality and being gay. The way you present it and your blog were today a major part two let go of inter inhibitions.

I have subscribed to your blog and looking forward to your next adventure ;)"


Everything that Mike wrote about I've heard from so many guys before (including shooting cum while looking at my photos or videos.)

But he summed it all in one beautiful message.

Here are more inspirational words from him:


"I always had a high sex drive but always tried to "control" it. Maybe cause of society, culture, whatever.

And I strived for a monogamous relationship.

But during the last relationship, five years ago, I was done with that finally. That's why I could relate to your thoughts about you and your boyfriend.

You can love a man to death but still have that strong urge to have sex with others, or more than a boyfriend is about to fulfill.

Especially since I realized that having sex as often as I can and with many men as possible isn't meaningless.

Every man is unique, and every sexual encounter is memorable, no matter if with a long known fuck buddy, romantic partner, or random stranger that my dick points up to. "


That is so true.

I got fucked and bred by this Belgian horse in the summer of 2019.

Huge, colossal cock, but my ass enjoyed every inch of it.
Huge, colossal cock, but my ass enjoyed every inch of it.

It was six hours before his planned flight back home and I knew that I'd never see him again. That didn't stop us from having a passionate and most memorable lovemaking session.

We kissed and licked each other all over.

He kept eating and fucking my hole until I couldn't keep my seed in my balls and begged him to pound my muscular ass until there's wasn't a drop of cum left in his balls.

After he'd taken his cock out of my tunnel of love, I licked it and sucked out the remaining seed that was still inside his cock or hiding beneath his thick foreskin.

I remember him and each and every cock that I've had the pleasure of serving!

Back to Mike's message:


"Some of my today's best buddies are those who I came to know by cumming inside of them when we met.

That's a special bond.

Even those whom I fucked at a cruising spot and never saw again ever remained something to remember and to drain emotional strength to feel confident as a man for my daily duties apart from sex. "

There's nothing more encouraging you as a whole human than living it up to what your nature is wired as.

And to be dick-driven just feels most natural. I felt so addressed reading your blog. "


After reading his last message I was moved. It was as if he was looking inside my mind and writing about what he'd found inside.

Mike is my twin brother. His way of thinking is precisely my own philosophy and how I live my life.

Sharing it with the rest of the world is one of the reasons why I opened my blog!

And one last message from him:


"The pic with you are lying on the beach facing the sunset and displaying your ass was the one to make me shoot my load at first (I was already edging for hours while reading your blog)."

He was referring to this photo

Seeing that pic, I couldn't take it anymore.

You are such a sexy and handsome man, but apart from that, it was the whole set that kept me heated. I'd die to fuck a man right there on a beach, publicly;

That's a dream yet to be fulfilled.

Seeing that pic, I just wanted to touch your body, kiss you everywhere, place my dick, leave my precum around on your skin, and lay my body on yours to penetrate you deeply, hold your hands, kiss your neck while I cum deep inside you.

I loved your videos with you cumming hands-free as well and shot loads watching them!

I'm still trying to figure out how to do that myself.

I'm still going through your blog and pics, and in my mind, I must've inseminated you countless times already."


I wrote about shooting my seed hands-free here:

1/2 liter of cum in my balls? Sweet, but I don't think so

I know that many men experience an orgasm while looking at my photos. A lot of them enjoy watching my ass, cum shot videos, or cock photos.

Of course, I have no problem with that.

It's an honor to know that my body can bring so much pleasure to people whom I've never met and whose balls I probably will never lick.

In a way, I'm a sex mentor for so many guys from all over the world!

I hope that after I die, my heaven will be getting fucked by the countless men who have experienced orgasms, thanks to me without my ass or cock present next to them.

But until that happens, I want the guy fucking me to make love to my body in the same heavenly way that Mike described:

"I just wanted to touch your body, kiss you everywhere, place my dick, leave my precum around on your skin, and lay my body on yours to penetrate you deeply, hold your hands, kiss your neck while I cum deep inside you"

That's my heaven right there, in not so many words!

Mike's sexy body, seeding my ass is what's missing in this photo!
Mike's sexy body, seeding my ass is what's missing in this photo!

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