12 years on, his beautiful eyes & sexy body still excite me

"Honey, what are you doing in there? Come back to bed; I've got something for you!"

Felix said that to me this morning while I was peeing right after waking up.

My pubic hair is not getting white; it's reddish.
My pubic hair is not getting white; it's reddish.

I had to wait for my morning boner to relax before I could empty my bladder.

It usually takes a few minutes before my cock is soft enough to pee.
It usually takes a few minutes before my cock is soft enough to pee.

"What do you think I'm doing? I'm peeing!" I yelled back.

"Well, hurry up! I've got just what you need…."

Ever since we came back from a 3-day weekend in the Golan Heights in northern Israel, we've been enjoying what some might refer to as "a second honeymoon." (even though, of course, we are not married!)

My birthday celebrations, organized perfectly by Felix, lasted five days.

The first two days, we rejoiced together with friends and family. We spent the next three days hiking and enjoying the company of each other's company.

As for my birthday presents, here they are…

Two presents are missing as I'd already opened them.
Two presents are missing as I'd already opened them.

Felix bought me an iPhone 12 Pro Max (even though I told him it's too expensive as a birthday present!). In addition, he got me a Playstation 5, gym equipment, shirts, utensils for smoking weed, and many more gifts.

How was our sex during our 3-day northern excursion?

I wish I could tell you about it, but we fucked only when we came back home.

A few days before my birthday, we had a nasty argument, and Felix doubted our relationship for the first time. "I don't know if I can go on like this with you," were his words.

By the time we reached our destination, we were no longer angry with each other. We had a wonderful time together.

We hiked every day and enjoyed waterfalls, canyons, and natural pools.

I think you can see how much I'm happy and in love in this photo.
I think you can see how much I'm happy and in love in this photo.

Here's one of the ice-cold pools where we swam naked

A typical Golan summer landscape
A typical Golan summer landscape

We swam naked but had to put on a swim trunk (Felix) and speedo (me) very soon afterwards as a group of more than ten 19-year-old soldiers came over, stripped to their underwear (some were white!), and jumped in. It was like soft porn, pure and simple.

We were drooling the entire time.

It happened again in different natural pools during that weekend.

Even though we both were very horny, since our nasty argument had been about our sex life, there was still tension as regards fucking. But when we got back home, the ice melted, our cocks got hard, and Felix came multiple times in my horny ass.

It was perhaps our best sex ever.

And since then, our bond and love are ten times stronger.

I'll write about it, how we reassured our love and commitment to each other. Now, however, I want to share with you a part of the birthday card Felix gave me after our mind-blowing make-up sex:

"You make me whole.
You are the sexiest (!), bravest, smartest, most passionate, and inquisitive person that I know. I pinch myself that I have been rewarded so many wonderful moments with you.
I wish for you to have the best life and to permit me, your boyfriend, to continue to share in every precious moment together."

Felix hugged me from behind as I was reading his card, and after the first line, I started crying and had to sit and calm down for a few minutes before I could read the rest.

Felix is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I love him so much!
I love him so much!

After peeing, I shaved my head as I do every morning, and showered. But Felix's magnificent cock was getting impatient.

"Theon, you are always so damn slow in the morning!" he yelled.

He was right.

I like to start my day in a leisurely fashion. I also enjoy playing with my balls and my hole in the morning.

"I'm going to shower first," I shouted back.

"Well, open the door, so I can observe how sexy you are!"

I opened the door, so Felix could see me taking a shower
I opened the door, so Felix could see me taking a shower

"And don't forget to give your gorgeous hole a good wash. I want to eat it this morning!"

Since when was Felix interested in eating my ass???!!!

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Ever since this incredible make-up sex, Felix is no longer afraid of eating my love hole. In fact, he is so fond of it that I sometimes need to remind him that rimming is a lot of fun, but what makes me scream even louder is when I get fucked.

"I know how to take care of my hole," I laughed, "but I'll make it extra clean for you."

I wash my anus and finger it every morning because it's so much fun.
I wash my anus and finger it every morning because it's so much fun.

Felix is the most amazing boyfriend I've ever had, but there were many others that I wanted to date or dated in the past. While showering and looking at Felix as he was masturbating, I remembered one of them.

His name was Nir.

Nir and I started fucking at the nudist beach 12 years ago.

When I first saw him, He was 42, and I was still in my 20s. I was attracted to his sexy body from the moment I noticed him. Nir is shorter than me, but what attracted me straight away was his lean, athletic body and beautiful hairy chest.

But it was neither his build nor hard cock (which isn't as thick or long as mine) that made me almost fall in love with him.

It was his piercing blue eyes that went so well with his dark hair.

I first saw him 13 years ago, in the summer of 2008.

He was running on the beach in his tight black speedo. I stared at him because he was so damn sexy. He was like a Greek god in my eyes, sculptured to perfection and beauty.

I smiled a few times at him as he was passing by, but he either didn't see or ignored me. "What an arrogant prick," I angrily thought to myself.

But I was wrong about him because he simply hadn't seen my gesture. After all, he was running!

Fast-forward to the summer of 2009: he was walking this time, and when he saw me, I decided to smile at him again, and this time he smiled back.

I invited him to sit by me and, shortly after, to take off his speedo. I suggested it because it was evident that his cock was somewhat hard.

I was lying on my stomach, so he couldn't see that my own cock was hard as a rock.

He could see my cum-loaded balls, though.
He could see my cum-loaded balls, though.

"I don't like to be naked when there are people around," was his response.

I looked at his perfect body again. The hair pattern on his upper body was so manly, and I could tell it descended to a full, proud bush.

I had to see him naked.

I turned over so he could see my thick, hard cock. I could tell that his cock had become more prominent in his tight speedo.

"Well, let's get naked in the water," I suggested.

Nir hesitated for a moment, then took his speedo off quickly and waited for me to stand up and join him. I admired the view from below at first:

I was drooling over his delicious-looking hairy balls, manly pubes, and hard cock (which wasn't as big as I was hoping for but still very beautiful).

Then I stood up, my sandy cock hard and already leaking pre-cum, and started kissing him.

We kissed while walking to the water, in the water, and while holding each other's cock.

I kneeled and licked Nir's balls and sucked his manly tool.

Every time a wave was about to hit my face, Nir would pull me up, kiss me, and then push my head back down where his hard cock was waiting for my eager lips.

I don't know for how long I sucked his cock because It was as if time had stood still.

We didn't care that people were watching us. I could see that some people were standing and looking at our hot love-making. Others were masturbating at the same time.

"I want you to fuck me so badly," I whispered into his ear while licking it.

"I’ve been wanting that since I first saw you!"

Surprised, I stopped playing with his cock, "You have?"

"Of course," you are so fucking sexy and your ass is incredible but I didn't think you'd be interested in an older guy."

His words, combined with the romantic setting, melted my heart (but kept my cock hard). I felt that I was starting to fall in love with him.

I turned around and pressed my horny ass to his hard cock.

He hugged me firmly, moaned, and started rubbing his beautiful cock on my smooth, wet crack. I grabbed his fingers and led them to my sensitive love hole.

His cock was pressed to my crack while he was fingering me. I was about to start screaming, but I first wanted him to have a clear view of my hole.

I took a step forward, bent, and spread my ass cheeks.

"You have the most beautiful hole I've ever seen!" was his reaction.

Nir still thinks that after all these years.
Nir still thinks that after all these years.

Nir finger-fucked me with his left hand while masturbating. I grabbed his balls to enhance his pleasure and masturbated as well. A few minutes later, he yelled, and I felt his hot love juices hitting my ass.

There was so much of it.

When it was over, he hugged me again, his leaking cock pressed against my sticky ass. He was kissing my back, playing with my pecs, pinching my nipples and massaging my shoulders, while I was getting ready to empty my balls as well.

We did it exactly here, 12 years ago.

I remember it vividly.
I remember it vividly.

When Nir heard me screaming, he held my balls and again stimulated my love hole. I shouted like a wild animal while shooting my load into the waves.

Then I turned back to him, we kissed and time stood still again. Our cocks were getting soft but still leaking cum on our bellies.

We walked out, hand in hand, laughing and smiling at each other.

10 minutes later, before leaving, I asked Nir: "You are gorgeous, and I've had the best time with you. Would you like to meet for a real date?"

Today, I would have figured out that he was married even before asking. But back then, I was too young and naive to consider this option.

Since that fantastic afternoon, almost every time I see him at the beach, we fuck. I don't see him much, though, because he doesn't want his wife to get too suspicious.

Also, Nir only feels comfortable making love to my ass when no one can watch us, and that is fine by me.

The first time he shot his seed into my thirsty ass was in the summer of 2019 (Before taking Prep, I only practiced safe sex). Looking into his blue eyes and seeing his lust as he was getting ready to seed me was a moment I longed for since 2009.

Fast-forwarding to 2021, Nir's eyes are still beautiful, but his body is not as lean and athletic as it used to be.

He's aged pretty well, though. He's still slim and runs on the beach but is no longer as athletic. Most of the hair on his upper body has gone white, but I find it manly and very sexy.

I've also aged since our first love-making.

But one thing hasn't changed since that beautiful afternoon: Each time we fuck, it's glorious...

... such as our most recent fuck, three days ago.

I could tell it was Nir from half a mile away because of his black speedo and the way he was walking. When he got closer, I smiled at him, and we hugged.

Unlike our first time, there was no need for small talk.

Nir caressed my ass while we were hugging, and we started kissing immediately. This time I didn't ask Nir to take off his speedo. I pulled it down myself and started sucking him right after.

It was a hot afternoon, so we entered the shallow pools where I continued to suck him.

I was on my knees here, serving his hairy cock.
I was on my knees here, serving his hairy cock.

While I was licking his penis, Nir laughed: "I'm always amazed how much you like my cock!"

"I like cock, every cock”, I corrected him. "As for yours, it's beautifully shaped, hard, hairy; I could suck you forever."

Nir moaned loudly. "Theon, you know how to suck cock. You give the best head."

I was so moved by his compliment that I intensified my efforts to serve his body and penis.

I ran my hands over his hairy body, played with his bubble ass, licked his balls, and every so often rose and kissed him while holding our two hard cocks together.

"I'm so close; I'm so close," Nir kept saying.

Each time he said that I stopped playing with his cock and explored other areas of his body. The only place that was off-limits was his hairy hole, but other than that, he enjoyed how I took care of his hot body.

"Where do you want my seed this time?" Nir asked.

"Do you really need to ask?" I answered and turned around and to offer him my begging hole.

Nir took this photo as well.
Nir took this photo as well.

At first, Nir slapped my hole with his hard cock a few times. It was as if he was announcing that he was about to use it. Then he ate my hole and spanked my wet ass while I kept screaming and begging him to fuck me.

Sadly, this time he didn't breed me because we were interrupted by gliders.

I hate them!
I hate them!

Each time they got closer, they would slow down; some of them even descending to have a better look at us fucking.

Neither Nir nor I felt comfortable enough to have anal sex when being watched like that.

But we both badly wanted to cum.

We were standing, rubbing our hard cocks, and kissing each other. I wanted Nir to cum first, but when he grabbed my balls, pinched my nipples, and started forcefully to finger-fuck me, I screamed and could no longer control my orgasm.

I shot my seed all over his cock and upper body.

Nir laughed, "It's always a wonder how much you cum!"

My cum shots are potent and plentiful.
My cum shots are potent and plentiful.

Instead of responding, I started licking my seed off his body. It tasted so good, as always.

When I was about to clean his penis as well, Nir stopped me: "I'm going to use your cum as lube."

Seeing Nir using my cum to help him orgasm was so hot, but Nir wanted more from me:

"Kneel and lick my balls; I'm going to cum on your beautiful chest!"

I was excited, knowing that Nir's seed would soon be all over my upper body.
I was excited, knowing that Nir's seed would soon be all over my upper body.

In response to his demand, I didn't just lick his hairy balls. I also played with his nipples, caressed his hairy ass cheeks, or kissed his upper legs. My hands, fingers, and mouth were everywhere.

Nir yelled, and I screamed with him on feeling his hot burst of white love hitting my pecs. It was so damn hot that I nearly got hard again. When his orgasm was over, I sucked his cock to get every last drop of his seed.

His seed was almost as delicious as mine.

Then I gave him kisses all over his lower body, balls, and legs. I pressed my head against his hairy abdomen while he was caressing my scalp.

It was such a beautiful moment.

We walked out hand in hand to drink water, and Nir took another photo

My happy, satisfied smile is the best evidence of how much I love cum
My happy, satisfied smile is the best evidence of how much I love cum

Then we went back to the shallow pools, laughing and hugging each other. We stayed together and talked for another half an hour. Most of the time I was on my stomach, and Nir occasionally caressed my ass.

It was so sweet of him.

Before he left, we kissed while he was holding my wet ass cheeks. It made me horny again and Nir noticed my cock getting more prominent.

"Still horny?" asked Nir.

When a man touches my ass, my cock reacts instantly
When a man touches my ass, my cock reacts instantly

"Not yet, but I hope to get fucked this afternoon," I told him. "If you come back in two hours, we would be all alone, and I would be happy if you'd fuck me for real!"

"I need to get back home, and I'm not sure I'll be horny enough anyhow."

My daydreaming about Arik suddenly stopped when Felix asked:

"Are you coming to bed to take care of my hard cock, or are you going to keep staring at it??"

I climbed into the bed and laid on my stomach.

I wanted Felix to eat my hole before sucking him off
I wanted Felix to eat my hole before sucking him off

Felix's penis didn't need my mouth that morning. He ate my love hole and then sprayed his delicious vegan seed all over it...

... just like the guy who gave me a body massage shortly after Nir had left.

But that's a story for another blog post!

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