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Sex and Pain? It's best to set ground rules!

Click here for the uncensored/uncropped version of this blog post.

I want to discuss a few short topics today:

The first concerns my cock and my desire to get fucked.

More accurately, it's about my cock's size:

Many guys are curious about how well-endowed I am.

My cock, when fully boned, is seven inches (18 cm) long.

I always tell potential breeders I'm a bottom.

I emphasize that I don't like my penis sucked or touched and that my cock size is irrelevant.

Guys who meet me should divert their attention from my cock to my demanding hole:

Still, I receive everyday messages such as this one:

"I get so horny looking at your profile.

My dick is insanely hard, greased up, and edging nice slow. I want so much to feel your body, and to suck on your beautiful cock blows my mind…. I've blown plenty of times over your pics and videos. I'm hard and stroking while I type right now."

Here's another typical message:

I'm flattered that people find my thick cock so arousing, but honestly, I rarely allow anyone to suck or touch it.

It's just for me!

Yesterday, on DudesNude, I masturbated on cam with several guys.

I do it primarily to promote my blog but also because it's fun.

I prefer to cam with hairy guys older than me.

One of the guys watching me was a stud in his 50s.

He told me he finds it hard to believe that I don't use my big cock for fucking. I was too busy looking at his beautiful pecs to answer.

They were as big as mine but were perfectly hairy!

Here's what I should have told him:

The size of one's cock or how smooth his ass is have nothing to do with his desire to fuck or get fucked.

Even if I didn't have a fuckable ass and my cock size was 12 inches long, I still would have wanted to feel a man breeding me as often as possible.

My need to get fucked has nothing to do with the size of my cock or the shape of my ass.

It's part of who I am!

Instead of writing all that to him, I turned around and offered him my smooth ass.

His response to seeing my cum hole was utterly ridiculous and a major turn-off:

"I'm going to fuck you as hard as Bibi (the Israeli PM) is fucking democracy."

It was a ridiculous comment because he was an American without understanding Israeli politics besides reading the New York Times, which is the American version of Pravda or Dr. Gobbles' Der Angriff.

As for my political beliefs, they are the last thing on my mind when my cock is hard!

All I want is to smile, ejaculate and help others do the same with the help of my ass!

Lastly, I want to discuss pain.

I love to get spanked, especially when I get fucked.

However, as this guy wrote, it's essential to have rules!

Yesterday, I forgot to discuss rules with the 20-year-old who fucked me.

The feeling of his huge, thick cock pounding my submissive ass and how he spanked me made me think of nothing except my urge to get filled with his man juice.

He fucked me doggie style in my large bed:

When he was about to ejaculate, I told him to pull out to postpone his orgasm.

"I've never fucked a perfect ass like yours," he told me.

Then he brought his mouth close to my ass.

I was sure he was about to eat my anus before pounding it again. Instead, he began licking my ass cheeks, and suddenly I felt a sharp pain.

He bit me!

I wasn't mad at him because he was so young and inexperienced. But I made sure he didn't try to do it again.

There's still a mark on my right ass cheeks, though!

It's in the middle. Can you see it:

Shortly after, he resumed fucking me, and we ejaculated together.

We hugged in bed for half an hour. The sheets were stained with a tremendous amount of my cum shots.

As he'd promised during our Grindr chat, his terrific cock demanded another round inside my body.

But it was too soon for me to experience another orgasm.

Therefore, I let him breed me in this posture:

The sex with him was fantastic, but I will set some ground rules the next time we meet.

No sucking (he insisted on trying several times) and no biting!

Click here for the uncensored/uncropped version of this blog post.

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