Sex and Batteries

The tale of how I got fucked begins with a beach chair.

On this beach chair, I rode a beautiful massive thick cock owned by a beefy hairy stud named Moti. It was the second time he fucked me this season, but apparently the third time.

Why "apparently"?

Because after he filled my love tunnel with loads of hot cum (while I was facing down on my beach blanket), and while still inside of me, hugging me and kissing my neck, I told him:

"Next time we fuck, it is going to be our third, that will make us officially fuck bodies."

He pulled his massive cock out of my ass.

I still did not cum, and as I felt his massive cock slowly leaving my ass, I shot a small load and moaned loudly. Then Moti played with my hole with his fingers and kept stimulating my prostate.

"I love to see how much cum spills out of your smooth hole, and this is the third time that I have fucked you. Don't you remember? Two years ago, I took turns fucking you with another guy."


I honestly did not remember, which means I was probably stoned.

"Sure," I lied, "I remember now; it was hot."

Come to think; my story does not begin with that beach chair.

It begins ten years ago, then two months ago, then two weeks ago, then three days ago.

On the same Friday that Moti fucked me, I talked with a beautiful hairy athlete who fucked me ten years ago. It happened two hours before Moti made love to my ass. I did not see this guy for ten years.

Two months ago, Moti fucked me for the second time (though I thought it was the first time - oops). I did not write about it, but I certainly should.

Two weeks ago, Moti turned me down and chose an 18 years old Turkish twink.

Three days ago, and six hours after Moti fucked me, Dean, my 20 years old soldier, fuck body, did the same. He is an American who came to Israel to serve in the army.

I was not planning on getting fucked again since Moti helped me have an amazing orgasm and pleased my ass beyond belief.

Moti took this photo, 20 minutes after we were done. My open hole and happy smile tell the whole story.

Back to Dean:

Dean has no family in Israel and is in the closet. Nevertheless, he allowed me to record our voices while we got close to our orgasm and during. It's beautiful to hear both of us moan and scream when we climax.

All four stories are worth telling, and I will most certainly share this recording with you.

Dean is a fantastic lover.

After his cum was buried deep inside of my ass and mine was all over me, he gave me the most beautiful compliment (it's in the recording) while rubbing my cum all over my upper body:

"I am going to start dating older guys, like you. You really know how to bottom."

That was so sweet.

We took a shower together afterward, and he hugged me from behind. He soaped me and gently massaged my ass and my hole. I moaned softly, and then we kissed again for a long time under the running water.

And now that you know the background, I can share with you what happened last night.

I came back from work, and while driving home, I thought about the amazing sex I have had Friday, First at the beach with Moti, and then at home with Dean.

I took a shower and got rock hard; I decided to empty my balls while thinking of both Moti and Dean fucking me together. I also thought it'd be nice to take a video of it (attached below)

I got very close to shooting my load, and then I felt I want to do it while my aggressive anal vibrator is stimulating my prostate. I also thought it would be an excellent way to demonstrate how wonderful it is.

I wrote about my new anal vibrator here:

This time I wanted to use my heavy-duty one since both Moti and Dean have thick cocks (Moti's is enormous as well). The new anal vibrator that I bought is fantastic, but not aggressive enough for that kind of stimulation I was looking for last night.

I pushed my vibrator inside, placed the camera at the right angle for recording, and prepared myself for a trip to the moon.

I pressed the power button.


I tried it again.


I took the vibrator out of my (now) wide-open hole and checked it. Everything seemed in order; I tried a few more times, but nothing.

The battery was dead.

After searching for a replacement in every possible drawer while still being wet (and I have many drawers in my apartment), I found none.


Monday (today), I work from home.

I woke up extra horny with a burning desire to get fucked. Dean was in the army till 6 PM, and he said he could only come over after 10 PM. I sent him this photo to encourage him to come over:

"I'm going to fuck you tonight just like that" was his response

Technically he can't because he is a short guy, so his thick cock would not even reach my love hole if I am standing like that. But I was not going to correct him.

Meanwhile, I decided to get batteries for my anal vibrator.

With the beach season almost over, I knew that it's time for a lot of self-play. I need all my three anal vibrators ready on a moment's notice. What happened last night can't repeat itself.

This is the kind of battery I was looking for:

I went to four different stores, and none had this kind of battery (because it's a 1.5V, they all carried the 9V type). They all kept asking me: "What is it for?"

As you know, I am very open about my sexuality, being a bottom, and my sex life. But, in my small home town, I don't think to tell them:

"It's for my thick anal vibrator."

would be something that I would like to do.

Long story short:

I found the batteries on Amazon.

Dean will be in my ass again in two hours, and he is far better than any anal vibrator.

After all, an anal vibrator does not kiss you passionately or licks your hole for eternity or hugs you in the shower while your ass is still full of hot cum.


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