How my quiet afternoon at the beach turned to a wild 3-some

"Theon, are you a real person? I've only met you here, naked. I find it hard to think of you wearing clothes and going to work".

I was standing next to Paul, whom I have known for over five years.

He too was naked and sitting in his beach chair. We only meet at the beach a few times each season. The last time I saw him at the beach was when he went to pursue an ass, and I was left with 23-year old Steve.

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My boyfriend almost lost his finger; I had to shoot my load

I laughed in response:

"Of course, I'm a real person. I get fucked not only here, and I do wear clothes sometimes".

Paul is an eccentric guy, but I like him. He's weird but also sweet. He's one of the few people that I can never fully figure out, but I'm OK with it.

We’d never fucked, nor had he ever tried anything with me.

I used to think it was because he wasn't attracted to me. I'm OK with that because he's not my type. He's got a decent enough cock, large balls, and a hairy ass. However, he's too lean and hairy in a weird fashion. I prefer hairy guys, but his hair is like a strange short fur.

He resembles a cute little monkey.

Paul's hairy body looks somewhat like that. But he's got a beautiful face

The other reason I don't want him to fuck me is that he said that once he shoots his load, he doesn't care about the bottom's need to empty his balls. In other words, he's a selfish sex partner.

I don't want a selfish cock fucking me.

"You know, you've never given me a blow job.",

"Because you've never asked me to."

"I know, I'm not sure why. I've heard you give terrific head".

"I do. I'm an expert when it comes to pleasing a man".

There was a short pause before he asked:

"So who fucks you the most?"

"My boyfriend."

"Oh, that's right. You do have a boyfriend. What's he like?"

"He's terrific."

"And when was the last time you got fucked here?"

There was nothing weird about Paul asking me all these questions. He's always been intrigued about my sex life and my beach "adventures." That's partly because he's also quite active at the beach, as a top.

"Yesterday. It was an amazing 3-way with two hot younger guys".

"Wow! How, Where, Who?"

My mind drifted back to the previous day.

The memories of my ass and mouth being used so professionally were making my cock rather hard. It was an outstanding 3-way that stood out in contrast to how my afternoon at the beach had begun.

It had started lousily.

It was extra hot and humid, and I had to walk a long way to get to a spot where I could be alone and not next to naked straight couples. When I got there, I fell while getting naked and cut my ankle.

The limestone at the beach is so sharp. Every season I cut myself a few times.

Well, yesterday was my first. DAMN; it still hurts.

The rest of my afternoon had been quiet.

Some people came over and looked at my naked body, but they were just passing by and didn't bother me. Even though Felix had loaded my ass with his DNA the night before, I was ready for more cum shots in my ass. I was quite sure that the time around sunset would provide some opportunities to satisfy my ass's thirst.

But I was mistaken.

An hour before sunset, an endless parade of women from the nearby town came over. With no shame, they walked to my spot just to check my naked body and cock.

How do I know that?

Because having passed me, they kept on walking for another 100 feet or so and then turned back. It was evident that I was the attraction they were looking for (or at).

The irony was that my cock was nothing exciting to look at.

My cock was limp, and it was also not as thick as it gets when I'm sexually excited. My cock gets extra thick when I'm horny, even when it's still not hard. Women coming over to look at my cock made it shrink in fear.

I was standing, kneeling, and going in and out of the sea during that time. When women saw me getting out of the water wet and naked, it only made matters worse. Some of the women who were just looking at me from afar came closer to check me out.

It was insanity.

Eventually, I put on my speedo to stop them from coming over.

It didn't help much, and besides, I wanted to be naked.

Finally, I packed my things and went to this location.

In this photo, I'm looking north. That pointy rock is the unofficial end of the nudist beach. I usually sit south of it. People coming over from the nearby town typically turn back when they get to this rock.

But as I've explained above, that wasn't the case yesterday.

Even though most of the women didn't continue walking to my new location, some did. So, once again, I packed my bag and went to my hideout between the rocks, further south.

It was 20 minutes before sunset when I got there.

A beautiful young guy was sitting behind the next large rock. A beach towel was wrapped around his waist, revealing only his sexy hairy chest. He didn't smile when he saw me, but I saw that he was checking me out.

I went into the water so he could take a better look at my ass. When I got out, I noticed that he was checking me out with greater interest.

And so did the cute guy who was behind the next large rock.

Hmm, I thought to myself and sat down.

Now I could no longer see either of them because I was behind a large rock.

The first guy moved his belongings forward where I could see him and took off his towel, revealing a terrific-looking breeding device and large balls.

And unless he had a naturally thick cock, he was partly hard already.

He gave me a horny, demanding look, stood up, and went to the water. I'd noticed that he had a cute smooth ass as well. I stood up and went to talk with him.

"I've been coming to this beach for nearly 15 years," I told him.

"15 years? How old are you?"

I told him.

"Fuck, You look amazing. I'm 28, and I want to look like you when I'm your age. Actually, I want to have a sexy body like yours now".

"Oh, you are too sweet," I told him, "I find you very sexy, and you have such a beautiful, thick, partly-erect cock"

Seconds after I'd said that, his cock was fully erect.

And so was mine.

He looked at my cock, astonished.

My cock gets extra thick and large when fully erect

"Damn, your cock gets so thick and big. When I first saw you naked, I didn't think that your cock would be so exciting".

I smiled.

"Don't get too excited; I'm a total bottom."

"No way."


"All that hot body and big cock combined with the mind of a total bottom? What a waste".

"I must be a bottom because my ass and hole are smooth."

"I'd better take a closer look at both", he replied.

He started to gently caress my ass. That was the first time that we'd established body contact. His touch was amazing, so gentle, almost loving.

I moaned loudly and, without thinking, turned around to offer my ass to his massive cock and played with his warm cum factories.

He kept playing with my ass, diving into my crack with his warm fingers, pressing my love hole. His touch was addictive, and I kept moaning loudly.

"Are you about to cum?"

"No, why do you think so?"

"Your voice, the way you moan, almost like a woman. You sound so close to shooting your load".

"Oh, no, I was just enjoying myself. You drive my ass wild".

"You have an amazing ass. It's so muscular, smooth, and warm. Your smooth hole is so inviting".

I reached back to play with his hot ass. His ass was also smooth and very sexy.

"Mine is naturally smooth," I told him, "But I guess yours isn't."

"How do you know that I shave it?"

"Your beautiful hairy chest was a good indication that your ass should have been the same"

"Indeed. I usually shave my ass during the summer and let it grow wild in the winter".

"So, are you versatile?" I asked him

"How did you guess that?"

"Why would you shave your ass unless you also like to get fucked. And I know that you like to fuck from the way you were playing with my hole".

"You mean like this?"

He wet his fingers and started fingering me.

I started raising my voice, nearly screaming from sheer pleasure. He circled his fingers deeper and deeper into my love tunnel. He was determined to loosen me up, and it wasn't long before that my ass swallowed three of his fingers.

The other cute guy was standing some 100 feet from us. I figured he was in his early 30s. He was playing with his hard cock and trying to decide if he was brave enough to join us.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to share my sexy top with another bottom.

How did I know he was a bottom?

Call it my instincts/experience/sense.

Eventually, he came over to join us, and no words were needed.

We were playing with each other's tools. Soon after, we were feeling each other's cocks, balls, nipples, holes, everything. At a certain point, we hugged in a way that our three cocks were pressed against each other and leaking cum. I held our three cocks in my hand and enjoyed rubbing our three tools while the bottom was twisting my nipples, and the top was finger fucking me.

I screamed when they were doing that to my body.

As much as I was enjoying myself, I knew that I needed to quickly offer my ass to the top before the other bottom did. I wasn't too worried because he had a hairy ass which wasn't as muscular as mine. I knew that almost always, a top prefers a smooth ass.

However, I didn't want to leave anything to chance. I got out the lube, lubed his cock and my hole.

Then I positioned myself in doggie and waited here:

At this location, he fucked me that evening. Except that I was in doggie in the other direction. That is, my loose hole was facing the rock.

"It's getting dark, but I can still see that your hole looks terrific and those dark lips are so inviting."

"Why don't you rub your amazing cock on it."

"If I do, I don't think that I'll be able to hold myself from fucking you."

"And why do you think that's a problem?"

"Because we don't have condoms."

"We don't need condoms; I'm on prep."

"Oh, I'm going to fuck you so deep."

At first, he only held my thighs and drove me insane each time I felt his huge mushroom head pressing against my dark love lips that would lead us both to heaven.

The other bottom kept rubbing his cock.

I signaled him to bring his thick cock to my mouth.

When he held my head and started fucking my mouth, I instinctively pressed my hole back to the top's massive cock and heard him moaning when in seconds, his entire hammer was swallowed by my hungry ass.

"Oh my God, you have the best ass. This feels so good"

"His mouth is also great," said the other bottom.

That was sweet of him, considering that I'd taken away his chance of getting fucked. But I spoiled him by giving him a fantastic head while playing with his massive balls and fingering his hairy hole. Each time I fingered his hole, he started fucking my mouth with force.

Try to imagine this:

Me in doggie, my two holes getting filled. One huge cock dominating my ass and a large one fucking my mouth. When I wasn't fingering the bottom or playing with the top's balls, I was playing with my thick cock.

At a certain point, I took his cock out of my mouth so that I could scream from absolute pleasure.

But he didn't let me rest for too long.

He quickly forced his tool back into my mouth so I could continue serving him.

Our lovemaking lasted for nearly 20 minutes.

Finally, the bottom let my mouth rest by pulling out his delicious cock: "I can't go on, I'm so close. Do you want me to come on your face or do you prefer to swallow my cum?"

The top stopped fucking me but kept his cock inside in anticipation of my answer. He kept running his fingers over my ass cheeks. I felt that he was sending wave after wave of pleasure signals directly to my brain.

I moaned loudly again and tried to think about what would be a better option. Both options were indeed tempting, but I had a better idea of how to use his white cream.

"Point your cock towards my ass and shoot your load into my crack while he is fucking me. That way, your cum will lube his cock at the same time".

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"Hell yeah", said the top, who started fucking me again. I began raising my voice, letting myself forget everything about me, where I was, and what time it was. There was only my ass and his thick tree fucking it.

It was not long before the bottom yelled, and I felt long, powerful, hot streams of cum hitting my crack and my ass cheeks. The sticky cum leaked into my crack. When I'd felt how the second cock was delivering hot cum deep into my ass with force, I screamed uncontrollably.

The bottom brought his cock to me, and I milked the last drops using my mouth. Then he slapped my face with it and I licked his balls for dessert and with gratitude.

It was Delicious. The thought that both my mouth and my ass had tasted his cum was so exciting.

"Did you cum?" the top asked me.

"No, did you?"

"No, but you were screaming so loud when he shot his load on your ass. I was sure that you did".

"You were fucking me so hard using his cum. I was sure that you did. But I didn't feel anything shooting inside my ass"

"I'm not ready to cum yet; it feels so good simply fucking you. I don't want it to end".

The other bottom interrupted: