How my quiet afternoon at the beach turned to a wild 3-some

"Theon, are you a real person? I've only met you here, naked. I find it hard to think of you wearing clothes and going to work".

I was standing next to Paul, whom I have known for over five years.

He too was naked and sitting in his beach chair. We only meet at the beach a few times each season. The last time I saw him at the beach was when he went to pursue an ass, and I was left with 23-year old Steve.

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My boyfriend almost lost his finger; I had to shoot my load

I laughed in response:

"Of course, I'm a real person. I get fucked not only here, and I do wear clothes sometimes".

Paul is an eccentric guy, but I like him. He's weird but also sweet. He's one of the few people that I can never fully figure out, but I'm OK with it.

We’d never fucked, nor had he ever tried anything with me.