Safe Sex and Prep: What are the rules for protecting yourself?

Good Morning, Blog Followers,

It's always nice to start a blog post with a smile.
It's always nice to start a blog post with a smile.

By the way, by "Blog Followers," I don't necessarily mean men. I estimate that 10% of my followers are women.

Even though I have zero attraction to women (and most certainly have no desire to fuck, only get fucked), I welcome my female followers with a smile and a naked hug.

When I see a naked woman at the nudist beach, I admire her for her courage.

Some gays find the female body and especially the "cunt” disgusting. I reject that point of view since the human body is a beautiful creation that should be admired, preferably without clothes.

I'd like to share a sweet reaction from a woman before writing about the main topic of this blog post:

I'm not sure to which photos she was referring.
I'm not sure to which photos she was referring.

I have hundreds of nude photos from the beach.

My favorite place on Earth.
My favorite place on Earth.

By the way, regarding her question about my photos. I wrote about it here:

Do you want to know more about my "gay naked free" way of living?

And now to the main topic: Prep & Safe Sex.

One of the questions that followers ask me quite often is how do I protect myself from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) because I don't practice safe sex, and I let many guys cum in my thirsty ass.

Most of you know that I take Prep.

I take it daily, and it prevents HIV infection. It doesn't protect me from other STDs.

Therefore, every three months, I'm required to get a thorough examination to make sure I haven't been infected by an STD. Some men get infected but show no symptoms hence why getting checked is mandatory for every person taking Prep.

So far, I've never been diagnosed with any disease since I started taking Prep.

I know it sounds daunting, but it's not that big a deal (I'm used to guys seeing me naked and touching my private parts 😜).

The feeling of an unrestrained cock entering my body and the inevitable outcome of seed leaking from my anus definitely makes it worthwhile.

Here's a very short clip demonstrating the first part.

I never got a chance to write about this incredible fuck. I have longer clips of getting fucked by this stud, which I plan to share some day.

How is it possible, that even though I get fucked by so many random guys, I never get infected?

Well, because they aren't exactly "random," and they are also not as numerous as you might think.

How so?

I'll try to explain how by telling you about my friend Adam.

I met him at the nudist beach in the summer of 2015. He was then in his late 20s and very attractive.

He's still incredibly handsome.

His upper body is muscular and somewhat hairy, but his ass is almost as smooth as mine (except for his deliciously hairy hole). He's got an incredible pink cock. It's ever so big and thick even when flaccid.

I'm often embarrassed to stand next to him at the nudist beach because my cock is relatively small when I'm not horny.

I'm a grower, not a shower.

Another beach friend took this photo.
Another beach friend took this photo.

But when I'm horny, my cock looks completely different.

My excited cock!
My excited cock!

Adam has intense sexual energy, which makes us very much alike.

Until recently, I saw him only at the beach and during the summer. I have many such beach friends.

In my mind, I divide them into two groups:

  • Those who fuck me and with whom I talk afterward.

  • Those whom I talk to but don't fuck with.

Adam belongs to the first group.

After I'd started taking Prep, Adam asked me many questions about it. He used to be fanatical about using condoms, just like I was before Prep, and he wanted to be sure that Prep indeed works.

I remember that afternoon at the beach very well.

After I'd convinced him that Prep works, he fucked me for the first time without a condom.

It was the first time he'd fucked a guy without a condom since 2016, which was the year he'd broken up with his boyfriend.

It was such a fun afternoon.

The first time he shot his seed inside my submissive ass was after only five minutes. He enjoyed it so much that he shot an incredible amount of semen.

We were both screaming when we climaxed since we shot our load together.

This photo demonstrates our mutual orgasm quite well:

Nature's Orgasm
Nature's Orgasm

After an hour, he fucked me again, and this time, it took him 15 minutes to cum. Two hours later, we fucked for the last time. It was a beautiful fuck that lasted much longer.

After a lot of foreplay, I offered him my smooth hole in doggie.

Doggie is such a fantastic way to serve a cock!
Doggie is such a fantastic way to serve a cock!

By the time his hard cock had entered my tunnel of love, he was so eager to shoot that he gave my ass his manly gift after just two minutes only.

The next time I saw Adam was during the summer of 2019.

I was sure that after our incredible, condomless afternoon sex, he'd started taking Prep.

But I was wrong.

"I don't want to take a daily pill, and I'm still afraid of other STDs" he told me.

Because of Covid-19 and frequent lockdowns, I hadn't seen him much during the previous beach season (we fucked only twice). However, during this 2021 season, there hasn't been a lockdown.

And I've seen him quite often.

However, I haven't let him fuck me, not once, even though he'd started taking Prep a few months ago.

Has he lost interest in my cum-hole?

On the contrary!

He expressed his desire to use my hole multiple times, but nothing happened between us.

Why is that?

First, let me explain what changed after I'd started taking Prep.

Even though I let guys shoot cum deep inside my ass, post-Prep I now have sex with different types of guys. That's because I became much more concerned about the type of tops that use my hole.

If you think I'm promiscuous nowadays, you should have met me ten or even five years ago.

Back then, I wasn't concerned about what type of sexy guy was fucking me as long as he used a condom. I felt that I was sufficiently protected.

I went to saunas, sex parties, orgies; you name it.

Even though I never let anyone use my hole without a condom, it didn't prevent me from getting all sorts of STDs.

Getting infected is not that hard.

Some STDs are so contagious that rubbing your hard cock against another penis might lead to an infection.

You don't need an ass full of cum to be at risk of getting infected by: Anal warts, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, scabies, and other non-life-threatening diseases.

Scabies was the worst!

I don't want to let a guy who practises sex as I used to 5 years ago shoot his seed inside my body. I view such a person as a high risk for getting an STD.

How do I know if the person who desires my hole is safe enough?

I usually have a daunting conversation with a potential new breeder before letting him cum in my ass.

I'm a good judge of character, and I can understand quickly if the person who wants to fuck me has the same mindset I used to have five years ago. I also prefer having sex with guys my age or older who know how to protect themselves and are less likely to attend orgies.

When I'm very horny and eager to get fucked, I'm more likely to let a random thick cock fuck me.

That's why I drain my balls almost every day.

About to shoot my load.
About to shoot my load.

If I get to the nudist beach with a two-day supply of cum in my testicles, the chances are, I'll offer my hole to any sexy guy that wants it!

How does it all relate to Adam?

When Adam started taking Prep, he felt like a child in a candy store.

More than once, on leaving the nudist beach, I saw him having sex with multiple guys. He in doggie, one guy after another fucking him.

Or, another guy in doggie and he and another top taking turns at fucking him.

Besides these incidents, which I've seen with my own eyes, he's shared wild stories about getting fucked or fucking with five, six, or even ten guys!

A month ago, an hour before sunset, we met at the nudist beach. We both smoked weed and then fell asleep next to each other.

Adam lay on his back, and I lay on my stomach.

I love falling asleep like that.
I love falling asleep like that.

Suddenly I felt that he was caressing my ass very gently.

It was so sweet and felt like a dream. His fingers were giving me the gentlest and most intimate ass massage.

I spread my legs a bit to give him better access to my balls and hole.

That's how I spread my legs.
That's how I spread my legs.

On spreading my ass cheeks and seeing how sandy my love hole was, Adam washed the sand off before continuing.

He then spanked both my muscular cheeks hard, which woke me up immediately. Right after, he kissed my hole and licked the entire area.

I moaned loudly and spread my legs as wide as possible. Without any warning he spanked me again and then began to caress my balls.

That pattern repeated itself a few times.

After each spanking, he chose either to play with my balls, eat my hole or gently caress my ass cheeks.

Suddenly he stopped playing with my testicles and said: "Theon, you have a gorgeous ass, terrific fuck hole and huge smooth balls. It's a good thing you don't know how beautiful you look from behind."

"But I do know," I told him and turned around so he could see how hard my sandy cock was. "I get photographed all the time, remember?"

We both laughed, and passionately kissed.

"It's been such a long time since you let me fuck you," Adam complained, and, before I had chance to say anything, he added, "I don't want to merely fuck you. I've fucked or been fucked by so many guys since I started taking Prep. Most of them, I don't remember or never asked for their name. But with you, I want it to be different."

"How so?" I asked.

"I don't want to just fuck you. I want to make love to you, to your body, ass, hole, mind and soul."

His sweet words made me ooze more precum.

Precum leaking from my cock.
Precum leaking from my cock.

My love hole was already loose thanks to the amazing way Adam had eaten my ass before. His massive hard cock could probably have slid deep into my tunnel of love with only a little bit of spit.

It was so tempting!

Had I been single, I might have let him fuck me after all. He'd probably have come in my ass twice in succession.

But I had to think of Felix as well.

I'd promised him not to get fucked by guys that I don't trust. "Most of them, I don't remember or never asked for their name" didn't sound very trustworthy to me.

My ass misses your beautiful cock too," I told him before licking his hairy balls, "but I have friends over for dinner in two hours. I need to go home and prepare dinner."

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It was the truth.

Adam made a sad face, and I felt that he knew there was more to it, even though I was sure he would never have guessed what was genuinely keeping me from allowing him to enjoy my ass.

He is such a sweet guy, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings, especially after he'd taken such passionate care of my body. Therefore I said: "You should come over!"

"Seriously? I've never been to your place! Do you still have a boyfriend? Is this a date?"

I laughed.

"You know I'd date you anytime, but Felix and I are very much in love. I just think it's time you see where I get fucked the most."

"You are such a horny bastard. I’d love to come over!" Adam replied.

"Sweet," I told him, put on my jock, and was getting ready to leave.

I always leave the beach wearing a jock.
I always leave the beach wearing a jock.

"I'll text you the address," I said, "Be there in two hours!"

Adam stood up and we passionately kissed while he held the straps of my jock. When we broke our kiss, he spanked me hard a few times and said: "Damn, you look so fuckable!"

Since I was so horny from what Adam had done to my body, I wanked with the first guy I saw on heading back to my car. It was quick relief: I licked his balls until he came on my pecs, and then I used his white gold as lube to shoot my seed.

I got home, showered, and started to prepare dinner.

I'd invited three guys over, including Felix and two female friends. I planned on making creamy potato soup, pasta in pesto sauce, salad, and chocolate mousse (all vegan).

I asked Felix to come over an hour earlier to help me.

Felix agreed; he's so sweet!
Felix agreed; he's so sweet!

When the doorbell rang, I was surprised since Felix has a key to my apartment. Maybe he forgot to bring it over, I thought to myself.

On opening the door to Adam, he came straight in and immediately said: "WOW - your apartment is fucking amazing!"

I do have a beautiful apartment.

I was sitting on the stairs leading to the second floor.
I was sitting on the stairs leading to the second floor.

I admit I was a bit irritated to see him since I still had so much to prepare. Therefore I said: "And you are early! What's going on?"

I also noticed that he was still stoned.

"After you'd left, I was so horny. I drove to the "grove" because I just had to fuck or get fucked and shoot my load. Theon, it was so amazing. Two guys were fucking me while I was fucking another sexy 20-something guy. Oh, you should have seen his tight ass. I exploded and shot so much cum in his hole. Seconds later, the other guy did the same to me. OMG - it felt so good!!!"

The "grove" is an actual grove, half a mile south-east of the beach.

A married guy who fucked me took this photo.
A married guy who fucked me took this photo.

Even when I was at my promiscuous stage, I only went there during the winter when getting fucked at the nudist beach wasn't an option.

Mostly because I don't like to get fucked when ten other guys I'm not attracted to are watching and masturbating or trying to fuck me as well.

I didn't have time to listen to his stories; the pasta was just about ready. More importantly, unlike the pasta, Adam wasn't ready since he came straight from the "grove".

He was sandy, wearing beach rags, and smelled of sweat, sperm and a stranger's cheap perfume.

"You came right over? With your ass full of cum?"

Adam laughed, "No, my ass is clean, but I need to take a shower. Can I borrow some clothes?"

Adam is a bit taller than me (I'm 6' feet tall) and has a wider, muscular build. Lucky for him, I'd washed some of Felix's clothes (he too has a muscular body).

I took him to the shower in the main bedroom since it was quicker than showing him the upstairs one.

On seeing my bed Adam shouted: "Theon! Your bed is huge!!!"

A king-size bed is quite rare in Israel.
A king-size bed is quite rare in Israel.

"I'll give you the grand tour later," I promised him. "Here's the shower. I'm sure you'll manage."

I heard Luka welcoming Felix after he'd entered my apartment.

Luka loves Felix.
Luka loves Felix.

"Felix's here," I told Adam. "Later."

"Who's in the shower?" Felix asked me after we'd kissed.

"Adam from the beach, remember? I told you about him."

"Of course I remember," Felix answered. "You showed me his Grindr profile. He's so sexy . Hold on, why is he taking a shower? Did you guys just fuck?"

"Don't be ridiculous! It's a long story involving him and at least three other cocks."

Felix laughed: "With you, I can never be too certain!"

Ten minutes later, Adam shouted: "Theon, come over; I need your help!"

I went over and saw the shower hose, the two showers' large waterfalls, and the three massage jets all running.

The three massage jets are to the left of me in this photo

This shower is indeed a lot of fun.
This shower is indeed a lot of fun.

Adam laughed: "I can't turn off the water. I pressed all the buttons, but the water keeps running. Besides, I wanted to get your sexy ass in here!"

He was totally stoned, but that didn't stop him from having a semi-hard cock.

"My boyfriend is here. Do you honestly think this is the right time to fuck me?"

Adam started playing with his cock, and it became hard in seconds: "He could come over and join us or watch me pounding your incredible ass."


"You used to be much more fun when you were single!"

That's probably true, I thought to myself. But I'm no longer single, and I'm not going to let anyone fuck me while my boyfriend is in the kitchen, helping me prepare dinner.

The dinner took place on my roof terrace and was a big success.

I shower here during the summer.
I shower here during the summer.

Everyone liked Adam because he's funny, sexy, and sweet. Before Adam left, he changed back into his beach clothes.

Damn, he's so sexy!

Two days ago, I decided to give him a phone call and invite him for breakfast with Felix and other friends this Friday.

He texted me: "I can't talk; I'm at my doctor's."

"Oh no! Do you think it's Covid?" I asked.

Covid-19 is on the rise again in Israel.

He texted me back immediately: "Oh Theon, I wish it was Covid. I'm devastated. I haven't sleep for 40 hours. My ass is so painful. It's a strange pain, and I'm so scared!"

"Calm down!" I told him, "and tell me exactly what is going on."

Apparently, he'd had another wild weekend.

He was fucked by multiple guys on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday afternoon, he started feeling that there was something strange about his rectum.

The pain was from deep within, and it had got worse until he had no choice, after two days, to seek medical assistance.

His doctor didn't see any problem with his beautiful hairy anus and sent him to the E.R where Adam spent six hours there.

First, a male nurse came and took a good look at his terrific hole but saw nothing wrong, so he summoned the proctologist.

The latter also saw nothing out of the ordinary, so he looked inside Adam's (nearly) smooth ass. First only a finger deep and later a much deeper inspection.

He still didn't see anything that could have explained the Adam's pain.

After a few hours of waiting and suffering from extreme pain, Adam had a C.T.

It also came back perfectly fine.

Since there was no physical evidence of something wrong, the diagnosis was a severe infection of the rectum, and he was given three types of antibiotics to cure it.

I've been checking on him since then, and he was doing much better the last time we spoke. He will also attend breakfast on Friday.

Today he told me that he would no longer take Prep.

"I'm done with it," he announced.