"A Slave to Eros"

As a blogger who openly writes about his life and freely discusses his sex life, I get responses from all sorts of people.

  • Tops & Bottoms.

  • Hairy & Smooth.

  • Good & Evil.

The list above is just a small sample of the types of people who contact me.

I get lots of exciting messages from tops who describe what they want to do with my muscular ass (hint: their description always ends with their white DNA leaking out of it).

However, I also get messages from bottoms asking me how I shave my ass so perfectly (I don't shave any part of my body, my ass is naturally smooth) or asking me for tips on how to bottom better.

Many bottoms find it hard to believe that I'm so submissive and that I don't like to fuck. Here is one message that I got today:

"Do you ever, at any time, top? Your gorgeous penis would feel so great inside my tight hole."

I'm sorry, no, I don't fuck.

My utmost pleasure comes from a thick cock that parallels my own cock, inside my warm body. I enjoy playing with my thick cock while another cock is making love to my primary sex organ: my ass.

Most guys that contact me are fantastic.

But today, I want to discuss two different types of guys that have contacted me lately. Both are considerably older than me, and both had shown great interest in my blog and/or my ass.

But the resemblance ends there.

One of them is an awesome guy; he is the "Good" from the above list.

The other one is worse than just being evil.

What makes him more evil is the fact he pretends to be good. He is the kind of person that I would want every one of you to be aware of.

I wrote this post yesterday and put it aside to "roast." I don't like to attack people personally, and I wanted my emotions to sink before publishing this post.

After I had run 7 miles tonight, I took a shower and let my jacuzzi power jets massage my horny cock and my love hole until I experienced a fantastic orgasm without touching myself.

Afterwards, I took a shower and felt very relaxed.

Then, I had my dinner and could think clearly:

My stomach was full, my balls were empty, my cock was small, my muscles were tired, my mind was at ease. I'd reread this post and decided to publish it after all.

Such evil should be exposed.

I'll write more about both of them below—first, some updates from the last couple of days:

I'd published my last blog posts a couple of hours before Felix, my boyfriend had finished his house quarantine and come over to be with me over the weekend.

You can find that post here:

Fear & Monogamy

I wrote in that post:

"This weekend, I want to milk Felix's thick cock inside my thirsty ass as many times as possible. I believe that I have just the right set of powerful muscles to extract every drop of his vegan cum"

Our reunion was much more than simply providing cum for my thirsty ass.

We spent most of the weekend together; it was so romantic.

Felix got to my place around 3 PM, and for the next two and a half hours, we passionately made love. Our two bodies merged into one so many times. His "made in Montana" thick cock fucked me in every possible way you can imagine and in so many places in my large apartment:

We started making love in the rooftop jacuzzi, then in the second floor shower (the first time Felix satisfied my ass's thirst for cum), then in the kitchen, on the stairs, again in the shower (of the master bedroom) and finally the bedroom.

In bed, Felix ended up fucking me doggie style until he was pounding my ass and yelling and once again he poured loads of hot cum inside my thirsty ass.

Only after Felix had filled my ass twice with his delicious white gift, did we relax and sleep together for a couple of hours.

After waking up, we cooked a romantic dinner, and I took some of the soup to my parents. My parents live in the adjacent building. They are both 79, so we can't see them right now.

When my mom had opened the door, I stepped back and started crying because I wanted so badly to hug her. She also had tears.

Hopefully, this Corona nightmare will be over soon.

Only two weeks ago, I had hiked with Felix and we made love in an underground cave. It was a glorious 12 miles hike & fuck.

I wrote about our hike here:

Felix & My Adonis

When I look at my smile in this photo, I can’t believe that only two weeks have passed since then. It feels more like two years.

In my building, there are ten apartments. The residents of apartment #3 tested positive for Corona, and the husband is in intensive care. I am sure a lot of you can share similar stories.

It all seems unreal. I have known them since 2004.


I hope they both survive; they are such a sweet couple.

On Saturday morning, Felix woke me up. He was gently caressing my love hole with his fingers; I moaned softly. It was such a beautiful way for him to wake me up.

Then, I suddenly realized he was not only playing with my sensitive entrance; he was lubing me up.

He took off his underwear (he does not sleep naked as I do) and started to slide his hard cock on my smooth ass, teasing my hole with his giant mushroom. He was hugging me from behind at that time.

He kissed my neck and played with my nipples to make me more receptive. I moaned loudly and as he'd expected I instinctively pressed my submissive ass to his massive cock which was already lubed, and I felt it gently yet forcefully trying to take control over my ass.

"Honey, you know I don't get fucked in the morning."

"Damn, you have no idea how badly I want to cum in your ass."

If I take into account how eager and warm his thick cock felt pressed against my partly loose hole, I think I did have an idea of how badly Felix wanted to satisfy his hunger for my ass.

Why don't I get fucked before noon?

You can find more about it in my Anal Sex guide:

Are You Clean?

Felix straddled me, kissed me for a long time our two hard cocks nestled against each other. It was so sensual. While kissing me, he was also gently playing separately with both of my very sensitive nipples.

My stomach was wet from loads of precum.

Then he sat on my chest and brought his thick cock to me. He wanted to fuck my mouth and make me drink his white love juice.

He slapped my face gently with his big cock: "I always cum in your sexy ass, how about swallowing my cum for a change?"

I love drinking vegan cum, but not before my morning coffee.

"How if I make you breakfast first, so you have enough energy to fuck me later?"

Felix faked an expression of disappointment.

I licked the precum that was oozing out of his beautiful red mushroom and said: "I promise I will swallow your cum after you fucked me."

He smiled and jumped out of bed, naked, his thick cock dangling: "Agreed," he said before going to take a shower.

So, he tricked me to make him breakfast and swallow his cum. If he was not so damn cute I would have objected it.