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This week I had sex with two bisexuals, but they weren't a bit alike!

In my previous blog post, I talked, among other things, about re-uniting with my fuck buddy, Gidi.

His cock hadn’t visited my ass for six months.

Felix took this photo six days ago before eating my hole.
Felix took this photo six days ago before eating my hole.

You can read about it here:

How did I react on finding that my fuck buddy had gained 40 pounds?

Gidi went off the radar for six months because he had a girlfriend. On the same day he broke up with her, he sought and found comfort in my ass.

The day after fucking me, he wanted to come over again, but I knew Felix wanted to breed me that night.

Even though we are in an open relationship, my boyfriend's needs come first, so I told Gidi that my ass was unavailable.

"I need your fuck hole now!!!" was his response.

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Young guys (Gidi is 22) are like that. When they are horny, they wouldn't care if their bed was on fire.

"I'm not going to the nudist beach this week," I told Gidi. "If you want to, come over tomorrow at noon. My ass will gladly drink your cum."

"I'm going to masturbate now and think about your ass, and tomorrow I'll come over."

Why did my beach schedule change?

Because the sea has become a jellyfish soup!

It's impossible to dip even for a few seconds without getting hurt!
It's impossible to dip even for a few seconds without getting hurt!

In addition, the combined humidity and heat make the beach feel like 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38’ Celsius). Being there without the possibility to cool in the Mediterranean is no longer enjoyable.

Nevertheless, horny men keep coming to the beach, seeking a cock, mouth, or ass hole to satisfy their hunger.

One of these horny guys was Shalom.

He's in his 50s, and for the last five years, I've milked his cock at least once every summer.

Oddly enough, each time he talks with me, it is as if we've never fucked before. He remembers that we had sex, but the conversation always begins the same way.

He followed me to the shallow pools this Sunday.

The shallow pools are not too bad as far as jellyfish.
The shallow pools are not too bad as far as jellyfish.

He sat beside me and told me how much he liked my cock and pubic hair. His cock became hard just from looking at mine.

However, mine didn't.

My cock gets hard quickly, but not for Shalom.
My cock gets hard quickly, but not for Shalom.

I knew what would happen.

Shalom would start aggressively playing with my flaccid cock and pubic hair. It would almost feel like he was trying to pull it out.

I don't like it when guys touch my cock, especially someone as incompetent as Shalom.

Then I would tell him I wasn't interested in him touching my penis. He would ask me why and I would answer that I'm a bottom, and if he wished to please me, he should fuck my hungry ass.

Shalom would then have a horrific expression on his face and tell me he didn’t like to fuck guys and that he only wanted to masturbate with good-looking men as he used to do in high school 45 years ago.

Then he would ask me if I wasn't interested in women.

Everything happened exactly like that! It was borderline comic but also pathetic.

"So, you've never had sex with a woman?" he asked after letting go of my cock.

"I'm a bottom. I want to get fucked. What am I going to do with women?" I answered. It was the same answer I've been giving him for the last five years.

"Oh, man! You don't know what you're missing. Their boobs are so awesome!"

If his huge, hairy cock and massive cum shots weren't so terrific, I wouldn't even be having this ridiculous conversation with him (again!). However, I knew that his hot seed would be on my cock and my nipples in ten minutes.

It was worth having this idiotic conversation with him.

"Look at my pecs," I told him. "Aren't they a fine substitute?"

Brandon, my fuck buddy, is totally in love with my chest (and with me)
Brandon, my fuck buddy, is totally in love with my chest (and with me)

You can read about Brandon here:

What should be your #1 priority when choosing a fuck-buddy?

"It's not the same thing," Shalom answered, precisely the same answer he'd given me since 2017.

Shortly after, we were standing, facing each other.

I masturbated Shalom's massive cock while he touched mine. I played with his hairy chest or held his huge balls. He moaned and frantically pulled my cock, trying to make it hard.

"I'm so close, Theon. Let's cum together!"

When a man is about to cum, he becomes an imbecile. How did Shalom expect me to shoot my load if my cock wasn't even hard?

"If you touch my ass, I will," I promised.

All he needed to do was to hold my smooth ass cheeks.
All he needed to do was to hold my smooth ass cheeks.

"I told you. I'm not attracted to your ass!"

When a man says that to me, it's an instant boner-killer. However, Shalom and I followed a known manuscript, so I wasn't surprised.

"I'm going to cum," he yelled, letting go of my flaccid cock. "You should move aside!"

That's also what he always says before ejaculating. After five years, he still doesn't remember how much I enjoy cum on my body.

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Shalom shot incredible, ultra-hot cum shots over my chest, flat stomach, and finally on my flaccid cock.

Here are his final (!) cum drops on my cock.

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I enjoyed rubbing his semen all over my upper body, ass, and love hole. However, I got a nasty sting when I went into the pools to clean.

So I decided to stop going to the beach until the jellyfish had gone. They usually leave or die by the beginning of August.

While Gidi and Shalom are both bisexuals, they are so different.

Gidi loves to kiss, adores my smooth hole, and enjoys breeding me. I wish that Shalom would let me free him from his idiotic constraints, but I know he won't.

They do have one thing in common, however: Neither would let me take photos of them or their incredible cocks.

I hope that the following sexy blog follower will be an excellent substitute.

I find him incredibly sexy.
I find him incredibly sexy.

His hairy body is very similar to Shalom's, and so is his flaccid cock.

People have asked me to share their nude photos, but there are so many. However, you can post them in the blog forums if you want to.

Here's the link to the forums:

Share your photos here!

Here's a photo of sexy Peter from Holland.

I love his photography!
I love his photography!

The previous guy's hard cock is almost like Gidi's.

Gidi's cock is as long but thicker!!!
Gidi's cock is as long but thicker!!!

Just before noon on Thursday, Gidi sent me a message: "I just woke up, and my cock is hard!"

I was working naked from my home office, and my cock boned almost instantly.

Of course, it's tiny compared to his!

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I told him I needed half an hour to empty my ass. "Hurry!" was his response. "I can't hold my urge to masturbate much longer."

After I'd emptied my ass, I wanted to make it loose before Gidi came over. On Monday, it had taken my ass too long (more than two minutes) to swallow his eight-inch cock.

It was mainly because his cock head is so massive...

...such as this one:

This cock belongs to another admirer of my fuck hole.
This cock belongs to another admirer of my fuck hole.

Before Gidi arrived, I'd taken a shower and inserted my thickest vibrator into my cum hole. I didn't turn it on because I only needed it to make my ass more fuckable.

I only use this practice when I know a huge cock is coming over to breed me.

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That's how it looked from the other side.

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When Gidi had been here on Monday, he was so eager to fuck me that his seed was inside my body after only ten minutes. However, yesterday, he was more relaxed.

We kissed for a very long time while he was holding my ass. Only after 30 minutes were we naked and in my bed.

"Please lie on your stomach, Theon," Gidi requested.

"You know I don't like getting fucked like that," I replied.

"Relax! You are going to enjoy it this time!"

I don't like getting fucked like that for the following reasons:

  • It's hard for me to get loose in this posture, especially when dealing with an extra-massive cock like Gidi's

  • I can't play with my cock while getting fucked

  • I can't see the eyes of my lover when he enjoys my body

  • Most importantly: I can't see his facial expression when he breeds me

Still, Gidi used the magic word, "please," so I was inclined to fulfill his wish. Also, he's been fucking me since 2016 (yes, he was 16 then), so he knows how to take good care of my body.

At first, I was tense.

I was sure he was about to start penetrating my body.
I was sure he was about to start penetrating my body.

To my surprise, Gidi didn't begin by shoving his massive erection into my ass. Instead, he devoted 20 minutes to kissing, eating, licking, spanking, and fingering my ass and fuck hole.

Finally, he spread my ass cheeks and said:

"I wish you could see what I'm seeing. Your beautiful hole is loose and begging me to start fucking it."

I imagine that my love hole looked like that.

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"Fuck me," I yelled. "I'm begging you!"

Gidi spanked my ass in response.

"You are such a terrific bottom. You know exactly what to say to get me excited!"

When Gidi did begin to shove his enormous erection into my body, I started screaming and didn't stop until it was entirely inside my submissive ass.

Gidi hugged me and started pounding my ass.

Because he'd gained weight, I felt his cock sinking deeper than ever before. It was funny because while I was getting fucked, I suddenly thought of the "Big Bottom" lyrics by Pansy Division:

"The bigger the cushion

the sweeter the pushing."

The song talks about a bottom's ass. But in Gidi's case, it was true as well. His big, hairy ass helped him pound my smooth, relatively tight ass more forcefully than ever.

I wanted to change posture, but he was fucking me with such joyful ecstasy that I didn't want to interrupt his enjoyment.

I felt his cock throbbing and expanding in my muscular ass and knew he would breed me soon. It had been over an hour since we'd started fucking, and I yearned for his seed.

Just when he was about to cum, he pulled out, and I felt his sweat dripping on my back.

"Theon, do you want me to cum or take a break?"

I was moved by his request because most tops are so selfish, especially when they are about to cum.

I reached out my hand and felt his throbbing cock. It was so warm and hard.

I knew Gidi would hold his seed if I asked him to. But he'd been such an incredible lover that afternoon that I decided to let him choose. However, this pause was a good time to change to my favorite breeding posture.

I turned on my back, smiled, and raised my legs.

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"Whatever you decide, stud," was my answer.

"Oh fuck!" Gidi moaned and promptly shoved his huge cock back inside my loose oven.

There was no point in delaying his orgasm, so I began to tighten my grip on his cock using my strong ass muscles.

"Yes! Yes!" he yelled, "keep doing that!"

I grabbed his hairy balls and also felt his massive cock entering and leaving my ass with enormous force.

"Fuck!!!" Gidi screamed and began shooting his seed inside me. He continued fucking me long after his cum shots were over.

While he was shooting his seed, I felt as though I was about to cum too. I thought I'd shoot hands-free (like our last fuck), but I didn't this time.

However, I screamed with Gidi because it felt like I was experiencing a dry orgasm.

After his orgasm was over, Gidi didn't have to ask me. He kept fucking me, knowing it would help me experience a fantastic orgasm.

He began pounding my ass again, pulling some of his seed out and then rubbing it on my smooth pecs.

I could no longer hold my orgasm, nor did I want to!

I screamed so loud while shooting my seed that I wouldn't be surprised if everyone in the neighborhood heard me.

We usually shower together after fucking. However, that afternoon, Gidi had to leave right after.

While showering, I could still feel Gidi's cock throbbing inside my ass.

On returning to my home office, I noticed three calls from my boss.

"Where have you been?" he asked. "It's Thursday, and we need this project done!"

"Hey! I've been working my ass off to finish it on time!" I told him.

Well, at least half that sentence was true!