Remembering ​Paula Mane​

Paula Mane is my Dad's Grandma, my great-grandma.

She and her husband and other relatives lived in Karlsruhe, Germany, before the war.

In the summer of 1940, the Germans deported all the Jews from this German region with no previous warning to Gurst concentration camp in occupied France.

Try to imagine getting thrown out of your home, at 4 AM, and 24 hours later finding yourself, a prisoner in a concentration camp.

She was 56 years old at that time.

Both her sons managed to escape to the British ruled Palestine. One of them, Karl Josef, was my grandpa.

I am named after him: Josef is my middle name.

Heinrich (her husband) and Paula managed to survive somehow for two years in that camp. Many died from hunger and diseases, especially the elderly.

On August 10, 1942, both of them, along with other relatives, boarded the train to Auschwitz.

It was transport #17 from France to the death camps. The French police and the French railway company assisted the Germans.

The Germans sent a total of 1000 Jews in that transport. Most of them were the German Jews that were deported two years prior from Germany to France.

On August 12, 1942, the train arrived at Auschwitz.

The Germans selected Two hundred forty people (140 men and 100 women) for forced labor.

None of them have survived the war.

Paula & Heinrich were not among them. They were both considered old by German standards and, therefore, unfit for "work." One can imagine that after two years in a concentration camp, they looked sick and worn out.

The Germans force Paula & Heinrich, and 748 other Jews to undress, then, probably with screams and violence, pushed all them into the gas chambers.

The gas crystals were inserted from this opening

I try not to think of their last moments.

At 10 AM, a two minutes siren will be heard all over Israel.

I will think about you, my dear great-grandma. I will cry and break to 1000 pieces remembering what these Germans and their European collaborators have done to you and my family.

You will always be in my heart.

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