Cum on 7.18.2018

The reason I started to write about my beach experiences and my life was to remember my adventures and my life.

In a way, it's like a time capsule for me.

Today, I found this story and photos from last year. This quick sexual encounter took place in July of last year. It was during the same afternoon that the "marathon" guy took these two photos of me.

"Marathon Man" fucked me a few days before that, and he wanted to cream my ass again. However, this time, I was looking for someone bigger than him. "Marathon" man is shorter than me; I was looking for a muscular hairy guy to hold me firm.

I was lucky enough to find one.

And this short story is about how I got to feel his hot cum shots all over my ass:

I packed my things, lifted my bag, and started the long walk back to the highway. It's a 1.5-mile walk back.

During the season, I don't walk naked. Walking naked when there are so many cars driving on the dirt road will cause anyone passing by to assume I want any cock to fuck me.

This, of course, is not the case.

When I got to the top of the cliffs above the beach, a shirtless guy was there. He was standing, catching his breath. I checked him out and made a checkup list in my head:

Big hairy chest, muscular and stronger than me, friendly face, sweet smile

We started walking back to the highway; his car was also parked where mine was. We chatted a bit, and I noticed he was wearing a wedding ring. It was evident that he came to find sex at the beach without his wife knowing.

As we got closer to the highway, I told him: "please wait, I need to change."

I took my bag down and pulled out my shirt.

"I prefer that you just got naked," he told me, and I could see that his cock got semi-hard

I stripped naked; it was already getting dark.

"Then come over here and play with my ass."

He got closer, and I pulled his pants down. For such a big guy, his cock was a bit disappointing, but he was already hard and thick.

He hugged me from behind really strong; I could feel how hungry he was for the touch of a man, for the warmth of a man's ass.

I turned around and hugged him as well; he held my ass firm and moaned: "Fuck, I have missed this feeling. Your ass is so smooth and soft."

I knew we did not have a lot of time. It was getting dark quickly, and since there were many people at the beach, I knew that sooner or later, someone will come over.

He started moving on my ass, spanking me, from time to time, he played with my smooth hole, fingering me: "God, I want to fuck you hard."

I handed him the lube, and it was not before long that he was masturbating with one hand and finger fucking me with three fingers at the same time.

I moaned loudly; he was pressing a sweet spot deep inside my love tunnel.

I was not going to let him fuck me on this dirt road when I knew someone might show up, but I bent over so he can see my hole with the remaining light.

"Oh, don't show me that sweet hole, I am going to cum."

In response, I played with his hairy balls more and pressed my open hole to his hard cock.

"I am going to cum; I am going to cum."

I already knew he was about to cum because of the way he was holding my ass and the way he moaned.

Seconds later, my ass and my hole were covered with his hot load. He shot so much cum on me. It must have been days since he came and possibly weeks if not months before he felt a guy's ass.

I was going to use his cum as lube, but I could not because people started getting closer to us, and I knew they would stop walking and watch or walk slow to watch me shoot my load.

I did not want to give them a show, but I could not wait with my ass and my hole covered with his cum until they went away.

He helped me wash my ass, which was sweet of him. As I anticipated, people watched him clean my ass and did not start walking again before we were both fully dressed.

"Hopefully, I will see you again," he told me, "Next time I want to fuck you for real."

But I never did see him again.

I hope for him that he can figure out his life. It must be so hard to feel this burning desire to be intimate with another man while living in fear of being caught.


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