Releasing​ a Load

Both my boss and the head of marketing came back from their vacation today.

My boss was in the Caribbeans for two weeks, and the CMO spent a week in Monaco. 

He sailed there from Italy on the very extravagant family yacht. 

I was happy to see my boss, he is a great guy, and the CMO is also friendly. But it was a hectic day with meetings and pressure.

It's no wonder that when I came home, I had to relax right away. 

Had a nice orgasm, took a nap, and now I am ready for my 7 miles, 1 hour run on my treadmill. 

By the way, both of them complained about their vacation. 

The CMO said that he had seen unbelievable yachts in Monaco. I felt so sorry for him that his yacht is worth only 2 million dollars.

"Theon you don't understand, these yachts are the real thing."

My boss said the flight back from the resort in the Caribbeans was awful, and that jet lag is killing him.

What can I say?

I don't own a yacht, and I prefer to drive 30 minutes to my nude beach instead of flying for 18 hours.

Cheaper & probably much more enjoyable 

Why fly for 18 when all this beauty is so close to my home?

I also had a weird situation today with a guy who works on the same floor. I have never seen him. I guess he is on the other side of the building. I can tell he is on my floor because he appears very close to me on Grindr. 

He sent me a message:

“I have seen you a few times, and I want to fuck you so much. However, I can only send you photos via WhatsApp.”

I usually don’t give my phone number to a guy that I have no idea how he looks like. But I was horny, and he was 25, so I thought I’d give it a try.

He responded quickly and sent me two photos. 

Sadly he was not my type. 

I told him before sending the photos to read my profile, so he knows what am I looking for.

I hate it when people put me in an awkward situation. I did not want to block him because I hate it when people do that to me. 

“Sorry, I am looking for something else. Have a great week and fun.”

His response was awkward:


What am I supposed to tell him? 

I did not respond yet; I think that I will block him after all. This is just ridiculous. 

Anyway, I am about to start running,

Have a wonderful evening,


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