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How did I react on finding that my fuck buddy had gained 40 pounds?

I want to share lovely feedback from a follower regarding the topic of science and shaving your pubic hair:

"This idea of "science" and shaving seems totally bogus to me. I have thick fur and am not ashamed to show it. Like you, I prefer hairy bodies. The more fur, the better. So, anyone who quotes scientific research about this topic probably is blowing smoke. I hope you get lots of hot men!"

He was referring to this blog post:

What does science have to say about shaving your pubic hair?

If you are a new follower (there have been so many lately!) you should know that I often write against the practice of shaving or trimming body hair, particularly pubic hair.

I keep mine intact.

I never have sex with a man who completely removes his pubic hair.
I never have sex with a man who completely removes his pubic hair.

Why do I find a bald cock so unattractive?

Because to me, it's unnatural to get fucked by a hairless penis.

What an incredible outdoor erection.
What an incredible outdoor erection.

That fantastic penis belongs to an Austrian stud. I find him very attractive, and he shares with me videos of himself fucking lucky bottoms.

His large, uncut cock looks fantastic, even when shaved.

However, a closer inspection reveals a different story.

His cock looks so sad without its crown.
His cock looks so sad without its crown.

The red spots indicate razor cuts and skin irritation. The black dots are the pubic hair that insists on growing.

I don't find this view appealing at all.

Compare it to my cock:

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My pubic hair nicely frames my cock and gives it a manly appearance. Of course, there are no red dots, irregular marks, razor cuts, etc.

It's the natural look of an adult penis.

As regards "hope you get lots of hot men!" my ass has enjoyed many pleasing cocks lately and some rejections, which I will discuss in this blog post.

The last guy who made love to my ass this weekend was Felix, my boyfriend.

If you are new to the blog, here's his terrific cock:

His thick cock shoots cum into my ass 3-4 times a week.
His thick cock shoots cum into my ass 3-4 times a week.

Felix wanted to try fucking me while one of my vibrators (I've got six) was inside his smooth ass. I sucked his cock while the vibrator was stimulating his prostate.

Shortly after, I slid on his cock, until it was entirely inside my body.

Click here to listen to us fucking!

Felix let me ride his cock for a few minutes before taking over.

Felix has a fantastic ass, but he's more of a top.
Felix has a fantastic ass, but he's more of a top.

He first fucked me while I was on my stomach, then standing, then doggie-style, and finally, when he asked me to turn on my back, and I knew he was close to breeding me.

He raised my legs and began pounding my loose hole.

After fucking me for a while, I suddenly felt his cock expanding in my ass and knew he was about to breed me.

Click hear to listen to my reaction and to his orgasm seconds later

Felix kept his cock in my ass and fucked me gently. The thoughts of his semi-hard cock still leaking in my ass drove me insane, and, as a result, I experienced a powerful orgasm.

You can hear my orgasm if you follow this link:

The following morning, I wanted to surprise Felix by making him breakfast. I woke up before him and, as usual, took a shower.

While showering, I gently felt my cum hole and remembered how beautifully it had served Felix's thick cock the previous night.

You can see me feeling my hole here:

The rest of the video is at the end of this blog post.

After the shower, I thought about what a follower had asked me recently. He sent me an email with one sentence:

"Have you ever been rejected?"

I'm not sure why he wanted me to answer that. Was it a compliment suggesting that I've never been rejected since I'm handsome?

Perhaps he wanted to know how I feel when a guy rejects me.

The quick answer is: Yes, I've been rejected many times. Every time I visit the nudist beach, my ass is rejected by several guys.

How do I feel when a horny top rejects my body?

Well, obviously, it doesn't feel terrific.

We all fear rejection.
We all fear rejection.

However, I know I must deal with rejection if I want to get cock. It's part of the rules.

In other words, It doesn't boost my confidence when a man rejects my talented hole, but on the other hand, it doesn't lower it either.

I'm not surprised when a man ignores my sexual gestures because there are many reasons why someone might find me unattractive.

Some guys told me that my shaved face was a turn-off.

I can't wait till a shaved face becomes fashionable again
I can't wait till a shaved face becomes fashionable again

Nowadays, it's nearly impossible to find a lover that doesn't have facial hair.

Even Felix grows some facial hair.

He's so cute that I don't mind it.
He's so cute that I don't mind it.

This fashion is sometimes bizarrely combined with the practice of trimming or shaving pubic hair.

Yesterday, at the nudist beach, I saw a grotesque example of this.

I met a beach fuck buddy whom I hadn't seen since Covid. I barely recognized him since he had grown a long, thick beard.

His pubic hair, on the other hand, was almost entirely shaved.

He spanked my ass in excitement, no doubt expecting to fuck me. However, I felt no attraction to him. His cock was large and beautiful, but his overall appearance was unnatural.

I couldn't see myself spreading my ass cheeks for him.

I never ask a guy why he's not interested in fucking me. But I reckon that most times it's because I'm too old or too young.

In other words, I'm still not a "daddy," but I'm no longer a "twink."

I still feel like a child
I still feel like a child

As for me, I don't really care how old a potential lover is.

I think that every age has its benefit.

I find this mature stud extremely attractive!
I find this mature stud extremely attractive!

Older guys have more patience and enjoy long sensual sessions. Younger guys are eager to shoot their load, but sometimes they can do a second round after a short rest.

For me, what's more important is how muscular/toned a potential lover is. If a person doesn't work out or is overweight, there's little chance I will find him attractive, regardless of age.

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Sadly, that was also the case for 22-year-old Gidi, who had just fucked me (I took a break while writing this blog post!)

He didn't bother taking off my jocks before breeding me.

He shot his seed in my ass twice this afternoon.
He shot his seed in my ass twice this afternoon.

He's been my fuck buddy since he was 16. I was his first bottom, and my ass helped him a lot during his 3-year army service in an elite infantry unit.

He's an incredible lover, thanks to me.

Gidi identifies as bisexual, so I wasn't surprised when he told me it'd been six months since he's been with a man:

"I've just broken up with my girlfriend, and I'm so horny. I need your cock, cum shots, and most importantly, your incredible smooth hole!"

"I know it's short notice, but can you be spontaneous?"

The last time he fucked me was in the winter, in my rooftop jacuzzi.

During the summer, it's too hot to use it.
During the summer, it's too hot to use it.

When I opened my door, I was shocked.

The extra lean, muscular soldier that used to fuck me was gone. I looked at a version of Gidi that was at least 40 pounds heavier.

His huge cock was as enjoyable as ever, though.

Ten minutes later, his seed was deep inside my ass. After resting for 20 minutes, he started eating my love hole and licking his semen that kept leaking.

Shortly after, he began fucking me doggie-style and did it so passionately that he made me shoot my load without touching myself.

Gidi's cock is huge, so after he'd fucked me for half an hour, I smiled and told him my hole needed a break.

An experienced bottom knows when it's time for his hole to rest!

That's my preferred hiking outfit.
That's my preferred hiking outfit.

I sucked his cock while massaging his entire body and playing with his hairy hole. When he was about to cum again, I rode his penis and collected the fruits of my labor in my ass.

While his cock was still leaking cum inside my ass, I masturbated and experienced a second orgasm while shouting and shooting powerful cum shots all over his hairy chest and face.

We always shower together after our balls are empty.

However, soaping his hairy body felt different this time.

I noticed how overweight he'd become.
I noticed how overweight he'd become.

After I'd finished soaping him, I turned around, and he did the same to me.

Gidi gently washed my ass and paid particular attention to my love hole. Then he kneeled, gently kissing my anus while playing with my sensitive balls.

He didn't play with my cock, because he knows very well I don't enjoy it.

After fucking me for six years, Gidi is an expert in pleasuring my body.
After fucking me for six years, Gidi is an expert in pleasuring my body.

I was about to ask him how my anus was compared to his ex-girlfriend's cunt, but I didn't have to.

On standing, he said: "Theon, you have no idea how much I've missed your stunning ass and fuck hole."

How do Felix and I stay lean and in such great shape?

We work out almost daily and watch our vegan diet closely.

My sweaty body after completing a workout.
My sweaty body after completing a workout.

Speaking of watching our diet, we don't have to be very strict about it because we work out often. If we overeat one day, we simply work out more the following day.

That's why I decided to make Felix French toast on Saturday morning.

I was so busy preparing breakfast that I didn't hear Felix until his hands were all over me.

I leaned on the countertop, and he began eating my cum hole.

I usually serve it with maple syrup, chocolate, and fresh fruits.
I usually serve it with maple syrup, chocolate, and fresh fruits.

Soon after, we returned to bed, enjoying our version of 69 posture.

A traditional 69 posture involves two guys sucking each other, but since I rarely enjoy a blowjob, we do it differently.

In our version, Felix licks my hole while I suck his cock.

Imagine Felix's toned body under me.
Imagine Felix's toned body under me.

While eating my smooth love hole, Felix also spanked my ass and gave my body a lot of compliments. I told him I adored his thick cock and hairy, large balls.

"Honey, I'm dying to fuck your hot hole," he moaned.

"If you try to, I'll tanner you," I warned him.

You're probably wondering what's the meaning of "to tanner." Well, it's a verb I invented after we'd finished watching "Special," a Netflix TV series.

"Special" follows Ryan, a disabled gay person, and his struggles.

As a person struggling with a disability, I was especially thrilled that the main character was gay and disabled.

The only thing that troubled me was that, even though Ryan wasn't very good-looking, every guy he had a sexual or intimate relationship with was gorgeous.

Not only did no one reject him because of his disability, they all thought he was incredibly hot!

Of course, some people don't care if the person they are dating is disabled, and others value feelings and wisdom instead of looks.

But I find it hard to believe that all of the gym fanatics from L.A who had sex with Ryan were like that!

I'm disabled, and I think it's cruel to portray the world like that to young, disabled gays.

However, in general, I liked how optimistic the first season was.

Life goes on, even when you are disabled.
Life goes on, even when you are disabled.

The second season was a different tale.

During his life journey, Ryan became a narcissistic bitch who thought being "really old" was terrible. The "really old" he was talking about was in his 40s (and incredibly hot, by the way).

But what about "to tanner?"

Tanner was one of Ryan's boyfriends. He left his "really old" boyfriend to be with Ryan. One night after fucking Tanner (with a condom) and climaxing, Ryan's cock came out covered in shit.

Ryan made a huge drama over it as if it was the end of the world and the next day dumped Tanner (although he had other stupid reasons).

Now you know what I meant when I warned Felix that I might tanner him if he fucked me.

"Are you sure, honey?" Felix moaned and tried fingering my hole.

"No fingers either," I warned him.

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"Then I'll cum all over your beautiful hole instead," decided Felix, who, shortly after, creamed my fuck hole and ass. I shot my seed by using his semen as lube.

How many times have I tannered a cock?