Real Peace

“Your eyes, your gaze, beautiful, from where did you get those eyes?”

The Arab prince I made love to at the beach, have asked me that as we were sitting naked close to each other. At that time we were partly in the water.

I wrote how I met him here:


“My family has been living here for over 200 years. Originally we came over from Persia. That’s where I got my eyes from. My late grandma, God rest her soul, also had eyes like mine, and so does my mom.”

He kept looking into my eyes; I looked back into his.

“So now you know where did I get my eyes from, where did you get your beautiful big cock from?”

He laughed

“It’s not so big, see?”

And he waved his marvelous black breeding tool. I could not wait for him to fuck me.

I still did not know that he will eventually.

Later on, when he was deep inside my love tunnel while I was riding him, someone came over to look at us.

I knew this guy.

He approached me once, and I told him that I am not interested. So, he knew there is no chance that I will let him join us.

Still, he walked over, to take a look at us.

“Shit, he is coming over,” the Arab prince told me.

“He will go away.”

“How do you know?”

“You will see.”

I stop riding his amazing cock but gently kept massaging it without moving using my powerful ass muscles. I played with his hairy balls at the same time. He pulled his head back and softly moaned since he was enjoying himself so much.

I looked straight into the eyes of this man who was coming over to look.

My eyes were full of hate.

It’s one thing if someone is “walking” on the beach. I give him the benefit of the doubt that he is going from point A to B. But, this guy came over to interfere.

He passed us by 20 feet and stood casually, looking north, pretending to be looking for something.

Then he turned around; I kept looking straight into his eyes, same hateful look. I was not going to let anyone ruin this beautiful sunset lovemaking with this fantastic stud.

It worked.

He left

“How did you do it?”

I looked deep into the eyes of my prince.

“Do you like my eyes, what do you see?”

That's not my hateful look

“I love your eyes; I see how sweet you are.”

“That’s not what he saw. He saw how hateful I could be, that’s why he left. Now keep fucking me please.”

Once we were done and walking towards the exit (yes, I need to tell you how we even started and how he ended up shooting his cream of love in my ass), our conversation turned to politics.

“Theon, there will never be peace between us. Our leaders and governments will never let it happen.”

“We have peace,” I told him, again looking deep into his black eyes, “We just spent two wonderful hours together.”

“You have to think big, not small.”

“Look, you have a big cock, so you think big,”

at that point, he jumped on me, laughed and kissed me,

“But this, what we have just done, is real peace. You, a Muslim from a small village and me, a Jew from a city, just spent two hours together. We made love; you loaded my ass with your cum. I shot my cum all over you; Now we are walking along, relaxed and happy.

We have peace with Jordan, can you imagine this happening in Jordan?

We don’t have official peace, but this is more than any written paper, this is real peace.”

Peace, in my view, is what happens between “small” people.

He is not the first Muslim that I made love to at the beach.

In a way, using my ass, I have brought more peace to this region than all the American envoys that have spent millions of U.S dollars trying to think big.

Peace starts from small steps, not big ones

Peace on you all


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