Raped @ 17 - Part 3

When I webcam with someone (it does not always involve showing my hole), guys often ask me about the ״movies״ in the background.

However, these are not movies.

What are they?

More about that below.

While driving to work yesterday, I was thinking about the older creature that raped me when I was 17. I have been thinking about the whole incident more during the last couple of days than the previous 25 years.

I wrote the first part a few days ago.

You can read it here:

Raped @ 17 - Part I

This blog post is the third part of my story.

But where is the second part?

I am still struggling with my emotions to be able to write the second part. Do people want to read the details of how this guy molested my body? I'm sure it will give readers an uneasy feeling to learn every detail.

It also gives me a jittery feeling, having to remember that frightful afternoon. Ever since I wrote the first part, more disgusting details surface back against my will.