Pursuing Happiness​

We take so many things for granted.

Of course, the main thing that we take for granted is our health. We only value it when we get sick.

My health is one of the things I will never take for granted ever again.

That is because about a year ago, some neurons in my right brain have decided to blow up. I have a painful reminder all day long that our health is the most precious thing that we have (or somewhat don't in my case).

But there is more than that.

Yesterday I got a very moving private message on my blog that I want to share with you:

"Hi, Theon, I simply mean that for isolated, in the closet, married 'gay aware' guys you provide valuable insight, a nourishing, cherishing touchstone for ideas, thoughts, aspirations, and hopes. I am married, and so must be discreet, careful, and so I am comparatively isolated. To be made aware through your lifestyle, comments, and encounters that there are alternative ways of being is not only enlightening and heart-warming, it also makes the 'forbidden' or 'unimagined' possible. Besides that, it helps keep me sane too."

For me, my free lifestyle is something that I take for granted more than anything.

Of course, I know that in all the countries around Israel, my way of living will get me hanged or stoned to death. But some things are like a slow death.

Not being able to be who you are is one of them.

I take for granted that I can be naked on my roof terrace and shower there (like in this photo).

Taking a shower on my roof is something that I do a lot during the summer

I take for granted that later I will be at the beach, naked.

I take for granted that most likely a guy will make love to my ass at the beach.

Hell, I even take for granted that I have a roof terrace at all. Most of my friends don't even own an apartment, not to mention a big one like mine.

I see and talk with many married guys at the beach.

Sometimes they fuck me.

Other times we talk. I see sadness and loneliness in their eyes.

But more than anything, I see their desire to be with another man and inside another man.

True, after they shoot their load in my ass or on my naked body, they regret it and want to rush back to their wives with guilt. But that only makes their situation even more tragic in my eyes.

After my sex partner and I have had our orgasm, we don't have a feeling of guilt. We are happy and relaxed. To experience something so beautiful as making love to another man and then feel guilty afterward is tragic in my view.

But the message this guy sent me, expressed in words precisely what I see in the eyes of the married guys that I engage sexually with.

I see it in their eyes when they seek an ass to satisfy their sexual hunger.

I feel it in their body language when we have sex. They are hungry, so hungry to feel another guy's bodily hair, cock, balls, and ass.

And most importantly, everything that he said becomes more apparent when their cum is still fresh on my body or leaking out of my hole. Then their hunger for sex turns into sadness.

Yes, I do take my lifestyle and freedom for granted.

That's part of being who I am.

That's the part of being free and happy. It's not only what I do with my body, but also how I think about it.

I can't advise someone who is married to a woman but seeks the company of men. Life is just too complicated to provide general advice for such a complicated situation.

I can only quote from the "United States Declaration of Independence" the famous sentence that talks about "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Pursuing happiness is your natural right. If your happiness involves a penis, then it is your right to pursue it.

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