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The hike and outdoor fuck that changed my life.

"You are a Greek god, and I want to immortalize your body with my art."

An artist that follows my blog sent me that feedback in response to this photo:

I get a lot of compliments from blog followers.

To deny that it makes me feel good would be a lie. However, all people with whom I chat either on Skype or via other means can testify that none of such praises have changed me.

I'm always friendly, pleasant and treat every person with respect and dignity.

Apart from compliments, I also get a lot of thank-you messages. Many guys share with me how much my blog has helped them deal with their struggle to find love and intimacy with other men.

Here's one testimony:

"Thanks for sharing your male and sexual beauty, Theon.
Both in stories and pictures, it is greatly appreciated and has helped put me so much more in-touch with my sexuality."

Even though I'm used to being complimented about my looks, I got a compliment this week that left me speechless:

"Theon, wow, what an amazing new photo! You are so hot!!!"

Why was I astonished by this hot guy's compliment?

The person giving me this compliment is a new co-worker.

He gave me his appreciation in response to this photo:

It's my new WhatsApp profile photo.

I was shocked because, according to him, he's straight. However, I don't think that a straight guy would ever compliment another guy in this manner, especially if the other person is gay.

Yesterday, I hosted a dinner party with several close friends (2 women, four guys, and Felix). I asked them what they thought about his compliment.

Here are some of their responses:

  • He's gay.

  • He's totally gay.

  • He's probably also a bottom.

  • You are so naive! Can you not see that he wants to have sex with you?

I hope they are right because he's 28, adorable, and very sexy. He's also funny, and we talk a lot about topics unrelated to our profession.

I think he's a bit in love with me, but the most he can hope for is for us to fuck (many times). Cute and funny though he is, it's not going to change this fundamental fact:

I'm madly in love with my boyfriend - Felix.

Felix is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Felix is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

We are about to celebrate our first anniversary.

It's hard to believe that we've been together for a year. When I try to remember my life before I'd fallen in love with Felix, it all seems like a blur.

How did we become friends, then lovers, and finally boyfriends?

I've known Felix for several years before he became my ass's primary sperm donor.

We were both vegan activists.

I could never fall in love with someone who supports criminals like dairy farmers
I could never fall in love with someone who supports criminals like dairy farmers

On becoming lovers, he told me that he'd always wanted us to date or at least fuck but was afraid to try his luck because (in his own words):

"I thought that, because you're so hot, you wouldn't be interested in me."

I asked Felix "Why didn't you at least try talking with me about it?"

I wasn't surprised by his answer because I know I give this false impression:

"You always seemed so intimidating."

And what about me?

What was I thinking of Felix all these years?

I used to see him occasionally during demonstrations and gatherings. We spoke a few times but only briefly.

Why didn't I try to date him or at least have sex with him?

Each time I saw Felix, I was coupled (in an open relationship, of course), dating or enjoying being single. So I never thought of dating him.

As for offering him my ass, I was sure that Felix was a bottom, just like me. I'd seen him with other guys before we started dating. Each guy he was with seemed like a typical top: muscular, hairy, butch.

Sometimes I have sex with bottoms at the nudist beach. But when it comes to inviting someone to my bed, I want that person to be interested in making love to my ass and leave my cock alone.

I was certain Felix wouldn't pay any attention to my horny hole.

After a year and countless fucks, this notion seems silly because, except for one occasion when I fucked him, he's been fucking me a few times every week.

However, two days ago, I saw Felix in a new light.

It was the first time that we had sex with another guy.

It was also the first time that I saw someone fucking Felix, and I was surprised to find out:

  • how much it turned me on to see him getting fucked.

  • how much he enjoyed it.

Who was this guy who fucked both of us?

Our incredible sex with him deserves a blog post of its own. But for now, I'll share with you that it was my 20-year-old fuck buddy with whom I've been fucking since he was 16.

During our 2.5 hours of fucking, I was shocked to see that Felix is a much more professional bottom than I am. The stud fucking him, two nights ago, had never pounded my ass with such force and for so long. He has a huge cock, and I can't get fucked so forcefully.

However, Felix's screams while his ass was getting hammered were a testimony that his hole was having a terrific time serving my young soldier.

I should have known that Felix has a strong bottom side as well.

Felix has an incredibly smooth ass
Felix has an incredibly smooth ass

I teased him the morning after during breakfast:

"I'm going to call you "SB" from now on since you are a super bottom!"

Felix smiled.

"I’ve told you all along that I’m vers."

"Indeed, but you are a much better bottom than I've ever been, and you like it too. I didn't realize that getting fucked is something that you enjoy so much."

I brought this topic to the breakfast table because I was afraid Felix is sexually frustrated since he never enjoys my thick cock in his sexy ass.

My cock doesn't want to get inside Felix's hot ass

I know I my cock was made for fucking, but it's not my thing.
I know I my cock was made for fucking, but it's not my thing.

Felix smiled again:

"It's OK, love. I know you prefer to get fucked, and your ass is heaven. Other guys take care of my ass.
I don't expect you to fuck me from now on. Everything's OK, honestly."

After breakfast, we tried to decide on what date we should celebrate our anniversary.

Why is there a reason for the confusion?

Don't we know when we went on our first date?

We don't have a fixed date because we never went on a first date. As I explained above, we'd known each other for several years before becoming lovers and then boyfriends.

Last night, at the dinner party, my friends asked me the same question: "When will you celebrate your anniversary?"

We could have picked several events to mark it:

  • Our first kiss

  • The first time we made out

  • The first time we were naked together.

  • The first time we fucked.

  • The first time we fucked, and he loaded my ass with cum.

The problem is that all of these five happy events happened on the same night.

Felix came over to my place for the first time over a year ago.

I invited Felix for a dinner date in the hope of him fucking me later
I invited Felix for a dinner date in the hope of him fucking me later

It was also the first time we kissed, made out, and the first time I saw him naked.

When I'd seen his sexy naked body and thick cock, I knew I had to have him fuck my ass and seed it that very night. But I wasn't in love with him then; I just wanted to feel him shooting cum in my ass.

I was relieved to discover that Felix's penis gets even thicker and larger when erect.

I enjoy milking every last drop from his beautiful balls
I enjoy milking every last drop from his beautiful balls

After it was over and Felix returned to his apartment, I still wasn't in love with him.

I didn't even consider making him a fuck buddy.

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Felix didn't seem to be the fuck buddy type. I knew that he was looking for a relationship (an open relationship to be more exact).

Looking back, I believe that our first outdoor fuck was when something started to change in my heart. Of course, it wasn't the act of Felix fucking me outdoors.

I often get fucked at the nudist beach.

Two guys had taken turns at fucking me that afternoon.
Two guys had taken turns at fucking me that afternoon.

What was so special about that hike that made me view Felix as more than an occasional sex partner?

It was the first time we'd spent a few hours together alone, neither at my place nor his. We had to deal with each other without having the option to say "I'm tired" or doing something alone like browsing or listening to music.

It took more than another month before Felix told me "I love you." But that afternoon, in retrospect, changed my life.

A year ago, after the hike was over, I wrote a blog post about it and how Felix had fucked me for the first time outdoors.

Reading it brings so much warmth to my heart and a feeling of nostalgia.

It was before CV-19, before we became madly in love, before I saw Felix getting fucked for the first time 😝

I hope you enjoy reading it (again or for the first time):


My week has been fabulous.

Yes, there was blood and sweat, but also lots of cum. Some of the cum was in my body, and some of it on my body. Some of it my own, and some of it of the "old-new" guy I started dating - Felix.

How did I really get to know him? That's a story that belongs to another blog post. But we have known each other for several years.

We are quite different.

One thing we differ about is our approach to nudity and sexuality.

Felix is much more conservative. Many years ago, he was at the nudist beach but quickly concluded that the atmosphere (sexual) and being naked in public was not his thing.

What's worse: Felix hates the nudist beach because it's part of a nature reserve.

There are no facilities of any kind (toilets, showers, food, etc.)

Felix hates the fact he can't take a shower after taking a dip.

If Felix decides to come with me to the nudist beach and get naked, there is unquestionably no chance he will make love to my ass. Not unless I can find a space where no one will witness our lovemaking.

That's why I was looking for a cave when I hiked with him this Sunday.

I wanted us to fuck in that cave.

I thought it would bring us closer if Felix fucked me outdoors. I also wanted him to be more relaxed about sexuality and being naked.

Because that's how I am, I was afraid we would stop dating if Felix got tired of me being naked and promiscuous in public.

The cave was 5.5 miles from where I'd parked my car, so we had quite a walk to get to it.

While hiking, I teased Felix a lot with my horny ass. Most of the time, I hiked wearing only a jock or took my cock out.

The first time I stripped was after two miles when we got far away from civilization.

You can tell by my smile that I felt happy being naked.
You can tell by my smile that I felt happy being naked.

Felix felt awkward at first because he was attracted to me, and yet the thought of him also stripping outdoors was so foreign to him. I knew Felix wouldn't feel comfortable naked because we could still see the nearby (albeit distant) community.

It didn’t worry me that they could see my hole. In any case, they would have needed a telescope to zoom on my colorful anus from that distance.

After two more miles of hiking and walking butt-naked next to Felix, he calmed down. More accurately, he'd calmed down, but his cock got very excited and hard.

I bent over many times so he could see my sweaty ass clearly. He came over behind me after one of those occasions, started caressing my ass, and then slid his fingers inside my crack and played with my smooth hole.

I moaned and pressed my ass against his fingers. I was signaling him that I wanted him to start finger-fucking me.

Felix kept running his fingers over my love hole and whispered "Your incredible ass is driving me crazy. You know that, right?"

It was so cute: He was whispering as if people could hear us.

"Really? I hadn't noticed." Then I grabbed his right palm and forced his fingers to press hard on my sweaty hole.

"Damn you; I want to fuck you so bad."

Felix continued playing with my sensitive hole in this position while I moaned from sheer pleasure.

Then I rose, turned around, and kissed him while Felix grabbed my ass and pushed his fingers into my crack. I tried unzipping his jeans. I could tell he was hard and that his cock was begging to see the light and say hello to my ass.

Felix put an end to my attempts to release his breeding tool.

"No, not here. Are you crazy?"

Felix had way too many clothes for what I was planning to do.
Felix had way too many clothes for what I was planning to do.

That was a funny remark considering that his fingers were still exploring my hole. But I guess for him, me being naked was reasonable, and him getting his cock out to fuck me was "crazy."

He had a point because every once in a while, Thai workers were passing by.

The path was adjacent to fields, vineyards, and sometimes also a paved road. Occasionally we heard people or cheering families. Once I had to dress in a hurry, but I wasn't fast enough, and so a religious family with kids got a peek of my smooth ass.

At that point, though, I didn't care if someone saw us fucking.

I was so horny, and I couldn't think of anything better to do than getting fucked by this beautiful stud I was hiking with.

We stopped fooling with each other and kept on hiking. I allowed Felix to keep his breeding tool in his jeans for now.

However, from here on, my ass couldn't escape his hungry fingers.

I no longer needed to bend to tease him. He would stop me from walking so that he could play with my ass and the straps of my jock.