The hike and outdoor fuck that changed my life.

"You are a Greek god, and I want to immortalize your body with my art."

An artist that follows my blog sent me that feedback in response to this photo:

I get a lot of compliments from blog followers.

To deny that it makes me feel good would be a lie. However, all people with whom I chat either on Skype or via other means can testify that none of this praise has changed me.

I'm always friendly, pleasant and treat every person with respect and dignity.

Apart from compliments, I also get a lot of thank-you messages. Many guys share with me how much my blog has helped them deal with their struggle to find love and intimacy with other men.

Here's one testimony:

"Thanks for sharing your male and sexual beauty, Theon.
Both in stories and pictures, it is greatly appreciated and has helped put me so much more in-touch with my sexuality."

Even though I'm used to being complimented about my looks, I got a compliment this week that left me speechless:

"Theon, wow, what an amazing new photo! You are so hot!!!"

Why was I astonished by this hot guy's compliment?

The person giving me this compliment is a new co-worker.

He gave me his appreciation in response to this photo:

It's my new WhatsApp profile photo.

I was shocked because, according to him, he's straight. However, I don't think that a straight guy would ever compliment another guy in this manner, especially if the other person is gay.

Yesterday, I hosted a dinner party with several close friends (2 women, four guys, and Felix). I asked them what they thought about his compliment.

Here are some of their responses:

  • He's gay.

  • He's totally gay.</