Opera in Bed

Sunday evening Dean and I made love for over 3 hours. He was attentive, sweet, caring, and delivered a huge load of cum into my ass.

Initially, I was planning to fuck with him several times this week (he had a week off from the army).

However, despite several messages from him, I did not meet with him since Sunday. I preferred to wank and make a video of it. While shooting my load, I imagined my beautiful German friend making love to my ass. The only reason I did not say his name loud while having my orgasm was to protect his anonymity.

I have added the shooting video to the bottom of this post.

Why did I not want Dean to fuck me again?

Let me start by explaining that I am an absolute bottom.

On average, once a year, I fuck someone. Not because I want to, but because he wishes it after he fucks me.

I have no problem fucking an ass; it feels great.

However, it pales in comparison to the feeling of a guy making love to my ass. The passion of a guy deeply entering my body while holding my ass or kissing my neck drives me insane.