Opera in Bed

Sunday evening Dean and I made love for over 3 hours. He was attentive, sweet, caring, and delivered a huge load of cum into my ass.

Initially, I was planning to fuck with him several times this week (he had a week off from the army).

However, despite several messages from him, I did not meet with him since Sunday. I preferred to wank and make a video of it. While shooting my load, I imagined my beautiful German friend making love to my ass. The only reason I did not say his name loud while having my orgasm was to protect his anonymity.

I have added the shooting video to the bottom of this post.

Why did I not want Dean to fuck me again?

Let me start by explaining that I am an absolute bottom.

On average, once a year, I fuck someone. Not because I want to, but because he wishes it after he fucks me.

I have no problem fucking an ass; it feels great.

However, it pales in comparison to the feeling of a guy making love to my ass. The passion of a guy deeply entering my body while holding my ass or kissing my neck drives me insane.

Anal sex, I am getting fucked
Me enjoying a guy fucking me deeply

Dean, my 20 years old fuck body, has been making love to my ass for over a year. Dean is originally from the States and came over here to volunteer in the army.

How does he look like?

He is adorable and sweet.

He is shorter than me (I'm 6'). Dean's upper body is lean and naturally smooth, but his legs are hairy, and his ass is a garden of beautiful soft hair. Dean has a baby face with beautiful blue eyes.

How's his cock?

Not the biggest, but what it lacks in length, it compensates in girth. It is massively thick.

Zoom on my hard cock
That's my cock, Dean's is 2/3 in length but thicker

Dean and I go back four years.

Four years ago, he sent me a message expressing his desire to fuck me. He was a virgin at that time. When he confessed that he was only 16, I asked him why does he want to fuck a guy so much older than him.

I remember his answer quite well: "I want my first bottom to be someone experienced and sexy like you. I want it to be something special."

I told him that I'd be happy to give him my ass, but only once he turns 18.

"But it's legal," was his response.

He was right.

However, Dean looks even today much younger than 20, because of his baby face. At 16, he looked like a kid. That would have felt weird to let him fuck me.

He tried again when he was 17, and I gave him the same answer.

I did not hear back from him for two years. About a year ago, he sent me a message. He was no longer a virgin. Our first fuck was terrific. Dean turned out to be a fantastic lover and a fabulous top.

"Why did you not contact me once you turned 18?", I asked him.

"I was so mad at you all these years for not letting me lose my virginity with you.", was his funny and cute answer.

During the last year, we have been fucking every few weeks. Dean is in the army, and it is hard to find the time when we can meet. During the summer, I get most of my anal fun at the beach anyway.

I got a message from him this Sunday: "I have a week off from the army, and I want to be in your ass as much as possible."

I thought that was extra cute. We chatted most of that day. It's been a few weeks since he fucked me, and I longed to feel his passionate hairy legs behind me.

Around noon he sent me a surprising message:

"Do you want me to shave my ass and my hole? I want you to rim my hole because no one did it to me before. Perhaps you prefer my hole smooth like yours."

I was mortified.

Sure, I'd love to rim him.

But his hairy ass is to die for. It is so damn sexy. Besides, what kind of a top wants to shave his hole?

I could already tell during the last year that he was drifting towards becoming a bottom. There were small but definite signs. He kept wanting me to devote more time to his ass than his cock.

"Don't you dare," I told him," Your hairy ass is so fucking sexy. You know it drives me wild when I am holding your ass while you are fucking me".

I did not want to tell him that if he shaves his hole, it will become much more sensitive. My hole is naturally smooth, and it feels more delicate than my cock.

So, he wanted me to rim him, and he also wanted to shave his ass and his hole. I'd say those are three points that make him more of a bottom.

A few hours before he showed up, he sent this photo of me with the text on WhatsApp:

He wrote in Hebrew: "I miss your ass" and added 😍😍😍😍😍😍. I sent him this photo during the summer. The English text is also his.

I secretly released a sigh of relief. He is still a top.

When he came over, at 7:30 PM, I was wearing my sweat pants, jocks, and a t-shirt. After he kissed me, he made me turned around and place my hands on the kitchen countertop.

Then with one forceful pull, he pulled down my sweat pants but kept my jocks. Then he spread my smooth cheeks and started licking and eating my love hole. I started moaning from pure ecstasy. He kept eating my hole and fingering it for a couple of minutes.

I felt in heaven.

What an amazing top!

"God, I missed your smooth ass so badly," he said from time to time when stopping to breathe.

He spanked my ass a few times, kissed it all over, and then pulled my pants back up.

"Now, let us smoke a joint"

We went to the second floor and went out to my roof terrace. When I was smoking, Dean pulled down my pants again and gave me a blow job. It was magical to smoke weed and feel my cock being sucked at the same time (even though I don't like getting a blowjob). When I handed over the cigarette back to him, I did the same thing to him. It was a bit harder to get his cock out of his jeans, but eventually, he was face fucking me.

We took turns doing that a few times, and he also smoked weed and ate my hole at the same time.

"Dean, you are such a terrific lover," I told him when I stopped moaning for a second.

We continued making out in my rooftop jacuzzi.

Although it rained, It was so romantic and sensual. Dean came on top of me, and I hugged his hairy ass with my legs and raised my hole towards his hard cock. He kept kissing me the entire time and teased my hole with his cock.

His amazing touch and gentle kisses made me more than ever eager to submit to his thick cock. I was just about to turn around in doggie and let him fuck me. But then he whispered in my ear: "I want you to lick my hole, please."

The scale towards him being a bottom has tipped again.

He placed himself in doggie and raised his ass. His hairy button-like hole was so beautiful; I dived in with my tongue.

His vocal response made him sound more bottom than I am when I get fucked. Here was a guy that his hole was begging to be licked and fucked; there was no doubt in it. His high pitch moans made him sound like an opera singer.

"Boy, you do know how to rim an ass.", he told me.

While I enjoyed giving him so much pleasure, my cock voted against it. It became soft.

It was not the act of rimming, but the fact he became feminine. I have no problem with feminine guys, but for sex, I want my guy to be masculine and not yell like an opera singer.

I am the one who is supposed to make the opera voices while making love!

I needed to change the scene.

"Let's go downstairs," I told him, "My ass needs you badly."

"Just a second, I think I found something delightful."

He found the best jacuzzi jet to stimulate your anus and positioned his ass above it. Soon after, he started making the opera voices again. I couldn't blame him because I use that particular jet every day. It feels incredible on your anus.

"OK, enough," I told him, "It's time for you to give some attention to my hole as well."

When we got to my bed, after rolling and kissing forever, he positioned himself on his stomach and spread his legs.

"Spank me, Theon," he whispered in a soft feminine voice.

It was such a contradiction. In front of me was this gorgeous hairy ass of a top, but Dean was whispering in the most seductive feminine voice, begging to be spanked.

What did I do?

Hell, I spanked him.

Dean kept screaming and begging to be spanked more. The opera house of Berlin missed such an incredible singer, but at least my neighbors got a beautiful opera performance.

I rubbed my hard cock on his hairy crack and hot hole.

"You want it? Do you need my thick cock?

"Yes, please, oh yes"

"Are you a slut bottom?"

"Yes, Theon, I'm your slut bottom"

Talking like that to a guy and expressing my desire to fuck him in such a dominant fashion, is so not me. I like a guy to talk like that to me!

But, he was enjoying it so much that I went along with it.

"Please, Theon," he screamed, "I need your huge cock."

I kept slapping his ass and his hole with my cock and spanking him. However, the moment I tried pushing even a bit of my thick cock inside of him, he yelled (as expected), and said that it's too painful.

Legs raised, showing my anus and my hard cock
I knew that his virgin ass will never be able to take my thick cock

That was the reaction I was hoping for.

I left Dean's red ass cheeks, laid on my stomach and spread my legs.

"I'm not going to have any problem taking your thick cock in my ass, so you better come over here!"

I held his hard cock in my hand and kept raising my ass up and then lowering it down. The result was that his cock went in and out of my ass. Each time it went in, I squeezed my ass muscles. Dean was moaning loud. Now he was no longer an opera singer but rather a powerful caveman, wanting to dominate me.

He moved my hand aside, pushed my ass down, put both his hand on my smooth ass cheeks, and started fucking me with deep, slow movements. This was the Dean that I remembered. Gone was the opera singer, and I wished never to see her again.

Dean fucked me like that, then in doggie, then with my legs on his shoulders, later on, on my side. A few times, he stopped, and I felt a quick burst of cum leaking out of his cock. Then he kept fucking, using the cum inside of me as a lubricant.

After 45 minutes, we were both sweatings, laying on our backs, and hugging each other. We still did not cum.

I was happy that I was able to drive the opera singer away. If he had stopped fucking me and asked me to spank him again, I would have said no. One time was enough!

But he didn't.

We kept caressing each other. I held Dean's beautiful hard cock; then, we pressed against each other for a long time, two hard cocks yearning to shoot. His hands were holding my ass cheeks firm. I stayed away from his ass and his hole. The opera singer was sleeping, there was no point to wake her up.

I broke out of his strong hug and pushed him, so he was now on his back. I felt it was time for me to ride his cock.

When I did, I saw the absolute pleasure on his innocent young face. I was getting very close, and I shot a burst of cum without touching my cock. The feeling of his thick cock pressed against my prostate was all that was needed.

I tasted my sweet cum and gave some to Dean, then I took Dean's cock out of my ass, lubed it with my cum, and pushed it back in.

"Theon, make a sea of cum on my body" Dean whispered.

Even though I was so close to cum, I could not but think that this is also something that a bottom would say.

"You asked for it," I told him,

I started riding his cock with force and playing with mine while squeezing his cock with my ass muscles tighter and tighter until I screamed.

I heard his loud voice of surprise as I kept shooting cum all over his smooth upper body. I did not cream his face because he wanted all my cum on his body.

When I was done, I kept his extra hard cock in my ass because he did not cum yet.

"Finger fuck my hole with your cum, and I will cum in your ass," Dean said.

When I pushed my cum into this ass (with one finger, he could not take two), he started with that high pitch voice again. I don't think I ever finger fucked a guy with my cum while he was shooting his load in me. I'd say that this is another sign that Dean is drifting towards bottom-land.

Bottom-land or not, I could feel Dean's cock erupting in my ass, it was so awesome.

Once again, we were next to each other. Dean's cum was in my ass, and a tiny bit of my cum in his ass (clearly not as deeply). The rest of my cum was on his upper body.

And there was lots of it.

"Theon, I'm leaking all over your bed," Dean laughed.

"Your cum is leaking out of my ass, so worry not about cum leaking in this bed. This bed has seen so much cum."

"Ough, do I want to know that? how long did you have this bed?"

I've had this bed for 15 years, but I bought it used. The frame is 21 years old. It's made of real wood, and I bought it for a minimal price compared to what I would have paid for a new one.

I told that to Dean.

My hard cock
My bed has seen so many hard cocks...

"Your bed is older than me," he laughed, and that made more of my cum spillover to the side. I started licking my cum from his left side, and he laughed again: "You are tickling me."

I let him take a shower by himself. After over three hours of exploring every inch of each other's bodies, I wanted some time to myself. I enjoyed watching his beautiful hairy ass as he paraded into the shower. He also did not offer me to join; I guess he felt the same way.

While he was showering, I showered upstairs. Before entering the shower, I squeezed my soft cock and milked my prostate with my ass muscles. There was still lots of cum as you can see:

My cock, leaking cum
My cock, leaking cum

I came back to bed just in time when he got out of the shower.

"Come in," I told him, "You don't need to dress up so quickly."

We stayed naked in bed for another 30 minutes. We were not horny, but we kissed gently from time to time. I gently massaged his balls, and he caressed my hole and my ass.

It felt so beautiful.

After 30 minutes, he told me: "I almost exclusively have sex solely with you. I hate sex dates. What we are doing right now would never have happened on a sex date. Two seconds after the other guy cums, he wants me out of his flat."

Then half of his smooth upper body was on top of me, and we kissed for a long time.

"You want a joint? I have another one."

Since I don't smoke in bed, we dressed up and went outside to my balcony. I have a large Weber grill on my balcony. I bought it when I was still burning body parts and later eating them.

Dean pointed at the grill: "I guess you don't use that much any longer, being vegan and all."

I never talk about veganism with sex dates or fuck bodies. There is no point. I meet with guys so we can stimulate each other, not so we can debate about issues. But this time, he brought up the subject.

"Why did you become vegan?" he asked.

"You know, the usual reasons, all the suffering, and pain that animals endure. I am sure you know about it."

He took a long suck out of the joint.

"Yeah, sure I know about it, but meat is so yummy," and then he made a sound with his lips to demonstrate it.

To me, it ruined the entire evening.

Yes, I know that most people are cruel like him; I am not blind. However, when he expressed his total indifference to these crimes, and also in front of me, I suddenly saw him in a differnt light.

Suddenly he was not so cute any longer. I saw him as an egocentric, selfish person who cares only about his next meal regardless of the innocent beings that are going to be tortured and then murdered.

When a person says, "but meat is so yummy," it is like a person who rapes somebody and justifies his disgusting acts by declaring, "but, he/she were so sexy." It is like somebody who murders another person and explains his crimes by saying, "but he/she a lot of money."

And so on.

The bottom line is, there is no justification for your selfish desires, no matter what they are if another being is going to lose his life, get raped, tortured (and so on) to satisfy them.

Here is a photo of the many innocent victims that I have documented over the years. He is just a baby, stolen from his mother by a sadistic demon we call a "farmer". He will spend a few months of living, alone in a filthy cage before being sent to a death camp.

"but meat is so yummy"

As for Dean, he can't claim ignorance about these facts; no one in Israel can.

In Israel, veganism is a significant movement. 22% of Israelis are vegans/vegetarians. 12% of Israeli soldiers are vegan. For someone young and smart like Dean to talk like a cruel, selfish idiot, was a huge turn off for me.

He sent me a message twice this week, hinting that he wishes to come over so we can fuck again. Each time, I told him that I'm too busy.

I'm not saying that I will never meet him again.

I'm a guy, and like all guys, when I'm extra horny and in my case dying to get fucked, I tend to forget about a lot of things. I wish I could have sex only with vegans, but that is still not a realistic possibility.

But, at least this week, I preferred to masturbate and to share it with you.

I'm sure you don't mind it that much...


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