On Being Racist

Ten days ago, there were racial riots in Israel. It was the first time that such riots ever happened. It all started with a policeman killing an 18-year-old Ethiopian Jew. Ethiopian Jews are easily recognized because they have a dark skin color.

A photo from the riots

I am not going to write about it.

If you are interested, you can check the news. I will only say that I don’t believe that the fact the rioters were hurting innocent civilians helped in achieving their political and civic goals.

But I do want to talk about the fact that some people are racist.

Last Wednesday, after spending time at the nude beach, I had dinner with a friend of mine, and we have discussed this issue. We discussed it because, after the riots, some Ethiopian Jews talked about how they were mistreated because of their skin color.

I was ashamed to hear their stories.

One of them is a doctor, and she was called to help deliver a baby. The father chased her out of the delivery room and yelled at her:

“A fucking nigger will not help deliver my baby.”

That was the worst example. But there were others as well.

I am a white guy, so I have never experienced that kind of racial hate towards me.

My mom, though, is a Spanish Jew. Not only is she a Spanish Jew, but she is also a sort of nobility. She is the 7th generation in Israel, and she can trace her family roots to Spain of 1492.

But Israel was founded by Jews who came from Europe, and they looked down on Spanish Jews. At that time, they were considered “Black.” Till this very day, she remembers with pain, that her best friend, whose mom was from Poland, was no longer allowed to play with her because she was “black.”

My mom was seven years old at that time.

I can’t understand why anyone would treat a person differently just because of his skin color.

Maybe I am weird, but this whole concept of being racists is so alien to me that I can’t even try to understand it. To me, it is like trying to understand someone who wears a coat and opens an umbrella in the blazing heat of August.

I have never treated anyone differently based on his race.

Wait that is not accurate.

Based on my sexual experience, I know that black people tend to have bigger cocks. So, I usually treat them much sweeter because I hope to have their black cock making love to my white ass.

I will finish this post with a fact that probably most of you don’t know: Moses, the most prominent leader of the Jewish people, married a black woman.

Moses was not racists.

And neither should you be

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