Older lovers are not always better than younger ones.

Here's a video of me playing with my hard cock moments before yelling and shooting my seed (the shooting video is also in this blog post):

I didn't expect to experience a third satisfying orgasm last weekend.

On Thursday, I'd had intense lovemaking with my boyfriend, and on Friday it was young Adam's turn to load my ass twice with his hot juicy DNA. Therefore I thought that on Saturday I'd let my balls re-stock on new cum supply for the coming week.

What inspired me to milk my cock again last night?

The video is also in this blog post
The video is also in this blog post

I always sleep naked and wake up on my stomach.

This combination ensures that my cock is extra hard every morning.

This Saturday morning was no exception.

My cock stays hard like that until I get up
My cock stays hard like that until I get up

As you can see, my cock was hard and ready to shoot again, but I wasn't that horny after I'd had so much fun with Adam, a sexy 19-year-old soldier from Jerusalem, the evening before.

We've been chatting for several weeks.

On Friday, he returned home from the army, and a few hours later came over to my place. He is taller than me (I'm 6'), has beautiful hairy legs, somewhat hairy chest, and his overall looks are both sexy and adorable at the same time.

He shot his cum in my ass twice on Saturday.

The first time happened very quickly.

Adam's cock was only beginning to explore the wonders and pleasures that my experienced ass can offer. After five minutes of fucking me in doggie, while the jacuzzi bubbles were all around us, he suddenly yelled, stopped pounding my ass, and I felt loads of hot cum splashing inside my ass.

"I'm sorry," he said with an embarrassed smile, "I got so excited from finally fucking you."

I turned around, and we hugged and kissed. Then he rested his head on my chest, and I caressed his entire upper body and gently played with his balls until his cock got hard again and was ready to take another tight tour inside my demanding ass.

His second orgasm took much longer to materialize but was much more rewarding for both of us. Adam took extraordinary care of my entire body (including the much-desired hole eating) before creaming my ass again, this time in my large bed.

I was looking at his beautiful face, my legs resting on his shoulders.

Adam yelled loudly like a wild animal while he was fucking me. His hairy legs were pushing his thick cock as deep as possible into my white ass while shooting another round of delicious white man-juice.

I know that his cum was delicious because the second time, I also tasted it.

Even though my cock was hard on Saturday morning, I enjoyed only caressing it. I felt the softness of my used hole and moaned softly like a satisfied pussycat.

It was a beautiful warm Saturday after several days of rain. And so I decided to go to the nudist beach.

I also considered hiking naked with Luka as I do every winter.

However, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to be naked at the beach. Who knows when it's going to be warm again?

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It was a brilliant idea.

When Luka saw me taking down the beach backpack, her excitement had no boundaries. I too was excited. It was a chance to be naked at the place I like the most in Israel and perhaps in the entire world.

I didn't expect to get fucked this time, though.

I suspected that there would be fewer than 30 people at the beach (and I was right). In any case, I wasn't looking for anal play. I wasn't that horny after Felix and Adam had taken such outstanding care of my thirsty hole the two nights before.

While walking on the dirt road that leads to the beach, I was offered a chance to have my first beach fuck of the winter. The offer came from a guy with whom I fuck once or twice each beach season.

I don't know his name because his lips are tighter than my ass.

I only know a few details about him:

  • He's married with kids.

  • He lives 60 miles north of the nudist beach.

  • He's in his 50s.

And, most importantly, he has a colossal thick cock attached to a sexy, hairy body.

He knows very well how to seduce me until I let him empty his balls inside my muscular ass. He is straightforward (pun intended) since we've known each other for about seven years.

When we meet, he doesn't waste time with small talk.

Instead, he usually grabs my smooth ass immediately.

And that was precisely what he did while walking behind me two days ago.

I stopped for a second to get little stones out of my sandals, and then his long fingers pulled my shorts down along with my jock and grabbed my sensitive ass cheeks.

"I've missed your hot ass. It's been such a long time since you let me fuck you. Will you give me your smooth hole today?"

To emphasize his intentions, he caressed my left ass cheek. While doing so, he pushed his fingers into my smooth crack and was about to start playing with my love hole.

I knew that he would begin finger-fucking me shortly after.

My hole was sweaty from the heat; he could have easily shoved two or even three fingers deep into my ass had I let him.

Frankly, I'd missed him too.

He fucks gently and roughly at the same time, and his hairy balls store a huge amount of semen.

I also like how he talks about my ass and hole while he is fucking me. He uses sentences such as "I like your tight warm cunt, do you like my hard cock fucking you? Say it!!!" etc.

The other thing that I like about him is that he shows no interest whatsoever in my thick cock. That suits me fine because I want the person using my ass to focus only on my love hole.

I can take care of my own cock.

He also prefers to fuck me when I'm on my stomach, legs spread as in this photo.

Alternatively, if I want to hasten his orgasm, I close my legs and tighten my grip on his thick brown cock.

I'm sure that he likes to pound my ass in this position (or sometimes in doggie) because it helps him pretend that he isn't fucking a muscular guy but instead his wife. His behavior after he pulls his cock out of my used hole suggests this assumption.

After he shouts and shoots cum into my ass, he's out of my sight even before I've had a chance to stand and ejaculate. Therefore he's never seen my facial expression when I orgasm.

You can see my facial expression when I orgasm in this video:

He treats my ass like a used condom once he's satisfied, and that's the only reason why I sometimes hesitate to let him have my ass.

After he leaves, I use his cum that leaks out of my hole as lube to reach a mind-blowing orgasm, after which I sometimes have a bitter aftertaste.

I rarely allow a guy who behaves like that to use my ass more than once.

Most guys aren't so selfish and gladly help me orgasm even after they've had theirs. Usually, they enjoy seeing me shoot cum all over myself.

I took his greedy fingers out of my crack and pulling my jock and shorts up, said: "Not today, sorry, I'm not that horny."

Instead of using my ass at the beach, I used my mind.

I read Thomas Sowell's book: "The Quest for Cosmic Justice."

It is an incredible political science book. If you read it, I'm confident that it will change your way of thinking about the meaning of "Justice," especially so-called "Social Justice."

For me, the beach isn't just a place where I'm naked and sometimes suck cock. I also like playing with Luka, laughing with friends, drinking beer, smoking weed, and it's my favorite place to read books.

And so, I sat next to Luka and read for two hours.

Some guys passed by and stared at my naked body. I knew that they were horny, but that afternoon, my brain was hornier than my ass.

When I got back to my apartment, I slept for nearly two hours. The sun had worn me out. Shortly after waking up, Adam sent me a WhatsApp message:

"Hi, sexy! How do you feel about two guys fucking you? I can bring another top and both of us would fuck your smooth man-hole."

When I read Adam's message, my body was still warm from the sun at the beach.

Therefore I sat naked in my office/game room.

Still sleepy but starting to get horny again
Still sleepy but starting to get horny again

I was surprised to hear from him less than a day after our lovemaking. However, his idea was compelling. I started to feel a tingling sensation in my cock and inside my ass on thinking about it.

It's been a long time since two guys took turns fucking me.

Felix, my boyfriend, is my ass's primary sperm donor.

He always makes sure I'm never so horny that I need two guys to satisfy me.
He always makes sure I'm never so horny that I need two guys to satisfy me.

"Are you willing to share my ass with another guy?" I teased Adam.

He replied "🤣🤣🤣" adding, "It has always been a fantasy of mine to fuck a hot guy like you when his ass is full of cum. So I need another guy to shoot in your hole first."

I'd figured that he'd be searching for that elusive top so I went to my movie room (still naked) and played the PlayStation for several hours.

Around 11 PM, Adam got in touch and started discussing (with me) the possible candidates:

"Theon, even though I'm young, I prefer older guys like you. I know several guys in their 40s that will gladly fuck you. Do you have a problem if I bring over a guy who is that old, or are you only attracted to younger guys like me?"

That was an odd question.

I don't mind how old a guy is. I only care about his looks and if we are compatible in bed.

"I don't care if he is 400!" I told Adam. "As long as he's fit like you and fucks as amazingly as you do. Besides, like you, I too am more attracted to older men."

His response was: "Lol, you are sweet. OK, well, I know a guy that isn't fit, but he likes to fuck hard and has a huge cock, even bigger than mine. Would that be good enough for you?"

I hate it when guys treat my ass like a wall that they need to breach. I prefer sensual, gentle fucking followed by ass pounding and kissing.

The fact that this guy's cock was huge and that he likes to fuck hard meant only one thing: I'll never let him near my delicate hole.

"You fucked me for a long time yesterday," I reminded Adam. "You know that I don't like it rough. Besides, if he's not fit, I won't be attracted to him!"

"Well, Theon, it's tricky," he replied, "Do you think it's easy to find men in their 40s or older who are in shape?"

"Yesterday your cock spent a long time inside a fit guy who is in his 40s’ was my witty response.

He sent me a "😀, " followed by: "And it felt so wonderful fucking you, especially when I loaded your sweet ass with cum."

"But you are unique, Theon; you have an unbelievable body, especially for your age."

He kept on giving me sweet compliments: "I admire you so much for that."

"After you sent me your nude photos a few weeks ago, I knew I must fuck you even though we live so far away. The fact you're more than twice my age and so sexy made you perfect in my eyes."

I sent him heart emojis: "😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍," and he replied:

"Well, I'll keep looking for another top, and, regardless I will find time to come back. I want to take care of your sexy body and fuck your hot ass again until you beg me to stop because your ass can't take my thick cock anymore.
Shooting my cum inside you twice wasn't enough. I wish I could have done it twenty times yesterday."

"I'll never beg you to stop fucking me." I promised him, "If anything, I'll beg you to keep fucking me even after your cock becomes soft and your balls drained."

The conversation with Adam made me horny again.

It wasn't only the thought of two guys taking turns fucking me (one of them being him!).

The memories of spending a wonderful evening with Adam's thick cock, hairy ass (a huge turn on for me), and toned body aroused me. By the way, after Adam had finished fucking me in bed, he helped me cum on his face in the shower. He was on his knees, licking my smooth balls and finger-fucking my open cum-loaded hole at the same time.

I had to drain my balls before going to bed or risk not being able to fall asleep.

And here's how I did it:

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