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On Saturday morning, my first task was to find Felix and me a nice mountain cabin to spend the next weekend. It’s Felix's birthday on Sunday, and I wanted to surprise him by going to the mountains and giving him lots of presents.

I've had in mind somewhere like this.

Sadly, my plans were ruined because of CV-19 restrictions. It would have made our short vacation more like a chore than relaxation.

Here's the list of restrictions:

  • There are no utensils in the cabin.

  • No sheets.

  • No towels.

  • No breakfast.

  • There are no restaurants; there's only takeaway (good luck finding vegan takeaway in the middle of nowhere).

In other words: I'd have to take sheets, plates, silverware, pots, glasses, cookware, blankets, pillows, food for two days, and so on.

Does it sound like a vacation or like moving to a new apartment?

I have to admit that I was quite bummed by it.