An older gentleman sprayed cum all over my ass and hole.

On Saturday morning, my first task was to find Felix and me a nice mountain cabin to spend the next weekend. It’s Felix's birthday on Sunday, and I wanted to surprise him by going to the mountains and giving him lots of presents.

I've had in mind somewhere like this.

Sadly, my plans were ruined because of CV-19 restrictions. It would have made our short vacation more like a chore than relaxation.

Here's the list of restrictions:

  • There are no utensils in the cabin.

  • No sheets.

  • No towels.

  • No breakfast.

  • There are no restaurants; there's only takeaway (good luck finding vegan takeaway in the middle of nowhere).

In other words: I'd have to take sheets, plates, silverware, pots, glasses, cookware, blankets, pillows, food for two days, and so on.

Does it sound like a vacation or like moving to a new apartment?

I have to admit that I was quite bummed by it.

I knew how much Felix was hoping to spend time with me, far away from everything. In a mountain cabin, just us by the fireplace, fucking, drinking, laughing, and celebrating his birthday and our life.


I decided to put aside his birthday planning and write my mom a birthday card.

I used to write her long, loving letters for her birthday, but I stopped many years ago. Every birthday she mentions how she misses them and how wonderfully I used to write to her.

This year I promised her that I would renew this tradition.

What's so special about my mom's birthday this year?

My mom will be eighty, two days after Felix's birthday. She certainly deserves a loving token of my esteem.

It took me two hours to write it, and then I headed over to their apartment for lunch. My parents live in the building next to mine. As on most Saturdays when Felix isn't with me, I have lunch with them.

They had a special request.

It was related to seeing a long tunnel and a bright light...

In other words, they wanted to prepare a power of attorney and make me their guardian if they can no longer make decisions. I have two brothers and a sister, but my parents wanted me to have this honor and burden of making the most difficult decisions for them.

Of course, I agreed to do it.

My mom also said: "We know that with Felix by your side, you will make the right decisions for us."

I could have cried when she said that.

An hour later, I was naked and standing next to another naked guy.

He took this photo before starting to caress my ass
He took this photo before starting to caress my ass

He had a terrific cock and huge balls. After chatting for a while, he said:

"I know I made a terrible mistake by not filling your sweet ass with cum the last time we fucked”

While saying it, he caressed my ass very gently, almost lovingly. I knew that his way of caressing my body was incredible because he’d done it before. Or, more precisely, on the two previous occasions when we’d fucked.

Who was this guy?

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He was the sweet & funny 70 something guy I've mentioned a few times before. He was right and wrong regarding his conclusions about not shooting his cum in my ass the last time we fucked.

He was right that it was a mistake to deny my horny ass the gift of manly love.

He was wrong to believe that this was the reason I no longer wished to be fucked by his terrific cock.

The second time we fucked, two months ago, was at the beach and after sunset. We were alone except for a few people who passed us on their way back to their cars.

He sat next to me and said, "Theon, lie down and relax."

His fingers danced all over my body while intentionally avoiding my hard cock, balls, and love hole. It felt incredible because I desired him to massage my cock, finger me, and play with my smooth balls the most, but that was precisely why he avoided doing it.

My cock kept licking precum while I kept moaning and begging him to finger me. He gently touched my cock head to collect my nectar so he could taste it. Except for that, he completely ignored my hard cock and it drove me insane with desire.

After twenty minutes of pleasuring my body, he tried bringing his mouth to my thick cock.

"Oh, no!" I told him, "You know I don't enjoy that. If you want to use your mouth, then please kiss and lick my smooth hole."

"It's such a shame," he said, "Your cock was made to get sucked and fuck;” I can't believe you're a bottom."

No blow jobs for me please
No blow jobs for me please

"You didn't seem to complain that much when you fucked me last time!" I replied and went to the water to wash the sand off and prepare my ass and hole for him. Trying to fuck a sandy hole is a complete turn-off.

The water was quite cold, and it made my cock shrink in fear.

Just like the first time, he fucked me doggie style, and it felt amazing.

-- I'll write a separate blog post telling the story of how we'd met and what convinced me to give him my ass to use and load with cum in the first place. I'll then explain why I no longer want him to fuck me.

On feeling his cock starting to explore my ass, I began screaming and stopped to tell him:

"Hold on! If you keep fucking me like that, I'm going to cum very soon."

"Oh, baby, cum for daddy, please. Let me fuck you while you shoot your load. I know it's going to feel so good for both of us."

"It could be," I told him, "Your cock will feel it inside my ass when I shoot my load."

He resumed pounding my ass, and soon after, I was screaming and shooting loads of sweet cum on his beach mat.

After I was done and while his thick cock was still buried in my ass, I asked him:

"What about you?" You'd better cum quickly in my ass before it tightens. I usually can't get fucked for long after I'm done. My ass becomes tight, and since you have a huge cock it will hurt."

To my surprise, he pulled his terrific hammer out of my ass.

"That's ok. I'm saving my load for my wife this time. I hope you don't mind. I'll be so horny for her after fucking you and holding my seed."

"No problem.", I muttered before going to the ocean to clean myself.

He rushed after me, "Are you sure? You seem upset."

"Not at all."

Truthfully, I was furious, but not because he hadn't creamed my ass.

I was mad because of his reasoning and for not telling before he started fucking me that this was his plan all along.

I also felt humiliated because he'd used my body to get horny for his wife.

So when he told me, this Saturday, "I know I made a terrible mistake by not filling your sweet ass with cum the last time we fucked”, he was right and wrong.

It was a mistake because it made me angry, but it wasn't the reason why I didn't want him in my ass ever again.

"You're wrong," I told him. "The fact you haven't fucked me since our last time has nothing to do with the fact you kept your balls full for your wife."

"If you say so, Theon. I'm going to sit with some friends, but I'll be back soon."

When he came back, I was lying next to Luka.

The water was too cold. Therefore I enjoyed the sand that was still quite warm. It was just Luka and me, two naked ladies. One lady extra smooth and the other extra hairy.

When he came back, he kneeled next to me and started caressing my ass. I turned my head and saw that his cock was hard. It was so beautiful to see such a powerful, mature cock.

"Are you sure you don't want me to fuck you? Your smooth hole drives me insane. Take a look at my cock? No other man makes me as horny as you do."

I was tempted to give him a chance to make peace with my hole but decided against it.

"Oh, you're so sweet," I told him. "Perhaps some other time. But if you want to wank and shoot cum on my hole, go for it."

He started rubbing his cock, while playing with my love hole. I spread my legs so he could see it quite well.

"Oh fuck, your hole is so beautiful."

I lowered my head and closed my eyes in anticipation of his cum shots.

A few minutes later, he yelled, and I felt a rain of cum shooting all over my backside. Wow, this guy was a shooter. I felt it the first time he shot his load in my ass, but now I sensed it even more. My lower back, ass, and hole were all covered with a thick layer of cum.

I went to the ocean to clean, but before I had a chance to wash the cum off, I heard a guy behind me saying:

"Theon, there's a lot of cum on you! I guess you never change."

Another's guy cum on me
Another's guy cum on me

It was Ryan, a beach friend that I usually see only once during the season. I've known him for many years. He's never fucked me, but many years ago, his thick cock satisfied my thirst for cum a few times.

We became beach friends.

"Well, you know me," I told him, "I can't resist a beautiful, thick cock, and the season is nearly over!"

"You don't need to explain yourself to me, darling."

We talked for a while. Ryan is a nurse, and he told me he's sometimes been working five shifts in a row because of the number of CV-19 patients.

After he'd left, it suddenly got colder. It was still an hour before sunset, but I decided it was time to go back home.

I put on my jock and backpack and got ready to leave.

Little did I know that 30 minutes later, my ass would be covered with cum all over again.

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