Oh My God!

"I like the fact that despite all the sex, you keep up with the religious traditions."

I swear that sometimes I get the weirdest messages from my followers. How is the fact that I have sex as often as I do related to my connection to God?

After how much sex am I supposed to be less religious?

Does it matter what kind of sex?

If you are not religious or you don't believe in God, that's fine, but probably the rest of what I am about to say will make less sense to you.

If you were religious or had a connection with God in the past but decided that because of having sex with men, you should break that relationship, then this post is for you.

God and my religion are a fundamental part of my life.

It's not only that part where I shout, "Oh my God, Oh my God" before I shoot my load (like in this photo).

It's not only the part of me screaming, "God, it feels so good" when I get fucked.

God is with me when I see the lovely sunrise in the morning.

When my heart almost misses a bit while visiting the remains of a synagogue from 2000 years ago,

When I am thankful every morning for waking up healthy.

I talk with God every day, and since he does not answer, sometimes I have to do both parts of the conversation.

Seriously speaking: "God" & "religion" are code names for having spirituality in your life. Sometimes that elevates you above your daily routines. Somethings that gives you a glimpse into eternity.

What has sex to do with that?

If anything, having lots of sex and experiencing that special orgasmic feeling that transcends above space and time, should make you feel more connected to God.


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