Why am I angry when people think that I'm an exhibitionist?

Yesterday, after I'd served Felix breakfast, he asked about my beach day.

You can read more about that in this blog post:

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Before writing about what I'd told Felix, I'd like to share how Felix and I started our day.

I woke up this morning at 6:30 AM.

You probably guessed that my morning boner had woken me up.

God's gift to man!
God's gift to man!

However, you guessed wrong this time. On waking up, my cock wasn't hard at all. It was Felix who woke me up - or, more accurately, his absence.

"Where the fuck is he?" I worriedly thought and started searching for him, naked.

At first, I thought his stomach was acting up again, but he wasn't in either of the two toilets on the first floor.

I heard a noise coming up from the roof terrace. I quietly went to the second floor and saw Felix re-painting my outdoor cabinet (He didn't see me).

This cabinet had seen better days.

Sunset on my roof terrace.
Sunset on my roof terrace.

Now I was fully awake and wasn't sure what to do next because it was so early.

I decided to surprise Felix by heating up a croissant (vegan, of course ) and bringing it to him along with freshly brewed espresso.

But first, I made one for myself and ate it on the balcony.

Although still naked, I covered my private parts.
Although still naked, I covered my private parts.

Then I took a shower and waited for the oven to heat Felix's croissante.

It took 20 minutes for the croissante to get all crispy.
It took 20 minutes for the croissante to get all crispy.

Suddenly I heard Felix yelling: "I caught you naked!"

Felix heard me from upstairs and decided to surprise me. I gave a fake scream and ran away as if I was afraid of him. He chased me across the living room (of course, it wasn't an actual chase) and "caught" me back in the kitchen.

Then he hugged me firmly from behind, and for the first time in almost a week, I felt his hard cock in his shorts pressed against my hungry ass.

"I'm going to fuck and breed you twice tonight," he whispered and kissed my neck.

I quickly climbed on the counter and said: "How about giving me a preview?"

It's been almost a week since my boyfriend last took a good look at my hole!
It's been almost a week since my boyfriend last took a good look at my hole!

In response, Felix ate my love hole for a few minutes while I was still on the counter. At the same time, he firmly held my balls and I knew it was his way of saying "your ass belongs to me."

I screamed and moaned the entire time.

Then the oven timer made a loud noise, so Felix stopped eating my ass, wondering what it was.

I jumped off the counter, kissed Felix, and said: "That's your croissant."

Why didn't Felix fuck me there and then?

While my anus was clean since I'd taken a shower, my ass wasn't. I can never get fucked in the morning.

Besides, Felix had told me he wanted to be 100% sure his stomach problems were over before we make love again.

Have we fucked already?

Not yet, but we took Luka on a nice walk.

Felix said he's better, and that means my ass is going to drink his seed tonight, probably twice.
Felix said he's better, and that means my ass is going to drink his seed tonight, probably twice.

As for what I'd told Felix yesterday about my beach experience:

On getting to the beach, it was apparent that the first mini-storm of the season was on its way. The waves were strong, and the tide was high.

It was also windy and cloudy.

Because of the waves and the tide, the only dry spots were close to the cliffs' base. However, that area is hazardous.

Why is that?

The ridge is precarious and can collapse without warning. When it does, one has no chance of survival.

Therefore, I had to walk a mile to find a dry spot that was safe enough.

Note how small my beach bag is in this photo next to the remains of a rockslide.

The rockslide was twice as big, but the tide swept most of it away.
The rockslide was twice as big, but the tide swept most of it away.

Did I walk naked?

No, I was shirtless and wearing a speedo.

I was about to get a huge splash of water in this photo!
I was about to get a huge splash of water in this photo!

Why didn't I walk naked?

Perhaps it's best to ask another question first: Do you like it when people stare at you while you eat?

Probably not, and neither do I.

Unlike what some blog followers keep telling me, I'm not an exhibitionist. It doesn't bring me joy, happiness, or sexual pleasure when people see me naked.

What am I?

I'm a nudist.

It was a hot day, but the water was freezing!
It was a hot day, but the water was freezing!

I prefer to be naked, and I don't care if people see my private parts. In contrast, an exhibitionist wants others to stare at his naked body.

And it usually makes him horny.

A true nudist, like me, hates when people stare at his naked body. It defeats the whole idea that there's nothing special about being nude.

And that's why I didn't walk naked.

I hope that I never need to explain the difference between the two ever again!

While walking north, several beach friends and fuck buddies greeted me.

The most notable one was an older guy (in his late 60s) who last year fucked me three times. I'll write more about him (and his wife's tits!) some other time.

On seeing me, he rushed over, and I already knew what he was about to offer.

Even since I'd decided that I no longer wanted his seed, he's been trying to get into my hole.

"Theon, I'm so horny. A sexy Yemenite sucked my cock, and I was so close to shooting in his mouth. Instead, I saved my load for your hot ass."

Then he shoved his wet left hand into my speedo and held my smooth ass cheeks. He also massaged my love hole.

He took my hand and brought it to his massive balls.

"Feel my balls. They are so heavy and loaded for you, baby!"

He was right.

His testicles were enormous that afternoon, and his hard, thick cock was eager to fuck me. However, I still didn't want him to breed me.

"I'm sorry. I prefer to be alone today," I told him and moved a few steps back.

He couldn't hide his disappointment, "Is it because of that time I didn't cum in your ass? I said I'm sorry so many times."

The last time he fucked me was indeed very upsetting.

I was in doggie, enjoying his terrific cock, and begging him to breed me.

Doggie is my preferred way of getting fucked at the beach.
Doggie is my preferred way of getting fucked at the beach.

"You cum first; I'll cum right after you," he assured me.

I started to raise my voice, and in response, he pounded my ass faster and deeper until I screamed and shot beautiful, plentiful bursts of semen on the sand.

When my orgasm was over, I told him: "Keep fucking me and enjoying my hole until my ass is full of cum."

To my surprise, he pulled his hard cock out of my loose hole and said "No, I think I'll pass this time."

"Oh? Do you want to fuck me in another position, or just cum on my body or hole?" I asked.

"What I meant was that I won't cum. My wife also wants me to fuck her tonight, and I need to stay horny for her. Don't worry! I'll think of your incredible hole while fucking hers."

How did I feel about his answer?

I was furious.

I felt that he used my ass to get all horny for his wife. Besides, I wanted his seed! Had I known that he didn't plan on giving me his cum, I wouldn't have let him fuck me to begin with!

That happened last summer.

In response to his question, two days ago, I said: "I've told you so many times. It has nothing to do with that."

And that was the truth.

I left his hard cock and walked nearly a mile until I found a dry spot that wasn't too close to the base of the ridge.

Swimming was out of the question because the sea was dangerous.

There's no lifeguard at this beach.
There's no lifeguard at this beach.

Instead, I lay on my stomach and let the waves cover my body.

It was a lot of fun.
It was a lot of fun.

As for getting fucked, I didn't expect anyone from the nudist beach to walk that far. Instead, I was hoping that someone from the nearby town would come over.

I didn't have to wait for too long.

He was in his late 40s and not exactly my type. However, after seeing his naked, extra hairy body and thick hairy cock, I knew I wanted to feel him behind me, pounding my hole.

He entered one of the shallow pools and looked at me while playing with his cock. It got hard instantly, and so did mine.

His cock was just the right size for a quick fuck.

What size was that?

Thick, but not extra thick and long but not too long. The kind that my ass can swallow in less than 30 seconds.

Because Felix had been sick, I hadn't been fucked for five days, and my hole was burning with desire. It wasn't the time for small talk, kissing, or even saying: "Hi, I'm Theon. What's your name?"

I lubed my cock and hole and walked towards him with the lube in my hand.

On approaching the pool, I leaned on this rock and waited.

I didn't have to wait for too long.
I didn't have to wait for too long.

On getting near my hole, he spread my legs, and I lubed his cock. He started pounding my ass right away. I moaned and screamed because the feeling of his hairy balls banging against my smooth ass added to my enjoyment.

In less than five minutes, it was all over. His seed was inside my ass, and his body was already half a mile away.

It was a quick fuck, and it satisfied my immediate needs. However, now I needed a passionate lover.

Two hours later, I packed my backpack and headed back south to where the older guy had grabbed my ass before.

He was no longer there (thank God) but another beach fuck buddy from last season was there.

He was in his 30s, and, unlike the older guy who had grabbed my ass, I wanted him to fuck me. He was also the kind of passionate lover I was looking for.

Did he make love to my ass?

Follow this link to find out:

Most guys don't know how to take care of their asses. Sadly, it shows!

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