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Nudism and sex are sometimes confusing. When is it not OK to touch my ass?

My blog requires a lot of money and time.

However, I'm happy to share my life, body, and sometimes my love hole with my followers because I know it helps and inspires them.

Messages such as this one are my true reward:

Receiving photos of uncut studs who wish to breed me is also lovely.

This Italian horse for example:

I want to marry his cock!
I want to marry his cock!

Still, it was nice when an adult sex toys representative offered me to join their promotional program.

At first, I was suspicious, but the offer was genuine, and now I'm waiting impatiently for my first gift:

"Full-Body Automatic Male Masturbator Cup"

I'm sure it will give me amazing orgasms!
I'm sure it will give me amazing orgasms!

You can find more about this product here: Amazon link

I promise to post photos of me enjoying this toy when it arrives!

Here's a part of my conversation with her:

Regarding "post pictures of their bodies," she said the following photo was the main reason for selecting me.

They were impressed that I'm not ashamed to show my enjoyment when a vibrator stimulates my fuck hole...

...and also to feature my face and hard cock.

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While I've no shame regarding sex and sharing photos of my naked body, it's a different story for closeted guys.

I often mention that most men who express interest in my ass are closeted, and some are married.

Some aren't ashamed to admit how my ass has impacted them:

I'm especially thrilled when my ass helps straight men enjoy gay sex.
I'm especially thrilled when my ass helps straight men enjoy gay sex.

Last week my ass helped a gorgeous bisexual named Aviv overcome his grief.

Here's my wet (and visibly loose) fuck hole shortly after Aviv had enjoyed it.

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Other types of guys come to the beach seeking relief: ultra-orthodox Jews, for example.

25% of the religious Jews I've met at the beach have fucked me!

Am I so attracted to religious Jews that I can't control my desire to offer 25% of them my hole?

Not at all!

I've only met eight at the beach, and two of them (namely 25%) have fucked me. Oddly enough, I had sexual interaction with three of them last week.

The first was Aaron, who had fucked me with another stud three years ago.

You can find more about that incredible fuck here:

I screamed when they were fucking me.

He is in his 20s and didn't object when I suggested taking nude photos of him, including photos (and a video) of getting fucked by him!

His gigantic balls supplied my thirsty ass with ample hot semen:

I also ate his terrific hairy hole.
I also ate his terrific hairy hole.

A few days ago, he contacted me, asking: "Remember me?"

Since his profile featured no photos, I found his question odd.

"It's Aaron! I fucked you at the beach a few years ago, and you gave me a quick blowjob last year."

I sucked him on my way to the beach at this spot:

The beach is 200 feet below.
The beach is 200 feet below.

"Of course I do," I replied. "I haven't seen you this year. What's going on? My ass has been missing you!"

"I can't get away from my fucking religious community, but I'm dying to fuck you again. Also, I want you to take new photos of me!"

Aaron said he's flying abroad, but when he returns, he will make an effort to come to the beach and fuck me.

I can't wait!!!

The second ultra-religious guy, named David, was in his 30s.

The first time I noticed him was 20 minutes after the aforementioned Aviv had creamed my ass. We came out of the water and hugged each other before saying goodbye.

We were standing naked exactly here.

I hope to get fucked by Aviv again before the season is over!
I hope to get fucked by Aviv again before the season is over!

With one hand, I held Aviv's large balls and massaged his hairy love hole with the other.

Aviv didn't bother touching my cock and balls. Instead, he massaged my wet ass cheeks and smooth hole.

David was standing close to us, staring at our wet, naked bodies with absolute desire. However, previously, he'd been watching from afar how Aviv was fucking and breeding me.

Sadly, I wasn't thrilled about his lustful looks and not because I'd emptied my balls only moments ago.

It was because David was extremely lean. Therefore, I didn't find him handsome.

I often write that I'm attracted to toned-athletic men, primarily uncircumcised.

I would gladly give my hole to this follower:

I hope to serve his stunning body and cock one day.
I hope to serve his stunning body and cock one day.

However, David had 0% muscle tissue and no fat at all. He resembled a Holocaust survivor who had just been liberated from a concentration camp.

Even his hairy ass was almost flat, which was a huge turn-off for me.

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Even though I'm a total bottom, I want the guy fucking me to have a manly, muscular, preferably hairy ass...

...such as this guy who fucked me last year.

Aviv has a very similar ass, albeit strikingly white!
Aviv has a very similar ass, albeit strikingly white!

The only things I found somewhat attractive in David's weird body were his massive hairy balls and lush pubic hair.

However, his cock was also ugly.

Unlike my perfectly-shaped cock head, his looked as though a truck had run over it!

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After Aviv had left, David came over to talk with me.

I wasn't horny because I'd just experienced an orgasm. I planned to sleep for half an hour, but first I had to get rid of David.

"It's such a hot day," I told him. "You should take a swim."

He seemed totally clueless, like most religious guys at the beach. But I wasn't too worried because the Mediterranean in August is shallow.

Even after walking 300 feet, the water still only covers your balls.

August is the best time of the year.
August is the best time of the year.

I was sure David would take a dip close to the shore, and, on returning, would see me already sleeping and therefore leave.

However, he toddled on his long narrow legs straight into the Mediterranean, and I knew he would most likely drown if I didn't stop him.

Had I known what a nuisance he was about to become, I might have let him drown...

"God damn it!" I thought to myself. "Come back," I yelled. "You're going too far!"

He toddled back, and I felt a bit sorry for him, but not enough to let him touch my naked body.

"Going so far is dangerous!" I explained.

He responded by asking me if I come to the beach for sex.

"Not really," I lied.

"But that guy was fucking you before!" he argued, and his cock was already hard.

Sadly, even his hard cock looked misshapen.

"Yes, I sometimes get fucked, but I meant that since I've just had sex, I'm no longer horny."

I pointed at my cock and said: "You can tell by my small cock that I'm not horny."

I would have boned again had he been good-looking, though.
I would have boned again had he been good-looking, though.

"I'm going to take a nap," I declared, ignoring his disappointed look. "I'll see you later."

I watched him walking away and sighed in relief, thinking: "Good riddance! What a weird guy!!!"

I lay on my stomach and closed my eyes.

I fell asleep almost immediately.

I often sleep like that at the beach.
I often sleep like that at the beach.

Fifteen minutes later, I felt comfortable enough to spread my right leg a bit.

However, suddenly I felt lustful fingers touching my sensitive balls.

I was in this position.
I was in this position.

I woke up instantly and realized it was David again.

"What are you doing? I told you I was going to have a sleep."

He looked at me, puzzled, and I realized he didn't understand why I was so upset.

"Is this your first time at this beach?" I inquired.


"You shouldn't approach naked guys like that. Never touch someone unless you are certain he's interested. It's a nudist beach, so the fact someone is naked doesn't mean he wants people to touch his genitals!"

"I'm sorry. I thought that you wanted guys to touch you. Otherwise, you wouldn't make your sexy ass appear so fuckable."

His compliment made my anger go away.

"I don't know how to make my ass appear unfuckable when I'm naked," I told him. "However, unless someone exposes his hole intentionally, you shouldn't assume he's interested in getting fucked. Even then, you should ask before touching him."

"How can someone do that?" David asked.

"What do you mean?"

"What you said before about exposing your hole intentionally."

I raised my leg to give him a demonstration.

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"So does this mean I can touch your ass now?"

David was so weird, even for a religious guy. I hoped he would figure out that I wanted him to leave. I should have told him I wasn't interested but felt sorry for him.

"No, that was just a demonstration, and in any case, I'm not horny."

He finally left.

Thirty minutes later, I woke up and took a dip.

I felt so good after a good fuck and a lovely nap.
I felt so good after a good fuck and a lovely nap.

I came out of the water and felt terrific. I placed my beach speakers, played music, ate mango, and suddenly realized I was horny.

I wasn't sure I wanted to get fucked again so soon, but sucking off a juicy penis sounded like a lovely idea.

Sadly, the first hard cock that I was offered was David's.

He rushed back upon seeing me waking up and was now standing next to me. His hard penis leaked while his massive balls dangled before my eyes.

As I've said, I never expose my fuck hole intentionally, but sometimes my cock gets hard unintentionally.

That's because, like this blog follower, I can rarely resist a hard cock!

Even an ugly, leaking penis attached to beautiful hairy balls can make me hard!

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"Did you come over to protect me?" I asked. "I'm doing quite well alone, thank you."

"You're hard!" he commented and began masturbating.

I truly wanted to suck him and play with his balls, but he was so unattractive. If his cock had been beautiful, I might have, but it was really an ugly penis.

It was time to tell him the truth.

"I'm hard because you have beautiful testicles and lovely pubic hair. But besides that, I'm not attracted to you."

He finally left me in peace!

After sunset, the wind was blowing hard and I was suddenly cold.

It was a new sensation that hinted that the beach season is coming to an end.

Cold winds in August? Sob!
Cold winds in August? Sob!

Suddenly I saw a beautiful guy approaching, and my hopes of experiencing a second orgasm rose, and so did my cock.

To convince him to fuck me, I put on a jock.