Do you want to know more about my "gay naked free" way of living?

I get asked a lot: "Who takes your photos, especially the nude ones?"

Here are more topics my followers are interested in:

  • Do you shave your ass?

  • Do you keep cum in your ass or take it out?

  • Can you teach me how to be as photogenic as you are?

  • Do you regret being circumcised?

  • How do you stay lean & fit?

  • Are your balls naturally smooth?

  • Why don't you like getting a blowjob?

  • How can I get fucked as easily as you do?

  • When was the first time you got fucked?

  • Did you always know that you were gay?

  • Were you openly gay while being in the army?

  • Why aren't there more photos of guys you have sex with?

  • Why wouldn't you share a video or pictures of Felix fucking you?

  • How did you become a nudist?

Followers are often interested in general topics:

  • How does Israel deal with Covid-19?

  • Does Christmas have any meaning to you?

  • I live in <somewhere>. Do you want to visit?

  • Why did you start blogging?

  • Does your family/friends/colleagues know about your blog?

  • Why is your blog named ImJudas?

  • Where is this nudist beach where you "often get fucked"? - This one arrived as I was writing this blog post!

And so many more.

I also get strange demands. Here's one from today:

Occasionally I get a request to cum on a pair of undies and send it. I really don't have enough time to fulfill such requests - I do apologize.

I've recently received so many questions that I’ve had little time to update my blog. Therefore I decided to write a short blog post each time I get a question. When I get a question that I've already answered, I can refer the person directly to the relevant post.

I'll start by answering the question guys ask the most:

Who takes my photos?

It depends on the type of photos.

1) High-Quality Photos

Here's an example of such a photo:

I know quite a few photographers (full or part-time). I've known some of them for many years. I've fucked with almost all of them even though none of them identifies as gay (obviously, they are bisexuals).

As for this photo, you can tell it was taken by a professional.

How can you tell?

Observe my pose, expression, and above all, the high quality of the photo.

My semi-hard cock hints that there was some intimacy involved before taking this photo. Indeed he'd also fucked me for a short while. Clearly, we hadn't cum yet; he just wanted my cock to give the impression of sexual tension and my expression to appear lustful.

Nothing makes me more aroused than serving a cock with my ass. Since neither of us had cum and my ass was loose, I felt sexually aroused and it showed.

Most photographers prefer an enlarged cock but not hard. The size of my cock was what he was hoping for.

I got what I was hoping for once he'd finished with shooting photos, namely, of course, his cum shots in my ass.

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2) Photos of my cock

Here's an example of such a photo:

My cock likes to escape out of my very short shorts
My cock likes to escape out of my very short shorts

I take these shots using my iPhone.

I sleep naked and always wake up with enjoyable morning wood. Sometimes, I make an effort to take a photo of it for my blog.

Occasionally guys ask me to take a photo of my cock while I'm chatting with them. The above picture is such an example.

3) Photos showing cum erupting from my hard cock

Here's an example of such a photo:

I always play with my love hole when I shoot my load
I always play with my love hole when I shoot my load

These photos may seem challenging to capture, but in reality, they aren't. Such images are from videos of me masturbating and experiencing an orgasm.

You can see such videos here:

Blog Videos

I stop the recorded video and take a screenshot to capture the second my cum shoots out of my cock.

This particular one shows cum on my left arm from the first shot and my cock shooting the second.

4) Indoor/Outdoor Shower photos

Here's an example of such a photo:

All the shower photos were taken either by Felix, guys I fuck with, friends, or professional photographers. Whenever I'm wet, someone else has taken the shot.

5) Photos from the nudist beach

Most of my outdoors nude photos are from the beach. That shouldn't surprise you since I'm there 3-4 times a week once it gets warmer.

I've been going to this beach for over 15 years.

I have lots of friends there and plenty of other guys whom I've fucked with over the years. A few of them are still my beach fuck buddies, but most of them are just friends.

I'm known as the guy with the camera (and very fuckable ass).

Hardly anyone takes photos there.

Most guys take only selfies or sunsets shots. I'm probably the only one who doesn't mind having his nude photos taken (and, of course, published).

Sometimes, even a total stranger will start talking with me and offer to take my nude photos. He isn't doing it from the goodness of his heart. He hopes that by helping me, he will gain access to my ass.

And sometimes he does.

Generally speaking, photos of me with a huge smile at the beach were taken by friends or fuck buddies.

Here's an example of such a photo:

Brian took it after he'd fucked me at the citadel. It was an incredible fuck, and you can read more about it here:

How I got fucked at the Citadel by Brian

6) Rooftop Jacuzzi Photos

Here's an example of such a photo:

Such photos are taken either by my boyfriend, a professional photographer, or guys I fuck with.

This one is by a photographer who'd fucked me before taking this photo.

My grin is a testimony to how good he was to my ass. His seed was swimming in my ass when he'd taken this photo. My little guys were swimming in the jacuzzi (or more accurately getting boiled - poor swimmers!)

7) Outdoors Photos

Here's an example of such a photo:

I love hiking, and whenever I can, I hike shirtless or semi-naked. My friends aren't surprised when I start taking my clothes off while hiking.

Why are they not surprised?

  • They know that I'm a nudist and have a free spirit.

  • I've sex with most of them.

I never hike utterly naked.

Why is that?

There is always a chance that someone will show up on the trail. I don't think it's fair to expose my cock to people who are not interested in it (and also it's illegal).

That's why I wear a jock while hiking.

Wearing a jock lets my ass enjoy the breeze and helps the sweat evaporate quickly. Since my ass is hairless, its skin is very delicate. Hiking butt-naked keeps my ass pores-free.

Felix took this picture of me wearing a jock, with Luka besides me. He fucked me for the first time outdoors during that hike.

You can read how he fucked me here:

The hike and outdoor fuck that changed my life.

Dor, my best friend and fuck buddy, took the first photo of my balls falling out of my shorts. The two of us hiked in the mountains close to Jerusalem.

You can tell by my smile how dear he is to me (and that he took excellent care of my ass during that hike).

8) Photos of me with a huge smile.

Here's an example of such a photo:

If I'm naked, have a huge smile and my eyes sparkle, you should know that Felix, my boyfriend, took the photo.

And most likely, he'd fucked me and loaded my ass with his sweet juice shortly before.

I never got to tell the story of how Felix made love to my ass in this cave while we were hiking.

In reality, it's not a cave, but a burial chamber from 2000 years ago.

We didn't make love in the presence of bones and other remains.

All such traces were long gone. Such chambers usually belonged to the same family. They were used for generations until the settlement was destroyed for whatever reason.

It was a cold day, hence why I kept my shirt on while Felix was fucking me. I removed my shorts, bent over, and let Felix's mighty cock enjoy the warmth of my ass until I enjoyed the warmth of his cum shots.

I love outdoor sex, and it's always delightful with Felix.

I try to milk his cock almost every time we hike. I don't always use my ass for that. Sometimes, I blow him until his cum beautifully goes down my throat.

Not all photos of me smiling are after Felix and I have made love. Sometimes I smile at Felix just because I love him so much.

Just like in this photo:

9) Photos of other guys

Here's an example of such a photo:

I usually take photos of my beach friends, but I never publish them.

Most of them don't want to be photographed, but some want photos for Instagram or Grindr. None of them (!) wish to be photographed naked, but that's a topic for another blog post.

10) Other Photos

Here's an example of such a photo:

I love photography, and if I could make a decent living out of it, I would have chosen it as my profession.

Two years ago, I gave a blowjob to a cute photographer at the beach. Before I started playing with his lovely, hairy balls, he'd showed me some of his work.

It was phenomenal.

However, he was struggling to make a living. He told me that people no longer appreciate professional photography because everyone has a built-in camera on their cell phone.

"Instagram killed us. No one cares for quality any longer."

Maybe one day, I'll stop being a software engineer and instead devote my time to taking photos of hot guys.

Such as this one (He's also a friend of mine)

As for the guy that I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post. The one who wanted me to make a video of peeing.

I told him that I wouldn't do that. However, I don't want him to see me as cruel or selfish.

I made this photo for him:

After I finished this blog post, I brushed my teeth and peed before going to bed. It's not a video, and my cock is neither large nor shaven as he was hoping for.

It shows that my pubic hair is brown/black/reddish.

People often ask me why I let my bush grow wild.

I'll answer that question in another blog post. 😜

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