Do you want to know more about my "gay naked free" way of living?

I get asked a lot: "Who takes your photos, especially the nude ones?"

Here are more topics my followers are interested in:

  • Do you shave your ass?

  • Do you keep cum in your ass or take it out?

  • Can you teach me how to be as photogenic as you are?

  • Do you regret being circumcised?

  • How do you stay lean & fit?

  • Are your balls naturally smooth?

  • Why don't you like getting a blowjob?

  • How can I get fucked as easily as you do?

  • When was the first time you got fucked?

  • Did you always know that you were gay?

  • Were you openly gay while being in the army?

  • Why aren't there more photos of guys you have sex with?

  • Why wouldn't you share a video or pictures of Felix fucking you?

  • How did you become a nudist?

Followers are often interested in general topics:

  • How does Israel deal with Covid-19?

  • Does Christmas have any meaning to you?

  • I live in <somewhere>. Do you want to visit?

  • Why did you start blogging?

  • Does your family/friends/colleagues know about your blog?

  • Why is your blog named ImJudas?

  • Where is this nudist beach where you "often get fucked"? - This one arrived as I was writing this blog post!

And so many more.

I also get strange demands. Here's one from today:

Occasionally I get a request to cum on a pair of undies and send it. I really don't have enough time to fulfill such requests - I do apologize.

I've recently received so many questions that I’ve had little time to update my blog. Therefore I decided to write a short blog post each time I get a question. When I get a question that I've already answered, I can refer the person directly to the relevant post.

I'll start by answering the question guys ask the most: