Not My Temple

That's me at the Jordan River.

Here John the Baptist has baptized Jesus.

You don't need to be naked in the Jordan River to cleanse yourself.

You can do that, quite quickly, and even fully dressed while you are at it.

About a week ago I sat down to have a chat with my mom.

We all live busy lives, even my mom, who is already retired. We cherish these special moments when we can relax the two of us and talk.

Somehow we got to talking about Temple Grandin.

Temple Grandin is an autistic person who managed to break the stereotypes about autism and eventually became a professor at Colorado State University.

Nevertheless, to me, she is a despicable public figure.

"I liked the movie about Temple Grandin," my mom told me. "I have seen it several times."

Temple Grandin is known for designing killing centers and advising on the most efficient and least stressful means of murdering innocent victims.

Least stressful also for those who commit these atrocities.

The Nazis were also obsessed with finding ways to murder a large number of helpless victims as humanely as possible.

They were also very concerned about the well being of the murderers.

The difference between her and them is that she designed facilities to murder farm animals, and the Nazis designed facilities to murder humans.

Murder is murder.

For me, things are simple.

I want to live my life in peace, in harmony, with nature, with the beautiful beings that surround me and share this world with me.

I don't want to kill anyone.

I don't want to pay for someone to murder for me

And most importantly I don't want to be part of a world that praises someone who designs death facilities, like professor Grandin.

I don't want cages, metal bars, murder and blood

Love & Life - that is what being vegan is about

That's why I am vegan

Why are you not?

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