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    Not my Ass

    This is not my ass

    Aaron's Ass

    Someone left me a comment today on the previous photo of Aaron that I published. It is similar to this one but from a different angle.

    You can check his hot ass also here:


    His comment was:

    "A beautiful close-up of your ass !!!"

    That was funny; Aaron's ass is harier than my chest while mine is smooth everywhere. I think Aaron's ass is amazing. That was the reason I was tempted fo fuck him.

    My ass - quite different

    Our lovemaking was nearly three weeks ago. I wrote about it, and about the guy who joined us in the link above.

    I was with Aaron for over two hours that afternoon.

    My experience at the nude beach yesterday was quite different.

    Until 6:30 PM, nothing was happening. There was nothing to write about. No guys were fucking, no weird people, nobody interesting that I talked with or something interesting that I saw.

    For a quiet beach experience, it was great and relaxing. For a blog post? A disaster.

    It all changed at 6:30 PM.

    First came a young couple that I have known for several years. Both of them are very attractive. They sat down close to me, one of them got naked, and the other did not. It is always like that.

    I have never spoken to them, so I am not even sure that they are a couple because I never saw them do anything. But, usually, two guys coming to the beach year after year are a couple.

    The naked one had a beautiful cock and big balls. I knew, though, that they are not interested and I was not going to bother them in any way.

    By 7 PM another guy showed up.

    He wrapped himself in a towel, and I saw him checking me out, and then he noticed the couple as well. He placed himself strategically in the middle between us and removed his towel after sitting down.

    He was so gorgeous. It was a joy to look at him. He was no model material type of a guy; he was simply an attractive stud. I thought he was 24; later on, I found out he was 32.

    He was taller than me, hairy, manly face, beautiful eyes, long sexy legs. Of course, his muscular ass was hairy as well. He was so hot in my eyes that I figured I have no chance with him.

    Nevertheless, when he was checking me out, I smiled at him.

    He smiled back.

    I smiled back, this time a bigger smile.

    He smiled again with a small laugh

    I felt a perfect vibe coming from him. There was something lovely going on between us, even before I got a chance to see his powerful cock.

    I signaled him to come over.

    He hesitated for a second, then he stood up, packed his things, and walked towards me.

    It was clear to me why he hesitated because when he stood up, his beautiful cock was hard.

    I am running out of time so that I will finish this story tomorrow. I will only add that our lovemaking was beautiful and intimate, with surprising participation of the hot couple.

    He did not fuck me, but we ended up standing and kissing passionately while both our upper bodies covered in cum so that we were glued to each other by our love juices.

    Happy Tuesday


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