Not Created Equal

Yesterday two people discussed with me the notion that I should use my sperm for other purposes than eating or as anal lube.

Leaking cum from my cock
My sweet tasting cum, great as lube or for eating

Both of them were talking about having kids.

However, there was nothing in common between them. The second one wanted to fuck me hard, and the first one didn't and also couldn't.

The first one was my aunt, whom I love dearly. The second one who wanted to fuck me "deep and hard" was an imbecile. He was not an idiot because he wished to fuck me roughly. He was an idiot because, most likely, as a child, he fell on his head.

When my aunt was talking with me about having kids, I was trying this new thong outfit from Andrew Christian. It arrived recently. That's why I never use FaceTime; I am usually naked at home or wearing something naughty.

Naked and trying on my new thong outfit