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Do I look like a naked younger version of Obama?

Click here for the uncensored/uncropped version of this blog post.

Before telling you about Leon, I have a question.

A blog follower wrote:

"The picture with face covered in shaving cream, you look very much like a younger version of Barack Obama."


Leon is an adorable guy in his late 50s who started touching my cum hole this summer.

There's nothing remarkable about that.

Many guys touch, rim, and fuck my ass at the beach.

I've known Leon since before COVID-19.

However, until yesterday, I didn't consider offering him my fuck hole. That's because Leon is overweight and wasn't even supposed to be interested in my hole!

So what has changed?

Until this summer, we have barely spoken. We always smiled at each other and exchanged a few polite words but nothing else.

On seeing me for the first time in June, he rushed and told me he hadn't recognized me.

"You look terrific, so skinny and handsome. You've lost so much weight! You look at least ten years younger."

"It was only when I got closer that I realized that it was indeed you."

Leon was correct as I've lost 15 pounds (7 Kg) since last year.

However, I was surprised by his compliments since he was happily married. I knew Leon enjoyed being naked, which was why he came to the beach.

That's the main reason why I come to the beach too!

As for Leon, I had some doubts about his true intentions.

I discovered that almost every man I've seen at the beach over the years came over to release the pressure of his testicles.

And that's the secondary reason why I come to the beach!

However, I've never seen Leon fooling around with anyone.

In addition, until this summer, he's never tried anything with me.

I thanked Leon for his compliment and told him he too looked terrific.

"You're sweet, Theon, but there's no need to lie. I know I look nothing like you. Look at my fat belly!"

"You have a lovely cock, though," I told him.

"You really think so?" he asked with eyes wide open.

"Of course! It's very thick, and you don't trim or shave your bush. It's an impressive penis."

I saw his penis thickening while I was talking about it.

Since I wasn't attracted to Leon, my penis stayed the same.

"My cock used to be much more impressive before I gained weight."

"Your cock, though, is terrific," he added to my astonishment.

When I saw him a week later, it was just after arriving at the beach.

The first thing that I do after taking off my clothes is apply ample sun protection to my ass and cock.

That's why, in my photos, my ass is so white.

Leon again complimented my physique.

Then he offered to help apply sun protection spray on my back.

Before I could thank him but reject his offer, he added: "All of your beautiful body should be protected!"

So I handed him the spray, and he sprayed it on my back and ass.

It was weird that he sprayed my ass since it was within my reach!

"You have terrific back muscles," he said upon completion.

"And such a fine-looking hot ass," he added.

He can't be straight, I thought to myself!

"Should I rub the spray over your back?" he asked.

"Please do," I told him.

I felt Leon's large fingers all over my back, but he didn't touch my ass.

Nevertheless, it was the first time he's touched my body.

Leon didn't ask permission to rub the spray on my back the following week.

With skilled movements, he ensured my entire back was covered.

That time, however, he also massaged my ass cheeks.

On turning, I noticed that his cock was semi-hard and quite large.

I admit that mine was, too.

Even though I still didn't find Leon attractive, the way he massaged my ass cheeks was sensual.

I get aroused easily when my ass is touched!

I visit the beach three hours before sunset.

I always sit at the same place on the same days: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

That's how Leon knew when and where he'd find me. At least once a week I saw him approaching shortly after my arrival.

Nowadays, when he rubs the spray on my ass, he also does it between my ass cheeks and feels my sensitive fuck hole while doing so.

I don't think my asshole needs protection from the sun.

But perhaps from Leon's curious fingers, though!

It's been several weeks since I last saw Leon.

I wondered if I'd see him again before the season ends. Perhaps his wife no longer approved of his frequent visits to a gay nudist beach.

Yesterday, twenty minutes after I'd arrived, I saw him coming over.

I'd already spent some time in the water and was preparing for my afternoon beach nap. Still, I waited for him because I knew he'd wake me up anyway.

"Theon, you are so beautiful!" was the first thing he told me.

"Do you need me to spray your back?" he asked.

"I was just about to nap," I told him.

"Do you mind putting protection on my back?" he asked.

I was surprised since he'd never asked me to do that before, but I did it happily.

I hesitated for a split second if I should also rub it on his hairy ass. Eventually, I did, but didn't push my fingers into his crack.

When we faced each other, I noticed that just like after rubbing my back, ass, and hole, his cock was semi-hard and leaking.

To Be Continued...

Click here for the uncensored/uncropped version of this blog post.

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