Naked in Burma - Part II

Two days ago, on Friday, I went to the nude beach. I already felt that I was getting sick, but it was warm enough to be naked outdoors.

I did not want to miss this opportunity.

As one can expect, there were very few people at the beach. All of them were naked, though. Luke and I got a beautiful place to ourselves with no one around. I felt like in heaven once I got naked and felt the gentle sun warming my balls and ass.

It has been so long since I felt the sun's kiss on my cock.

A couple arrived from the south.

When they got closer, I could tell it was a man and a woman. I didn't pay much attention to them because my eyes were focused on the young athletic diver. He was standing not too far away from me and was just about ready to get naked.

He passed me a few minutes before that, checked my ass, and made a huge smile. I smiled back. He was hot and I knew he wanted to fuck me. He walked a little bit further and started to take off his clothes so he could get into his diving suit. I imagined that after his dive, he would get out of the cold water and heat his cock inside of my horny ass.

To my absolute astonishment, the couple, better named, "the parasitic couple", decided to sit next to me. Both of them got naked.


Here there was a vast, beautiful, clean, empty beach, and these two had to sit next to me and destroy my fuck plans!

Even if I didn't have my eyes on the diver's (now visible) big cock and hairy chest, I would not want anyone sitting so close to me, especially a naked woman.

I don't mind seeing naked women, and I see many during the beach season. But why did she have to force her nudity of me? Everyone knows it is a gay beach.

I packed my things and left them and the big cock behind.

I went to the forest above the beach.

Later I found a spot where I could be naked and relax.

A married guy was following me ever since he saw me at the beach. When he found me, we had sex at this spot.

I wrote about that briefly here:

Closed for Bussiness

Hopefully, I can write in detail how awesome it was for him (and sweet for me). I was the third guy he has been with, but in reality, I was the first guy he enjoyed being with.

However, today, I don't want to talk about how his cock felt the warmth of a man's ass for the first time.

I want to return to the hike I did with Dor two months ago. You can read the first part here:

Naked in Burma - Part I

It was the first hike of the season and the fact I was able to hike part of it naked, made it all the more fun. At that time, Dor was my fantastic friend since 2013. I could not have imagined that after six or so weeks, we will fuck again.

I wrote about our November fuck here:

A Good Samaritan

But me drinking Dor's vegan cum, was all in the future when this hike took place. Dor didn't do anything with my naked body during this hike, except for hugging me while I was naked, spanking my ass, pushing his fingers into my crack to press my love hole, and tease me by taking out his cock.

Come to think, that is quite a lot...

Before I go into details about the Burma Road and this hike, here is a sweet message I got from one of my blog followers:

"Just watched your video of you jerking your throbbing cock, and then you shot a hot load of manseed, got my cock so hard had to jerk off and shoot my load while I was on a bus !!!"

I guess he was referring to this video:

Do try not to get arrested while looking at my blog :) It was sweet to know, that somewhere, thousands of miles away, someone had an orgasm thanks to my blog.

Back to the Burma Road.

Why is this road named like that?

During the War of Independence, the Jordanian army has laid siege to Jerusalem. The Jewish Quarter in the old city was cut off. There was a shortage of food and water. The main road to Jerusalem was ambushed day and night. The Muslim villages that were on top of the mountains used to shoot at every passing convoy.

Convoys tried to breakthrough, but it was nearly impossible. The road back then was narrow and winding. So many young soldiers have died there. Many of them were Holocaust survivors.

And so, the Burma Road was created.

It is a trail that bypasses the main road to Jerusalem.

You can read about it here:

The Burma Road

Today, the road is a beautiful area year-round, as you can see in my photos. The hostile Muslim villages are long gone; in their place, now stand Jewish towns, communities, and farms.

I never hiked here until that day with Dor because it is a popular hiking destination for families. That day, though, it was cloudy and rainy, we were alone most of the time. There were some families when we started our hike, but after half a mile, we were finally alone.

I first took off my shirt; as you can see, I was so happy to start getting rid of my clothes.

After we walked some more and I felt less watched, I asked Dor about hiking naked.

"I don't know," was his answer. "It's not like at the nude beach."

"But there is no one here," I insisted.

"Look, you will get naked no matter what I say, so why don't you do it already so I can start enjoying looking at your sexy ass?"

"Oh? Just looking?"

"Maybe I'll spank it too."

Well, the idea of sexy Dor spanking my ass outdoors was a reason enough for me to get naked.

Dor is so adorable. You can tell by the way I was smiling at him.

He kept saying cute things about my body and how slutty and fuckable I am. I was not upset that he said I am slutty and fuckable because he is so much sluttier than me. I am like a nun compared to him. For every guy that fucked me at the beach, I can think of at least two that either fucked him or he fucked them.

"Take it down!", he yelled.

When a sexy top tells me to take it down, I always obey.

The fact that we smoked weed before also helped us both feel more relaxed.

I did take it all down, but it was cold, and you can tell by my sunglasses that it rained as well. I felt so alive, though. I was naked with my best buddy, outdoors.

Now that I look back at it, it was probably that hike that changed something between us. That change has led to me having my mouth full of his sweet vegan cum a few weeks after he spanked my wet ass during this hike.

This next photo is from the last peak during the hike. I was naked while hiking up on the dirt road, but had to put my shorts back on when a car arrived. However, when they were gone, I got naked again.

My ass worked hard, pushing my body up the mountain. This structure marks the peak.

It also marks the place where Dor hugged my naked body from behind, spanked my ass really good and pressed my wet love hole with his fingers.

If it were not so cold, I would have gotten hard right away. But I was partly wet and a bit chilly. In any case, here I had to put my clothes back on because it was a crossroad where cars, Jeeps, and other hikers were coming over from all directions.

It was a miracle Dor was able to take this photo of me here at all.

This spot is also where we started the second half of the circle leading us back to my car. From here, we descended.

Here is another photo of me hiking naked after this spot:

I will publish one more blog post about this terrific hike with Dor.

Dor wasn't naked at all because he is not out of the closet at work. He is afraid for his job if he gets spotted naked.

That is quite understandable.

I did not have to see his naked body that particular Saturday. I have seen his sensual nude body at the beach many times, and I also remember quite well how awesome it felt to have him and his boyfriend at the time, take turns fucking me.

And some last words about the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah that starts today.

Hanukkah is my second most favorite holiday.

You can read more about it here:


It has all the right ingredients:

Honor, bravery, kings, good vs. evil, patriotism, a war against foreign oppressors, Jewish traitors from within, few fighting the many for justice and freedom.

The Ḥashmonai family (a father and his five sons) organized this revolt and later established the last Jewish state until present-day Israel. They are admired and loved by all Jews, even though 2200 years have passed since their call for Jewish freedom.

Speaking of traitors, Berni Sanders is a classic example of a Jewish traitor. If he lived back then, he would have been on the wrong side. The same way he is today. But this is a topic for another blog post.

This photo is one of the last pictures I took during the hike — a Menorah of Hanukkah, made by nature. The light was shining on top of it from above by our heavenly father.

For me, this is a sign that the bravery and the light of the Ḥashmonai family will never be forgotten.

Happy Hanukkah.


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