Naked in Burma - Part I

I was trying to convince Dor, my best buddy, and a former fuck buddy to go on a hike with Luka and me.

It was a week ago.

I already went on a hike with him & my fuck buddy, Dan, a month ago.

You can read about it here:

Hike and Anal Fun

When I invited him to join me again, this time alone, his response was:

"I can't. I am flying Monday to Norway, and I have to prepare before that."

I knew that he was lying.

He is a guy. Guys don't need to "prepare" for anything (well, some bottoms need to prepare before getting fucked, but not me).

So, my immediate conclusion was that he has someone lined up to come over and get fucked by him.

"Who is the lucky ass, Dor?" I asked him.

In response, he sent me back a laughing emoji.

"I can't fool you, can I?"

"Dor, you and I are the same when it comes to sex. I knew you were making up this one."

"Theon, he's got a hot, smooth ass, I badly want to fuck him."

"He is going to have a hot, smooth ass also later tonight, just fuck his brains out after we hike."

"Let me see if he is flexible."

"I am sure he is," I told Dor, "Otherwise, you would not be fucking him."

Again he sent me several laughing emojis.

Bottom line (pun intended), Dor got his bottom to agree to come over later that night, and we went on hiking.

In Burma.

Or, more precisely, The Burma Road.

I will write some more about the Burma Road of Israel in the second part of this blog post. Today I want to write about hiking naked.

I have been asked many times about my entry in my about page:

"I hike nude whenever I can."

I do

People often ask me if there are hiking trails in Israel where you can be naked.

The truth is that there are none.

But like my life, I make up my own rules.

If the trail is isolated or there are no people, then I hike naked. If you have never hiked naked, I strongly recommend it. It is so much fun and utterly natural. You may not look the best (my pecs look awful in my nude photo and my cock is tiny), but who cares?

I did not get naked right away last Saturday.

The start of the trail, there were many families with kids. This photo is where I was able to finally release my balls so they can breathe some fresh air

Very soon after that, I took off my shirt.

I usually hike without my shirt on, even when there are people around unless there are too many people. I don't like people staring at me.

Soon after, we have had the first rain of the season. It has felt so awesome to feel the first drops of rain after such a long time.

It kept raining more or less the entire time we were hiking.

I find it hard to explain in words how wonderful it felt to hike naked and feel the rain washing my sweat and kissing my ass and my cock.

Why can sweet Luka be naked, and I can't?

"Hey, Theon, as much as I enjoy seeing your muscular smooth ass while hiking, I hear some cars coming over"

Dor's hearing is better than mine, it seems.

Unwillingly I put my shorts back on. It was not until we finished this climb that I was able to get naked once again.

Here are the views from the top of the mountain:

forest mountain clouds

After that, I took off my shorts again. I think you can tell by my smile how happy I am to be hiking naked:

I will write more about the Burma road in the second part of this blog post. Dor did a bit more with my ass than just looking at it. We also met the hottest young guy on the trail. I will write about it as well.

Here is a link to the second part:

What about other places that I hike naked?

There is a beautiful forest not too far from where I live.

When it is too cold to be naked at the beach, I hike there naked a lot.

During the last couple of years, this forest has become very popular. During the weekend, I can no longer be naked there. Sadly, also during the week, it is tricky to hike naked. Last winter, I had two random encounters with bikers, but they did not care that I was naked.

Here are two photos of me naked there from the last winter:

My face is like this because I was cold, still felt good to be naked

During this hike I was surprised by two bikers, they did not care that I was naked

The wind and the sun were kissing my ass

Usually, I hike naked there until I reach a certain point where I sit down, read, smoke some weed, sometimes wank. It feels so natural and peaceful. Here is a link to the second part:

Naked in Burma - Part II


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