Naked @ a Wine Factory

Last night my treadmill blew up. 

This photo is from this morning before Felix had come over to fix it. 

It is also before he'd taken good care of my very horny love hole. I decided to start this blog post with this photo because of a message I'd received yesterday from a blog follower:

"Your dark hole is the kind I like to eat out for an hour or more and get my mouth and tongue to open it up as much as it can so I dig real deep... gets me so horny... hope you show more of it in variations... so HOT.”

Let me just start by saying that when a guy eats my ass and licks my smooth hole, my entire body trembles from sheer pleasure. It not only makes me very submissive, but it also opens my ass even before an inch of flesh goes inside. 

As for: "I hope you show more of it in variations."

I don’t know how many "variations" of my love hole I can show 😆. In case you want to check out more photos of my sex organ, head to my photo albums page:

Photo Albums

I have a photo album of my hole, labeled “my cunt”:

"My Cunt" Photo Album

I am sure that this album will satisfy any desire you may have to see all kinds of variations of my “cunt.”

When my treadmill blew up, I had six more minutes to complete my one hour, 7 miles run. I was on my final sprint and about to start reducing my speed.

And then, BOOM!

The cover of the motor had blown off with a loud explosion, the treadmill plummeted from level seven back to zero instantaneously, but the belt continued to spin. 

I jumped off it, frightened because it had startled me so much

My technical skills are nil. It’s a miracle I can zip up my trousers alone (perhaps that’s the reason why I prefer to be naked!). Luckily, Felix, my boyfriend, who is originally from Montana, is a handyman. 

I called him hysterically while I was still wearing my sweaty jocks.

“Felix, my treadmill has broken, I'll have to buy a new one tomorrow. I don't care about the fucking lockdown. What will I do without a treadmill when we are under lockdown? You will have to teach me how to make my ass muscular like yours without running. Oh, shit! I don't know what to do”

Felix calmed me down and promised that he would take a look at it tomorrow (Friday) when he comes over to be with me. 

In retrospect, I should not have been so hysterical.