My Erection, Gone!

Yesterday while having sex with a beautiful stud, I lost my erection.

Did it come back?

Big time.

What happened?

If you read my post from yesterday, then you'd know that Felix was going to come last night because I was so horny yet again.

The post from yesterday: I'm a Screamer

Here's how my post from yesterday had ended:

"Felix will come later this evening because I want to get fucked tonight. It is going to be the fourth time I get fucked this week. Springtime makes me extra horny for cum and lovemaking. "

Felix had an emergency at work, and he couldn't show up. However, I did end up with an ass full of cum sweeter than honey.

It was Diego's.

I wrote about our first lovemaking here:

Finally an uncut delight

He'd sent me a message around 10 PM, and it took him forever to decide what he wanted to do. More accurately: It took him forever to admit that he wanted us to fuck again.

I forgot how closeted and shy he is until he gets naked.

Then he becomes like a wild tiger.

When he wrote to me: "I like your ass, can I see him," I decided that I should be the grown-up and responded: "I can come over...."

It was already 12:50 AM.

This tiny bit of conversation lasted over half an hour. The entire discussion had been going on for nearly three hours.

Diego reminds me of him. Like the bartender, he is hairy and muscular, passionate, and very manly.

I don't mind getting fucked in a car.

It forces both my sex partner and me to be creative in finding ways to deliver his cum into my ass. A few years ago, I had a fuck buddy who was a bartender, and he preferred to fuck in his parents' car or outdoors.

It must have been his twisted way of thinking. He was 23, closeted, and had a girlfriend. Maybe he used to fuck me where she usually sat. I'd never thought about it...

Diego reminds me of him. Like the bartender, he is hairy and muscular, passionate and very manly. However, Diego's cock is smaller and uncut.

Our lovemaking a month ago was terrific and very sensual. When I picked him up last night (he lives very close to me), we kissed and laughed like good friends.

"Aren't you afraid of the cops?", Diego asked, "It's still not allowed to meet with other people."

"Two people can meet if they are going to do outdoor sports. I think that this is exactly what we are going to do" I answered and looked at him with a grin while playing with his hairy balls.

Diego moaned in response.

My left arm was driving us, but my right hand kept massaging his hairy balls and sweet, moist uncut cock. Diego moaned louder, and I felt how wet his beautiful cock was.

His cock was rock hard, and so was mine.

15 minutes later, his cock was still rock hard, but mine turned out to be soft.

My cock got smaller than in this photo:

What happened?

When we got to the parking lot, we were naked in seconds and all over each other. Diego reclined his seat, and I climbed on top of him. I felt our two hard cocks throbbing next to each other.

It got me so wild with desire.

I was all over him, moaning loudly, especially when he started spanking my smooth ass.

I remembered how he spanked me hard when I shot my load last time, and it got me so horny and eager to feel his seed leaking out of my love hole again.

Diego was using a lot of force; I remember that from last time. Although he was passionate, he was still powerful with his lovemaking techniques.

I reciprocated last night, and I guess that I kissed him with too much force.

He pushed me back:

"What are you doing? Stop it. Be careful! You almost broke my teeth."

It was such a shock for me.

I felt as though a massive bucket of icy water had been dumped all over me, and as a result, my cock went soft.

I felt like driving him back.

Diego didn't feel that anything was wrong. He wanted to continue from the same point, and he reached down to play with my cock. I saw the disappointment on his beautiful face when his hand had found my soft, insulted cock.

"What's wrong? Are you tired?"

To make matters worse, he started playing with my cock with force, trying to get it hard.

Diego is 26.

I know that he'd had very few sexual encounters with men and fucked even less. That's why he probably did all the wrong things when my cock went soft.

What did he do wrong?

  • Insisted on talking about it

  • Tried to make it hard

When a guy loses his erection, the problem is not with the cock (unless you have been fucking for a long time).

The problem is in the mind.

Talking about it or trying to revive the cock by playing with it would only achieve the opposite result.

I was just about to tell him that we should stop, but Diego's cock was still hard and moist, and I looked at his beautiful hairy chest and muscular legs, and I didn't want to end it like that.

I knew that if he didn't fuck me tonight, I'll probably never get to see again the ecstatic expression on his face when his cock fires loads of cum in my ass.

Suddenly I had a bottom's eureka moment, and I realized what was wrong the whole time. It'd been wrong from the moment we'd both got naked.

I was on top of Diego, forcing my body on him. I was in a classic dominance position. The problem was not knocking Diego's teeth.

He thought that, but it was not true.

My erection was gone because of what was going on in my mind. His response to my kissing was because of something that was going on in his mind.

A much taller, stronger man (me) was forcing himself on him. When he pushed me back, his action must have been a subconscious reaction to that. Diego is very dominant during lovemaking, and I took on his role.

I moved to my seat, laid on my back with my legs spread as much as I could. Then I lubed both my love hole and Diego's beautiful uncut cock.

He moaned loudly.

"Hey stud, why don't you come over here, on top of me and start over."

Diego didn't need any more hints or words. He mounted me in record time and then lifted my legs with force. The second he raised my legs up high, my cock followed suit.

We were both where we should have been from the start.

Me, being submissive and ready to accept a cock inside my ass.

Diego, being forceful and manly, ready to fuck and breed my ass.

At first, he caressed my love hole and twisted his finger inside. I started to raise my voice.

"Damn, I've missed your smooth hole, so soft and warm inside."

In response, I grabbed his throbbing hard cock and pressed it against my hungry hole.

"Why don't you find out how hot it is inside?"

Unlike last time, Diego was eager to fuck me from the start. He pushed his cock in with one forceful thrust, and I screamed with joy when I experienced that terrific feeling of an uncut cock, making my ass its new home.

Then he started kissing me and with a lot of force. They were deep tongue kisses, while he was fucking me. His kisses were far more forceful than mine had been before, and yet, that was the role he felt most natural to him:

He was fucking a guy and taking control of both his holes, with force. I only broke from his kisses to scream: "Fuck me, yes, please fuck me, oh my God, fuck me hard."

My hands were holding his terrific hairy ass and caressing his sweet button-shaped hole. Diego checked my cock from time to time to make sure I was still hard.

There was no need for him to do that because I was in my most natural state:


In only a few minutes, Diego's thrusts became more profound, and I pressed his hairy hole and gently squeezed his balls. He yelled, and I felt terrific shots of hot cum seeding me.

I screamed the entire time. It was not as loud as when Felix had seeded my ass:

But it was quite loud.

Diego pulled his cock out, and suddenly after 15 minutes of screaming and yelling, there was silence, and I realized that, with my feet, I'd turned on the emergency lights.

It could have been very awkward had we been caught by the cops!

We both laughed.

There was so much cum leaking out of my ass, I took some of it and started rubbing my cock. I wanted to shoot my load on Diego's hairy chest like I'd done last time.

"Oh no, this time I want to watch you cum; we talked about it, remember?"

Diego wanted to watch me come this time

Fair enough, I thought to myself.

It also fitted more with Diego being the forceful top making his bottom come all over himself. I felt very submissive with my legs still up, my love hole open and leaking cum while hairy Diego was watching me.

I turned on the inside lights so he could see better.

"Will you keep playing with my ass, spank and finger fuck me?"


Just like last time when Diego had sensed that my orgasm was approaching (he could tell because my screams got louder), he reciprocated by spanking me harder and finger fucking my open hole with two fingers.

I think this was the first time that I'd shot my load all over myself like that:

My legs were high up with my feet on the car's ceiling and close to my head, my love hole open, licking, and pointed towards my breeder for closer inspection.

"Fuck, Theon, that was such a terrific cum show. I felt last time that you were a shooter, but it's so impressive to watch you cum."

I laughed aloud, as I always do on emptying my balls.

"Look at the foggy windows," Diego said, "just like Jack and Rose on the Titanic."

The scene from Titanic: Jack and Rose fucking in the car

We both laughed, and there was no point asking which one of us was playing which role...

While I was writing this blog post, Diego contacted me again:

It was sweet that he offered to smoke weed and fuck. I'm a terrific bottom when I'm stoned.

Losing my erection last night was a rare event for me.

I know that when I get older, so will my cock, and as a result, maybe I will no longer have an erection at all. Some of my older blog followers tell me they can't get hard or hard enough to fuck.

I don't need a reminder that one day my erection will be gone and that I will be old.

Even less so from the Christian zealot who insists on sending me emails and messages that are so awkward that I'm really without words.

I already devoted a blog post to him:

"A Slave to Eros"

But he still doesn't get it, here's what he sent me today.

"You do have a very well-sculpted body” like a Greek God (except their statues show them with tiny genitalia.)
George Bernard Shaw said, "Youth is such a wonderful time of life, it's a shame to waste it on the young."
Have you thought about your future when you are no longer physically desirable?"

Sure, these are sweet compliments, but regarding this odd question - what the fuck!

I also know the real intent behind his question.

He wants me to repent and stop focusing on enjoying sex with other men. To realize that beauty is fleeting and that one day I'll be a sinner with no good looks.

I know that I’m not getting younger. Here I am as a young soldier

And miserable because I'll have nothing in my life, and I didn't accept Jesus as my savior.

Not only is he religious, but he also religiously reads my blog. I wouldn't be surprised if he secretly masturbates while looking at my "well-sculpted body."

So here's my answer to him and to anyone else who wanted to ask me that question but was too polite to:

Of course, I think about it.

The same way that I know that one day my beloved parents will not be here.

The same way that I fear that I could lose my dear boyfriend when he rides his electric scooter to work (before COVID-19)

The same way that I try to imagine how my life will be if I lose the left part of my brain due to nerve damage (I'm 30% disabled because of damage to the right side of my brain).

Why should I be worried about bad things that could or will happen one day?

I do have a perfect answer to what he asked me, and it's even a positive one. I'm not afraid of getting older, because I already feel it happening.

However, since I know the real purpose of his question (for me to embrace Jesus), here's my answer to him:



Click here to see my thick cock...