My dad's smooth balls and my bald head - It's all related!

The first time I saw my dad's balls, I was 13.

I thought about that this morning while taking a sunrise hike in the forest.

Was I meeting someone in the forest for a fuck?

Not quite.

First of all, I rarely get fucked in the morning.

You can find out why my ass in not penetrable in the morning here:

Are You Clean?

You may wonder why I decided to hike butt-naked when it was so cold out?

Actually, it was not cold at all this morning because this January has been mild so far. However, my reason for hiking so early was police-related. We are in lockdown, and I wanted to be naked outdoors before the cops started patrolling.

It was wonderful.

The air was crisp; everything appeared neat and fresh. I saw two gazelles running by, and it made my day.

So why did I remember my dad's balls?

If you've read my last blog post about how I sucked my neighbor and wanked him for a month, then you're probably expecting me to tell you now that I played with my dad's large, smooth balls while he was fucking me.

If you didn't read the blog post about me drinking my neighbor's semen, you could find it here:

The first cock that came in my mouth

Before discussing my dad's cum factories, I want to share two emails I received regarding the post about my neighbor and me.

The first one: