My dad's smooth balls and my bald head - It's all related!

The first time I saw my dad's balls, I was 13.

I thought about that this morning while taking a sunrise hike in the forest.

Was I meeting someone in the forest for a fuck?

Not quite.

First of all, I rarely get fucked in the morning.

You can find out why my ass in not penetrable in the morning here:

Are You Clean?

You may wonder why I decided to hike butt-naked when it was so cold out?

Actually, it was not cold at all this morning because this January has been mild so far. However, my reason for hiking so early was police-related. We are in lockdown, and I wanted to be naked outdoors before the cops started patrolling.

It was wonderful.

The air was crisp; everything appeared neat and fresh. I saw two gazelles running by, and it made my day.

So why did I remember my dad's balls?

If you've read my last blog post about how I sucked my neighbor and wanked him for a month, then you're probably expecting me to tell you now that I played with my dad's large, smooth balls while he was fucking me.

If you didn't read the blog post about me drinking my neighbor's semen, you could find it here:

The first cock that came in my mouth

Before discussing my dad's cum factories, I want to share two emails I received regarding the post about my neighbor and me.

The first one:

"That was very erotic and informative. I used to play with cousins when pre-pubescent. IDK where we got the idea but we took turns putting each other's little penis in the other's mouth. I know the sensation of those dry orgasms - from shinning up a pole and actually humping it for the sensation."

I usually get around 5 messages a day, but after I'd published that post, I received over 20 a day.

It will take me a while to answer all those messages. I apologize for the delay.

Here's another response:

"I remember playing with a pair of brothers , just jacking off and sucking. I was about 11 at the time."

A few blog followers shared with me that their father (or their uncle) made them suck his cock. I thought about them this morning while hiking, and it reminded me of my dad's testicles.

I'm sorry to disappoint.

Nothing was going on between us, and I was never attracted to him. Sure, I prefer guys older than me to make love to my ass, but this has nothing to do with a daddy-son fantasy.

Mature men fuck better and are better lovers. It's that simple.

When I was growing up, I masturbated quite often, usually 3-5 times a day.

I still masturbate quite often, but not that much.

I love playing with my love hole whenever possible.
I love playing with my love hole whenever possible.

But not even once, while enjoying my cock and hole, did I think of my dad's cock (although I did fantasize about my neighbor's thick cock quite often).

I've never seen my father naked.

The only time I saw a glimpse of his private parts was one morning for a brief moment.

We were sitting by a lake, and he raised his left leg. From where I was sitting, I could see his balls.

Just as mine are in this photo

My father and I are very much alike.

My appearance, voice, and even the way I laugh make me a copy of him. When I lived with my parents, I was mistaken for him whenever I picked up the phone.

That's how I know that my smooth balls are thanks to him. I don't shave mine, and I'm sure that he never shaved his.

I also know that I became bald at an early age because of him. My dad also started going bald in his early 20s.

I served in the army in an elite small infantry unit.

Training one of my soldiers
Training one of my soldiers

I was on active duty, training, or commanding a company or platoon. For most of my service I had to wear a helmet for an extended period.

Baldness is often related to wearing a helmet, but my genetic code was to blame in my case.

Like most men, I wasn't happy about it.

However, I wasn't going to hide it using natural or artificial means. I certainly wasn't planning on getting a hair transplant.

Only on Purim (a Jewish holiday), do I wear a wig.

Purple is my favorite color.
Purple is my favorite color.

Shortly after my bald spot became noticeable, I decided that I would always instruct my barber to shave my entire head using an electric razor.

On seeing my shaved head, my mom said: "I can't believe you got rid of your beautiful curly hairy!"

I'd spent 4 months in Europe right after my army service was over
I'd spent 4 months in Europe right after my army service was over

And she still says nowadays.

Sadly, the only curls that I have left are those of my reddish-brown pubic hair.

By the age of 27, I was already bald.

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I saw little point in going to the barber to shave the sides and back of my scalp. Therefore, I decided to start shaving it every morning.

I shave my entire head every morning, along with my ass and hole.

The last part was a joke!

Except for my scalp, I don't shave my ass or any other part of my body. You can see from my photos that my body hair is fair, and most areas are smooth.

I cherish the hair left on my body.

I love my pubic hair. It's my cock's crown.
I love my pubic hair. It's my cock's crown.

Has losing my hair affected my self-confidence, chances of getting fucked, or my luck with dating guys?

In the beginning, absolutely.

Generally speaking, Jews tend to lose their hair at an early age. But becoming completely bald at such a young age is rare. Before I started to shave my scalp every morning, my receding hair-line made me look much older.

For me, it was quite a blow, and as you know, I don't like a blowjob 😜

Another guy who was surprised to hear that I don't like my cock sucked
Another guy who was surprised to hear that I don't like my cock sucked

It was the first time in my life that guys I was interested in didn't want to fuck or date me. Up until then, I had no problem getting laid or dating whomever I desired.

I'm not saying I could get anyone.

The same type of guys who had previously shown great interest in me, were no longer interested because of my receding hair.

When I wore a hat, I still had a very young-looking appearance.

Covering my head made me look much younger.
Covering my head made me look much younger.

During the day, I always wear a hat outdoors. I don't want freckles on my scalp as I have on some parts of my body.

That's why you often see me wearing a hat in my day-photos.

During the winter or when I feel cold, I also cover my head, even at night.

I love hiking naked in the winter, but I feel the chill if I don't cover my bald head.

In gay "clubs/saunas/bars/parties," there is no risk of getting freckles or feeling cold, for which reason, I never wore a hat in such meeting places.

I've always thought that bald guys who wear a hat indoors look weird. There are countries where guys wear a baseball cap indoors even if they are not bald.

However, in Israel, only bald men do that.

As a result, I no longer got the same looks or sexual innuendos that I was accustomed to. I was a balding guy in his 20s, and in a 20-something gay crowd, it made me look ten years older.

I was quite bummed about it.

It was perhaps the first time in my life that I felt "too old" for the gay scene.

However, once I started shaving my head every morning, I got a lot of my self-esteem back. When my head was a mixture of hair and a bald spot, it made me look older. However, once I shaved it all, it appeared clean, professional.

And in Israel, it's considered very sexy.

I don't miss my hair because I love and accept every part of my body.

I know that some guys won't have sex with me because I'm bald, especially younger men. But that's not an issue because I prefer older men. And in any case, I don't have enough time to give my ass to every guy who desires to lick my smooth hole.

I would have needed to quit my job if I'd wanted to satisfy the demand for my horny hole.

I find bald men very sexy.

I can't resist a bald man with a thick hard cock and a hairy ass

Besides, I've read that baldness (especially at a young age) is related to a higher testosterone level. In my case, it explains not only my baldness but also my strong libido and frequent need to get fucked or masturbate.

My testosterone levels are off the charts, literally, to this very day.

My doctor wants me to repeat this test this month because he's worried about it.
My doctor wants me to repeat this test this month because he's worried about it.

It explains why my cock wakes me up 2-3 times a night.

My cock gets hard in the middle of the night and wakes me up
My cock gets hard in the middle of the night and wakes me up

High testosterone is both a blessing and a curse.

I remember reading an interview with a transgender person (M2F). After she (previously he) had started taking hormones, her testosterone had almost disappeared.

"It felt amazing. Before, I was obsessed with sex, and now I can finally concentrate on other things."

I'm not obsessed with sex to the point I can't do anything else. But when I'm horny I can't focus until I shoot & eat my cum (alone or during sex). I need to do it usually once a day.

So, the same testosterone that made me hairless in my 20s also keeps my cock hard and happy as if I'm still in my 20s. I'd say I made a good deal by losing my hair and keeping my hard cock.

If you recall, I mentioned playing with my neighbor's hairy balls when he was nearly 15.

Genetics is a peculiar thing.

My neighbor's balls were hairy, unlike mine and my dad's, but he's not bald or suffering from hair loss.

Some guys asked me if sucking my neighbor as a boy made me feel closer to him.

Growing up, my neighbor and I were very close. He was always there, helping me. He's the one who got me my first razor and taught me how to shave.

He also tried (but failed) to teach me to play soccer.

Sucking him was just another fun thing that we did together. I knew it was unusual and that my parents wouldn’t have approved of it. But it was only years later that I realized how wonderful it was that I learned from my neighbor how to masturbate a guy, suck his cock, and swallow his seed.

That month with his thick cock saved me years of training and failing with random guys.

Others have asked me how my neighbor reacted when he found out that I was gay.

It was quite terrible and even more awful when I yelled at him that I'm proud of being gay and that I love getting fucked.

I've never felt ashamed of who I am and how I live my life.

After I came out to him, we didn't speak for a few years.

Maybe my neighbor blamed himself that he'd made me gay because I'd drunk his semen so often during that month.

Of course, it had nothing to do with that.

I knew I liked cock even when I was 5 (it's one of my first memories).

My genetic code made my balls smooth and my head bald. Since I felt attracted to cock at such a young age, it also made me gay.

I'm thankful for everything my chromosomes have given me (except for my disability, but that's a topic for another blog post.)

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