My Cum Factories

It takes more than a pair of big balls to makes you a man.

I know that.

Regardless, my cum factories work extra hours in August to keep me and my sex partners happy

Most people take their vacation during the summer; my balls take some time off in the winter

During the summer my testicles grow in size, I think it's because of the heat.

However, two hours from now, my balls will be extra small.

My balls will be very small two hours from now


Not because I am going to have sex, I am not that horny. I have had sex four times at the beach this week (twice yesterday)

Two hours from now, It will be after I have worked out and ran 7 miles afterward.

There is nothing like running that can make your cock & balls as tiny as a child's.

It is worst than swimming in December (I do that too)

When I am done running my balls, have escaped into my body, and my cock is also gone.

Here I go...

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