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    Not a Cab

    "I've told you, I am not available for sex on a minute's notice. My ass is not a cab that you can order and ride anytime you feel horny."

    My day has started without a smile and with a soft cock, just like in this photo.

    When I am smiling and hard in the morning, I look like that:

    Why did I wake up not hard and not smiling?

    I barely slept last night since I knew it was going to be a rough day at work. I don't like waking up and finding my cock sad and soft.

    Hard day at work means a soft cock at home - sigh.

    There is a 28 years old gay guy who is in the closet and works on my work floor. I have been seeing him on Grindr for over a year. He appears 150 feet from me, so quite close.

    I have no idea who he is. He's got a beautiful body, but he does not show his face in his photo. He knows who I am, naturally, since my picture does include my face.

    So today, in the middle of all the pressure at work and the CEO sitting on my shoulder, he has sent me a message: "I would like to suck your cock and swallow your cum."

    He has sent me similar messages in the past; sometimes he wants to drink my cum, sometimes he wishes to fuck my ass, sometimes he wants me to swallow his cum.

    I stopped following a long time ago.

    Bad, bad timing, but perhaps it was good that I have finally given him a direct answer. I hope it will push him out of the closet even for just a brief encounter of drinking my cum.

    I told him:

    "If you were truly serious, you would have told me at least who you were a long time ago."

    There was no answer from him.

    Today, while I was working out, the 18 years old that wants me to be the first guy that he fucks (he lives a quarter of a mile away from me) has sent me a message:

    "Maybe you would like to have sex right now; I'm horny, and I'm dying to fuck you already. I want to lick your hole as well."

    My German nature to be very fixed and rigid with my time. I am not spontaneous. My friends always make fun of me that they need to schedule a meeting with me a few weeks in advance.

    So I wrote back to him:

    "I've told you, I am not available for sex on a minute's notice. My ass is not a cab that you can order and ride anytime you feel horny."

    He apologized, I told him everything is fine and that tomorrow I am working from home in case he wants to come over during the day and finally lick my love hole and breed me (those were my exact words to him).

    I am hoping that he does, we have been talking about this since he was 17 (I told him I'd make love to him only after he turns 18, which happened a month ago)

    It is going to be a lot of fun if he does show up tomorrow.

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