My Ass, His

"You are like a Greek god," I told him, "This feels like a porn movie."

I said it to the dark-skinned stud two days ago, at the nude beach — more about our lovemaking below.

But before that, some updates about the elections and Luka.

Election day is over in Israel, and now it's the task of the major parties to form a coalition.

Following my decision, I will not disclose who did I vote for.

My blog discusses very little politics. It is mainly because most of my readers are non-Israeli. It means that they know very little and/or care very little about Israeli politics.

Those that do care lack any knowledge and the little that they do know is plain wrong. Discussing Israeli politics with them would be like explaining what is more beautiful blue or purple to a color-blinded person.

That is not to say I am not a political person.

Yesterday, I was glued to the Internet at 10 PM (I don't have a TV), to see the exit polls. I barely slept tonight because I was tense about the outcome.

Nevertheless, like every morning, I woke up with a proud stiff cock. This photo is from a few days ago, but that's how I always wake up. I need to wait every morning for my cock to soften for me to be able to pee.

My cock is always rock hard in the morning

As for sweet Luka:

She was so cute at the vet's but terrified because she is brilliant and she knew something was going to happen. Something that she was not going to like.

After she woke up from sedation, she crawled under my legs. It was so cute; I had to take this photo:

Sweet Luka after waking up

Luka is not a huggable dog.

She never does something like this when she is fully conscious.

It's a sign of how much she is attached to me. She gets so close to me in situations like that. It's like clinging to the only safe thing that she knows.

As for the results:

Both her right legs have a problem. The vet could not see much from the x-rays. Luka might have to do a CT. However, she needs to lose weight, that is the priority right now. She has a limited range of motion in both of her legs - sigh.

She also has a heart murmur. It's mild, one out of six heartbeats. Still, it is also alarming. I will make sure that they monitor it, to see if it gets worse.

Also: She got anti-inflammatory pills, and she now gets omega-3 on her food. The vet told me it's proven to help.

Until she improves, I can't take her to hikes or the beach - only short walks - sigh.

As for two days ago:

Two days ago I was in a "fuck me please" position when the top that I was interested in has returned.

He passed me going north while checking me out; I checked him out in return. He was walking naked on the beach. When he looked at me, I was sitting on my beach towel, naked as usual.

He was very sexy and in his mid 30's.

I enjoyed looking at his dark-skin toned body and hairy legs. His upper body and ass were smooth to perfection. From the looks of his hairy legs, it was apparent he had his ass and upper body treated with laser.

His dark-skinned cock was admirable and thick, and when he checked me out, it also grew in size.

So did mine.

I knew he was interested in me because he gave me the "I'll come back soon and fuck you" look.

I did not want to take any chances of him thinking that I was not interested, and so I positioned myself like in this photo, but closer to the water.

That's how I was when he came back, signalling my desire to be fucked by him

My gay "brother" took this photo several weeks ago. Luka is looking at him, so sweet. I wrote about him several times. Here is one blog post about him:


I usually don't position myself in a "fuck me please" position. But I knew that he was interested in my smooth hole and the beach was nearly empty.

When he got closer, I gave him the "I am ready for you to make love to my ass," look. He approached me right away and started caressing my ass.

"It's so nice man; you have a beautiful smooth ass."

"You are a sexy stud," I told him, "I'd love to have you make love to my ass."

"Did you get the hair removed by laser?"

I laughed because I knew he would ask me that.

"No, it's naturally smooth, so is my hole."

"Amazing, I had mine removed."

He pushed his hands inside my crack and spread my cheeks to observe and play with my hole.

I moaned loudly and felt very exposed when he gently and very slowly moved his middle finger from the start of my crack, down to my hole. When he reached my hole, he pressed his middle finger to it and carefully examined the most intimate part of my body. I could tell his cock was hard even without seeing it.

"It's so beautiful."

I wanted to see his hard cock, so I stood up. I was impressed by how thick his hard cock was. It was not huge, but it was dark and big.

We started kissing right away.

Soon after and to my surprise, he went down on his knees and started blowing my hard cock. That was not how I was planning our lovemaking. In my fantasy, I was going to go down and suck his magnificent, dark thick cock.

I pulled him up.

"Let's keep you focused on my smooth ass, and me focused on your big cock."

"That works very well for me sexy, what are you waiting for?"

And when he said that, he pointed at his beautiful erected tiger.

Not that I needed any encouragements from him.

I went down on my knees and started doing what I do best (besides entertaining a cock in my ass).

When I started licking his smooth massive balls, he became a very dominant top. He gripped my head with force or pulled it back and held my throat while hitting my face with his long hard pole.

It felt fantastic.

He then went down on his knees and faced me. He put saliva on his fingers and started playing around my love hole. Again, he held my head or my neck forcefully.

I could tell that he was enjoying how I begged him without words only with different moaning tones, to open my hole with his fingers.

He took his time, though. He was enjoying his dominion over my body.

When he finally started finger fucking me. It was a delightful feeling. I enjoy being submissive, and he was doing it fabulously.

I felt so vulnerable and protected at the same time.

I felt vulnerable because his fingers were buried deep inside my moist love tunnel while he was also holding my balls gently but forcefully. It was as if he was saying to me: "I have you exactly how and where I want you to be, you better behave or else..."

I felt protected because when he was not holding my balls, he was holding my neck or my head firmly. Occasionally he would also lick my neck or kiss me with passion and force.

It was not long before we were back in the water, rolling, kissing, feeling each other. He kept holding me firmly and showing me that he was dominant. At a certain point, he started fingering me again, and I began to moan very loud.

"You like it, ha? you want me to fuck you?"

"Hell yeah, please fuck me, make me yours."

"You are mine."

He kept holding me firm and doing wild things with his fingers in my hole. I was moaning, yelling, raising my voice. It felt so awesome.

"Let me get the lube."

When I returned, I took a good look at his gorgeous body and beautiful dark thick cock.

I thought to myself; I want so badly for him to finally make love to my ass with his unbelievable dark breeding equipment.

"You are like a Greek god," I told him, "This feels like a porn movie."

"You are too sweet," he said, "I think you are beautiful and incredible; you are an outstanding bottom."

"outstanding?" I thought to myself, "you did not feel anything yet, wait till your cock is deep inside my horny ass."