My Anus's Bodyguard

Having Luka with me at the beach is fabulous. However, she tends to be not so friendly toward potential sex partners.

As a result, I have lost many sunset orgasms.

It's not her fault.

I am usually not lying like this. But, when I do (about an hour before sunset), Luka will lay down next to me.

I guess she considers herself to be my anus's bodyguard.

Potential sex partners will usually come closer. When I am lying down like this, it's a signal for them. It's like a taxi driver who has turned his lights on, signaling potential customers to come in.

Of course, sometimes, I am more proactive, and I approach the potential ass creamer myself.

If a guy is not naked (or at least wearing a speedo), Luka will growl at him.

Smart girl.

She knows it makes me uncomfortable to see people who don't respect the unwritten rules of the nude beach.

She does not growl at every clothed person, only those who come closer to speak to me.

9 out of 10, the person only wants to take a closer look at my naked body. So, it's a good thing Luka scares him off. A lot of people come to the beach just to stare at naked guys.

But sometimes, the person is naked or wearing a speedo. His cock is partly or fully erect, and I am very interested in him and his thick breeding device.

What is the first thing most guys do when they approach me with the intent to fuck my ass?

  • Start talking?

  • Play with their cock to attract my attention?

  • Start touching my ass?

None of the above.

They try to pet Luka or, worse, try to take her ball away from her.

Sometimes I try to warn them. But most times, I am a bit stoned or too laid back, and my mind is not focused enough. Other times, I am too horny to think of anything when I see a naked guy with a red hard cock coming towards me.

Then what happens?

Luka starts barking at the potential sex partner like a mad dog. His cock shrinks faster than you can imagine. I get nervous, and my hole tightens. Before I can calm things down, the guy with the shrunken cock has gone to search for a less threatening ass to fuck.

Some guys are smarter.

They understand that fucking a guy in doggie does not make them doggie experts. They will approach me from the other side, avoiding Luka altogether.

Then the beautiful making out process will start under the watchful eyes of Luka.

If we are both happy with each other, eventually, I will let him slide deep inside of me. Twenty minutes or so after sunset, both of us will hug each other. Naked, happy, and relaxed after we have both experienced a beautiful beach orgasm.

Luka is very protective of my ass.

In a way, I am in a partly monogamous relationship after all.


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