Can men ejaculate more than once? Some can, and it's incredible!

This particular morning it wasn't my hard cock that woke me up.

My morning boner wakes me up every morning (and a few times during the night)
My morning boner wakes me up every morning (and a few times during the night)

I woke up at 6 AM from a nightmare where I was escaping from a horde of zombies.

couldn't get back to sleep again after this nightmare, so instead, I took a long morning shower and played with my ass and horny anus as I always do.

It was a lot of fun

I didn't empty my balls because that afternoon, I was going to the nudist beach, where I was confident that I'd have more than one opportunity to shoot my seed with another man.

The first opportunity was with a beach friend in his 20s named Asher.

Asher is dark-skinned, toned, and hairy. What's unique about him isn't only his ability to experience multiple orgasms in one afternoon.

It's the fact that he's also decent and sweet.

A lot of guys in their 20s aren't like him. Take, for example, the one who'd contacted me that same morning on Grindr.

He was 20, beautiful, toned, and had an adorable face. I would gladly have given him my ass to use, fuck and breed. But there was just one problem.

Our Grindr chat had started with:

"Show me your hole!"

That's my hole, but he will never see nor touch it.
That's my hole, but he will never see nor touch it.

This rude, young man had it all: looks, youth, and probably a cock that could fuck for hours and cum multiple times just like Asher's.

But I have something far more important than whatever was between his young legs: I have dignity and self-respect.

No matter how good-looking he might be, no one can start a conversation with me by ordering me to show my hole.

My anus is the most intimate and sensitive part of my body. I enjoy sharing it with other men and letting them play with it. But not like that.

I blocked him on the spot.

Later that afternoon, when I'd arrived at the nudist beach, Asher was waiting for me, naked. His dark thick cock was already semi-hard.

His yearning to have sex with me again was a sweet compliment, but one that I wasn't too happy about.

Why wasn't I happy to see Asher's dark cock waiting for my hole?

Felix and I are in an open relationship, and neither of us has a problem with it. However, because I've never been monogamous, I know that there are a few things to worry about.

One of these issues is having a fuck buddy.

Why is that an issue?

Don't get me wrong! Fuck buddies are great, and I've got about 20 of them (mainly at the nudist beach). But having sex with a fuck buddy repeatedly means that he's no longer just a casual, trusted breeder.

He becomes a lover.

I don't need a lover; I have a boyfriend.

Felix is my love. I don't need another one.
Felix is my love. I don't need another one.

The fun Asher and I experienced a week ago was fantastic, so I wasn't surprised that he was waiting for me at the same spot.

What had been so marvelous about our previous encounter?

His ability to cum multiple times in an afternoon was legendary in my opinion.

I hadn't seen him for nearly half a year, so on seeing him last week, I grabbed his thick cock immediately, In response, he felt my ass, and we kissed passionately.

We waded into the pools kissing each other and still holding each other's private parts. By the time we reached the shallow pools, both our cocks were rock hard.

Asher laid on his back, and I came on top of him and teased his hard cock with my demanding hole.

"I'm dying to fuck your sweet hole," Asher said each time I inserted his cock head into my ass.

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Then I stopped doing that and rubbed our two hard cocks together while kissing him. Our lower bodies were immersed, so when Asher yelled and shot his seed, I saw his cum floating around us in the water.

Making him cum just by rubbing our two hard cocks together was awesome!

His white semen contrasted so nicely with his dark, sexy body. I felt like drinking the seawater in order to taste his man juice!

Was I disappointed that he hadn't shot his load in my ass?

Not at all because I already knew that Asher could cum multiple times in one afternoon.

To me, his ability to cum so many times is like magic. Even in my 20s, I had to wait at least a few hours before I could get hard and shoot cum again.

That was also the reason why I didn't cum with him the first time. I was planning on doing it when he shot his seed for the third time.

After his fantastic display of youth and sex drive, we stayed in the pools. We kept on talking, sharing Covid-19 stories. I asked him if it had been hard for him to find a bottom because we'd been in lockdown for so long.

"It's always hard for me to find sex," he replied. "For me, intimacy is the most important thing. I seek not only a bottom to fuck but also a person to talk to. I also love touching and caressing my partner. I enjoy it so much."

In response, I turned on my stomach and gave him a big smile.

Asher knew precisely what I wanted him to do.
Asher knew precisely what I wanted him to do.

Asher spread my muscular legs. Then, with gentle movements, he began to caress my body, starting with my scalp and not stopping until he’d reached my toes.

It wasn't sexual; if anything, it was sensual.

For example, when his fingers were dancing around my love hole, he didn't try to finger me. Instead, he gently massaged the dark skin around my anus or pressed his fingers against my opening.

Occasionally, he'd take seawater and wash my ass which was such a warm, loving gesture.

He caressed my body for about 15 minutes, and I knew that even though less than an hour had elapsed since Asher had shot his seed, he was ready for another orgasm.

I lubed his thick, dark cock while kissing him and adopted the same position.

However, this time, I didn't wait for him to spread my legs.

I close my legs once a cock is deep in my ass
I close my legs once a cock is deep in my ass

Because Asher had devoted 20 minutes to caressing my body, ass, and hole, I was already relaxed and ready to serve his dark tool.

Before entering my body, Asher confirmed that my hole's physical appearance also matched my fuckable mindset.

He spread my ass cheeks one more time and took a long look at my horny hole.

"Your hole is incredible. I can tell that you want to get fucked because it gets all red and swollen. Did you know that?"

The truth is: I have no idea what my anus looks like when it has been stimulated but not fucked.

I know how it looks after my ass has been fucked, though.

This guy that fucked me in my rooftop jacuzzi took this photo 20 minutes after our mutual orgasm.

Open, pinkish, and aroused - a sign of a fucked anus!
Open, pinkish, and aroused - a sign of a fucked anus!

In any case, Asher wasn't planning on talking about my hole for too long. In less than a minute, his cock was fucking me. I screamed each time the tip of his thick cock reached the depths of my ass.

"Baby, I've been missing your ass. Fuck!!! You have the best ass at the beach!"

"Just at the beach?" I teased him.

Asher didn't answer. Instead, he started pounding my ass with greater force, and I knew he was about to cream my insides.

I usually don't like the man fucking me to shoot his seed so quickly. However, I knew that soon people would be arriving from the nearby town, so fucking in private would no longer be an option.

Therefore I reached back, grabbed his hairy balls, and said: "I'd love you to shoot everything in your balls in me!"

"You always know what to say to make me so horny," Asher moaned, intensifying his thrusts into my ass until he yelled, and I felt his seed flooding my tunnel of love.

Now it was my turn to release his seed from my hole.

Again, his white cream was all around us in the water. This time, I tasted some of his seed before I released it into the water.

Having been sitting in the shallow pools for more than an hour, we went back to our beach towels and slept for 30 minutes next to each other.

I woke up first and looked at him sleeping.

He looked so adorable, sexy, and sweet.

His soft cock was resting on his hairy balls. Not for the first time, I noticed how sexy his hairy pecs were.

I was unable to resist playing with his package.

At first, I only caressed his balls and gently played with the warm road leading to his hairy hole. To my astonishment, his cock reacted almost instantly.

Asher's cock was hard again, and it woke him up.

"How can you be so hard having already shot your load twice?" I asked him, somewhat jealous.

"Perhaps it's because you are such a terrific lover? Have you considered that possibility?"

I kissed him in response.

"Can you cum again?" I asked.

Asher smiled. "Why don't you put your sweet lips around my penis and find out?"

Just as I was about to do so, the annoying people started arriving from the nearby town.

Here they come. The most annoying people on the planet!
Here they come. The most annoying people on the planet!

I had no doubt that Asher could shoot another load. I was so eager to swallow his seed that I didn't care that people might watch us.

But Asher doesn't like being watched when he makes love, and shortly afterward, he was gone, leaving me with my balls full and my mind angry.

I masturbated and shot my swimmers into the water while ignoring the crowds.

It was an incredible orgasm!
It was an incredible orgasm!

After I'd relaxed, I took my belongings and went south towards the exit. I expected that I would have some time for myself.

I was no longer horny and wished to be alone and watch the sunset.

Looking north and seeing more people arriving
Looking north and seeing more people arriving

But it was as if my sexual display only encouraged others to come over and look at my cock.

Were it not irritating, it probably would have been amusing.

People walked to my spot and glanced at my cock (which wasn't so impressive now that it was soft). Then they continued walking for another brief moment, returned, took another look, and headed back.

If I find a guy staring at my pubic hair to be attractive, I always ask, "Haven't you ever seen a naked guy before?"

That's my pickup line.

The guy usually smiles and says: "Yes, but you are so attractive" or something similar.

There were a few attractive men who normally I wouldn't have minded letting them fuck my tight hole. However, I was still relaxed after my orgasm and had no desire for anyone else to play with my anus.

Thirty minutes later, I put on my jock and started the 1-mile walk back to my car.

That's the only downer of the nudist beach: the long walk.
That's the only downer of the nudist beach: the long walk.

Little did I know that, 20 minutes later, I would receive the most incredible rimming of my life.

Here's the short version of this story:

30 minutes of a non-stop orgasmic feeling coming just from what two guys were doing to my body, and more importantly, my ass and hole (without fucking me!)

A longer version will have to wait for another blog post!

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