More Hate

I wanted to share with you how things are developing at the office in regards to the person who is bullying me.

Yesterday, I wrote about my co-worker, who is bullying me. Here is the link to that post:


"I hope that you are willing to have lunch with me."

My boss told me that before he went out to buy lunch and come back to the office. I always bring homemade vegan food.

"With you, I have no problem having lunch with."

When he came back, he popped into my room.

"I'm back; you can heat your food."

I went out and saw that the bully was also heating his food. The way the lunch table was set meant that I would have to be facing him while I eat.

No fucking way, I thought to myself.

Looking at his face will make me want to puke. There is not enough food in the world to satisfy my desire to vomit on him.

I went back to my desk and after a few minutes, my boss came in.

"Are you not going to heat your food?"

"I meant it when I said that with you, I have no problem having lunch with."

My boss was shocked.

Allow me to explain:

I don't want to brag, but I am the person that everyone loves at the office. I am friendly to everyone, polite, remember birthdays, always helpful.

I don't do it because I am trying to gain something out of it.

It is my nature.

The person who bullies me is, not surprisingly, the most hated person at the office.

He always argues and is never willing to help anyone. On top of that, he thinks that he is perfect and better than anyone else.

My boss never expected me to say something so harsh. He asked me with a shocked expression: "So you will not have lunch with him?"


"OK, we are going to talk about it later."

My boss reports directly to the CEO. He was held up in higher management meetings after this incident. During that time, the bully tried to talk with me; I told him I don't have time for him.

When I came to the office today, I was considering the option of forgiving him. The way I see it: I have a physical disability, and he has a disabled personality. It is in my nature to make peace with people and not fight.

However, he kept bullying me even today.

There was a problem with our client's software; he immediately said: "It must be Theon's fault."

He always says that.

It's never his fault, and yet it almost always is.

The plan to forgive him went up in flames.

Wednesday is my short day; I finish working at 3 PM. When I got home, I took a quick nap of 20 minutes and then decided to soak in my rooftop jacuzzi and relax.

I could tell that my blood pressure was high because of the stress. That by itself is a risk factor to have more damage to my brain.

Here is just a quick shot of me undressing before getting into the jacuzzi.

Those are the jeans and jocks that I was wearing today.

After 30 minutes and a large glass of red wine, I went out naked and had some time to process everything that happened today and tried to think what to say tomorrow.

In any case, I feel much better now.

I got a lot of encouraging support messages from people who follow my blog. It helps a lot.

This message brought tears to my eyes:

"Good morning my sweet friend. I read your blog last night, "HATE," and I have been thinking about it ever since. It made me sad. I could not believe that this man, this douche, empathy lacking, imbecile could say such things to you. He truly must hate HIMSELF to inflict such nasty and hateful words towards you. He must be lacking "love" in his life and has to take his misery out on others. You have many people who "love" you regardless of any disability you may have. This disability does not define YOU. Like I said before, you are the sweetest, most sincere, honest, kind, and of course, sexiest and handsome guy I have ever met. I hope you do not have to experience any more of these derogatory and hate-filled remarks from this sad and pathetic man. I send you a BIG hug and a kiss, my friend!"

Is this guy not the best or what?

Click here to see my smooth ass 🤪


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