I met Yuri's mom while he was fucking me.

"You know, he's a perfect top. He fucked me so good two weeks ago."

Felix usually dives into my ass
Felix usually dives into my ass

That's what Felix had told me regarding a local guy who has been my fuck buddy since he was 16.

He's now almost 20.

I've written about him several times in my blog. He's very handsome, hairy, taller than me with an incredibly massive cock.

I hope you aren't surprised by the fact that Felix also likes to get fucked.

Felix is mostly a top, but he'll open his amazing ass for the right guy.

Felix's ass is so beautiful
Felix's ass is so beautiful

I've fucked Felix once since we've been together (nearly a year).

You can read about it here:

I fucked my boyfriend and I liked it (but not that much)

"I didn't know he'd fucked you," I replied, thinking it was weird that the same guy with whom I've been fucking for so long had recently fucked my hot boyfriend.

"He turned to me after you'd refused to give him your ass two weeks ago, do you remember?"

Of course, I remembered.

He wanted to come over, and I told him I wasn't interested, and it had nothing to do with fear of CV-19.

I'm not too fond of the fact that his performance in bed is lousy at best.

In between fucking me (which he does quite well), he lies on his back, spreads his legs, and I know he expects me to suck him and lick his (very hairy) hole as if he was a king.

He also doesn't want me to cum on his body. Of course, he has no problem shooting his juice in me.

That's how young guys usually are, and that's why, In my opinion, there are many benefits of having sex with a mature top.

One of these benefits had never occurred to me until another young guy fucked me almost a year ago:

There's little chance that an older guy would talk with his mom while his cock was buried deep in my ass.

I guess if you fuck with enough guys, eventually one of them will talk with his mom while he's enthusiastically fucking you.

The guy's name was Yuri, and he was 17 years old.

I don't know his mom's age nor her name.

Our introduction was informal, considering the unusual circumstances.

Even though Yuri's bent, uncut tool was exploring the depths of my ass, on hearing his mother's voice, I seriously considered saying:

"Nice to meet you."


"Hi, I'm Theon. Don't worry; your son's huge cock is enjoying a professional, smooth ass right now."

When my day had started, I had no idea I'd meet Yuri's mom. I didn't even know I would, at last, hold, lick, suck, and get fucked by Yuri's marvelous Russian cock.

Yuri lives less than a quarter of a mile from my apartment. He first contacted me before he was 18.

He wanted my professional ass to be the first that he fucked.

I wasn't surprised by his request because it wasn't the first of its kind.

Here's one from yesterday:

"I'm an 18-year virgin and wanting to lose it and was wondering if you can take mine and my cock cause you're sexy and experienced, and you seem very trustworthy."

Yuri kept using the same type of phrases when contacting me:

  • "Can I come over and fuck you now?"

  • "Can you have sex now?"

  • "Do you want to get fucked right now?"

I kept explaining to him that until he turned 18, there was no chance I'd let him approach my smooth hole. The result of my refusal was that, by the time I did allow him to enjoy my anus, he'd already fucked quite a few guys.

Before telling you the story of how we fucked, I want to explain something about young cocks.

First of all, here's my young penis:

Observe my left-hand gesture. I was born a horny bottom.
Observe my left-hand gesture. I was born a horny bottom.

So many years have passed and not much has changed:

I still love being naked at the beach.

My balls and my hole are still naturally smooth.

My cock is somewhat bigger, though.

Back to the topic of young cocks.

I'm not obsessed with youth and younger guys.

I prefer the man who makes love to my ass to be at least 30.

That's because, generally speaking, older guys:

  • Aren't obsessed about fucking me right away.

  • Notice that I have other parts except my ass.

  • Don't vanish seconds after they are done enjoying my body.

  • Take more time to get hard, but can fuck much longer. Younger guys tend to cum very quickly.

And most importantly:

I find older guys much more manly and attractive.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

You can read about one of them here:

Older lovers are not always better than younger ones.

On the night I invited Yuri to my apartment, he'd sent me a typical Grindr message:

"Hey, do you want me to fuck you now? I'm with friends in the city park, but I can be at your place in 10 minutes. However, I can't stay long because my parents will get suspicious. I only have about 20 minutes."

"Look," I told him, "I'm not going to bother opening my ass if you're only coming for such a short time. If you want to fuck me, then you would need to stay here for at least an hour. There are a lot of things I want us to do before you start enjoying my hole. I enjoy touching, kissing, licking, sucking, and more."

"OK, maybe I can stay for 30 minutes," he replied and sent me a new photo of his incredible uncut bent cock.

Yuri might have been only 17, but he already knew how to persuade an older submissive bottom.

"OK, come on over."

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After five minutes I got another message from him: "Can you wear the thong you were wearing in the last photo you sent me? When my girlfriend wears a thong, it turns me on."

He was referring to this photo:

"Sure," I told him and added a submissive response: "whatever you want."

When I opened the door and saw Yuri, I was puzzled. He looked much younger than in his photos, and I was confident that he wasn't yet 18.

I also thought that, on seeing me, he'd change his mind.

I felt I looked too old for him.

"Do you want us to fuck?" I asked him after the first few polite sentences.

"Sure! Why not? Am I not good looking enough for you?"

Yuri was a hunk and very good looking. He was shorter than me but was very toned. His face was so cute, and his blue eyes were beautiful. I also knew that he was hiding an uncut monster in his pants.

"Of course, you're sexy. It's just that you look so young!"

"16 is the age of consent," he assured me. "You don't have to worry."

His last sentence confirmed my suspicions that he wasn't 18 yet. However, at that point, I was getting incredibly horny.

We kept on touching and kissing while this conversation was going on. I played with his nipples and felt how smooth his upper body was.

In return, he twitched my very sensitive nipples while I was kissing his warm neck.

Yuri pushed his cold hands inside my sweatpants, grabbed my warm ass cheeks, and started playing with my thong.

"Damn, Theon! Your ass really is smooth!"

"Just like in the photos?" I teased him.

"Much better. It feels like a baby's ass or a woman's."

Yuri's focus was primarily on my ass, anus, balls, and nipples. He paid no attention to my cock, which worked perfectly with my wishes.

I don't care if the guy I fuck with ignores my cock.

I can take much better care of my cock than any other guy would. Besides, I wanted Yuri to focus on my ass and hole because I yearned to feel his wet cock gliding deep inside me.

We kept on kissing and touching and somehow found ourselves in my game/office room. Yuri pulled my sweat pants down, took a moment to admire my thong, pulled that down as well, and gave the order:

"Stand in doggie for me."

I gladly obeyed his wish.

Yuri immediately started eating and fingering my love hole. While he was giving my ass such a fantastic treat, I screamed and moaned uncontrollably.

Up until this point, Yuri had removed only his shirt, revealing a beautiful smooth upper body. I begged him to take out his monster cock so I could serve it with my mouth.

"Is your cunt ready for my cock, Theon?" Yuri asked and, without waiting for my obvious answer, unbuckled his belt and opened his zipper.

When I saw his pink wet lollipop, I wanted to stand up, press our naked bodies, feel both our hard cocks rubbing against each other, and then serve him with my mouth for a long time before letting his penis explore my ass.

But Yuri had other plans.

He pressed his beautiful hard penis against my open hole, moaned loudly, and said: "I'm going to fuck you hard right here!"

He’d been in my apartment for less than 10 minutes.

Had I let him fuck me, it would have been the shortest time ever before letting a guy start using my hole.

"Not so quick!" I protested. "I told you: I'm not going to let you fuck me so quickly and leave five minutes later!"

Yuri spat on my sensitive hole a few times, kept gliding his hard cock on it, and spanked my ass: "I honestly have very little time. My parents expect me by midnight."

After each spanking, I screamed, and more parts of my brain died. With what was left, I managed to offer another plan: "OK, but not here, let's fuck in my bed."

I suggested my bed because I'd figured that I could use my proven techniques to postpone his orgasm and enjoy his terrific tool for as long as possible. I knew that If I'd let him fuck me doggie-style on my home-office floor, he'd cum in my ass before I'd had a chance to enjoy it.

When we got to the bed, Yuri made me lie on my stomach and started eating my hole while repeatedly spanking my ass and giving me many compliments on how sexy I am.

I couldn't help but continually scream and moan because it felt so good.

"Lube my hole, " I begged Yuri, "I can't wait for you to fuck me."

I felt Yuri's fingers lubing my love hole and exploring my ass at the same time. He was so good at what he was doing that I couldn't believe he was only 17.

"Shit, I've spilled a lot of lube on your bed," Yuri said.

"Fuck that," I told him, "Just fuck me!"

But he couldn't.

His cock was shaped like that and was thicker and a bit longer
His cock was shaped like that and was thicker and a bit longer

Because his cock was bent downward, and I was on my stomach. He wasn't able to find the right angle to push his cock deep inside.

"Turn around and raise your legs," he ordered me.

I did as he'd asked and raised my ass high so he could have a perfect angle to slide deep inside and start pounding.

"Slowly, please," I told him. "Your cock is very thick.

Yuri wasn't as slow as an experienced top would have been, so some pain was incurred in letting my ass swallow his entire, magnificent penis. However, his curved cock was pressing hard on my prostate, and the feeling was unbelievable.

When Yuri started fucking me, I couldn't help but continuously scream. Yuri paid little attention to my screams. He was fucking me hard, his cock enjoying the warmth and tightness that my ass was offering.

I knew that Yuri would cream my ass very quickly, but I didn't mind it that much because I realized there was no way I could convince him to take his cock out of my oven.

The only sound waves in the room were my screams, the sound of him pounding my ass, and his moans.

Then his cell phone rang.

"Shit, it's my mom. I've got to take this call. Don't say a word, stay quiet!!!"

Yuri froze and stopped fucking me, but I kept tightening and releasing my grip on his massive cock using my ass muscles. I did it to ensure that it stayed hard. I was also hoping this amazing feeling would make him forget about the damn phone call.

"Theon, stop doing that to my cock! I need to answer my mom."

Yuri's hard cock was still pressing my prostate, and I buried my face in the pillow to prevent me from moaning while he was talking with his mom because the feeling was still incredible.

"Mom!!! I'm with my girlfriend."
"When will you be home? You said you'd be home by midnight!"
"Soon, I promise!"
"Hurry! Dad will get upset if you're late again!"

As this conversation was going on, I felt the pressure on my prostate receding, and so did Yuri's cock. By the time he'd hung up, his cock was soft, and it slid out of my wide-open hole.

Yuri laid on his back, his breeding tool soft but still impressive.

"I've got to go; I'm sorry."

"Well, don't you want at least to cum first?"

"You've heard my mom; I don't have time."

I started playing with his warm, large, hairy balls, and gave him a quick blowjob. His cock got hard again instantly.

I stopped sucking him and said: "I'm sure you can cum in a minute."

Yuri's facial expression was lustful again and he ordered me: "Lie down on your stomach."

I craved him to fuck me again, but I wasn't going to argue. I wanted to feel his hot cum shots and taste his cum.

And so I turned around and waited for his manly juice.

Yuri started masturbating frantically with one hand while spanking and fingering my horny hole with the other. I wanted to hasten his orgasm, so I reached back and grabbed his tender balls.

It was so sensual holding his balls, knowing what they stored inside for me.

Yuri started raising his voice until he yelled, and I felt long, powerful cum shots on my back and ass.

There was so much cum all over my backside and ass when he'd finished.

Yuri cleaned his hand and cock on my back legs and got dressed. I didn't expect him to help me cum because he was in such a hurry to leave.

I escorted him to the door, still naked and still covered in cum.

I could tell that, now that his balls were empty, he wanted to leave as quickly as possible. It wasn't the best feeling, but at least I had his sperm.

I used my hand to collect as much of his seed from my ass and back because I wanted to use it as lube for masturbating after he'd left.

Still, some of his sperm leaked on to the floor.

After Yuri left, I went to my game/office room, where he'd eaten my ass only 25 minutes earlier. I sat on my chair and lubed my cock and hole with Yuri's delicious sperm.

When I started touching my cock and hole, my orgasm happened almost immediately.

A few weeks after enjoying Yuri's bent cock, I noticed him on Grindr again.

I'd recently returned from the beach after failing to find suitable candidates to take care of my hole.

Since I was so horny, against my better judgment, I'd sent Yuri a message and invited him over to fuck me again.

I admit, sex with Yuri wasn't that good:

  • It was too short.

  • He ran away while I was still covered in his cum.

  • He didn't cum in my ass as I'd hoped.

  • I got to know his mom while he was fucking me 😱

But Yuri had one thing that overshadowed all of his shortcomings: He had a massive (borderline huge), bent, uncut cock. That's the perfect tool for my demanding ass.

But why was sending a message to him wrong?

I never make the first move with guys under 25. That's also the case also with guys like Yuri with whom I’ve already fucked.

Most young guys are looking for guys their age or younger. I don't want to appear as a "dirty old man" (yes, I know it's a horrible and wrong thing to say about anybody).

That evening, I was so horny and eager to let his cock pound my ass again that I decided to get in touch with him after all.

At first, I left him a tap and waited impatiently for his response.

I should have known that he wasn't interested, but I was too horny to consider it. Therefore I sent him a message:

"Yuri, it's Theon. Do you remember my smooth ass? It would love to take good care of your amazing cock again."

His response was swift and harsh.

"Hey, listen, you're hot, and your ass is amazing. But I've done some thinking since we fucked, and I don't think it's right for me to fuck someone older than my dad."

Has Yuri contacted me since then?

No, because I blocked him.

I blocked him because he was rude. Of course, I understand and accept what he told me. However, one mustn't always tell the truth. He could have made up an excuse.

Did I fuck with someone so young since that night?

Yes, quite a few 18-year-old guys have fucked me since then.

I love grabbing their hairy or smooth ass while they are fucking me. I enjoy looking at their young face, knowing that they are experiencing such a fantastic feeling.

None of them fucked me more than once, but I don't care.

Maybe when they are older they will return.

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