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The fourth guy that I had sex with was the one that finally satisfied me

Men would do anything to relieve the pressure in their testicles.

That's what an older friend (who passed away a few years ago) once told me, and quite often, I witness it at the beach.

For example, two days ago, I sucked a 57-year-old married guy just here:

This location is the northernmost part of the nudist beach.
This location is the northernmost part of the nudist beach.

I was sitting as in the previous photo, and he was standing next to me. In other words, his hairy balls and leaking cock were in front of my eyes.

Evidently, he was very horny, and I knew he would say or do anything to convince me to help him shoot his seed. He didn't know I'd already decided I wanted to feel his cock shooting cum all over me or inside my ass.

He kneeled and reached for my cock and balls but stopped before grabbing them. "May I?" he asked.

"Sure," I answered, even though I rarely enjoy it when a man plays with my cock.

He was clueless with regard to wanking another guy. It felt like he was trying to rip my cock out of my body.

Despite his aggressive efforts, my cock remained flaccid, as in this photo.

My cock doesn't respond well to amateurs.
My cock doesn't respond well to amateurs.

I knew he would handle my precious penis poorly.

However, I let him wank me because I wanted to massage his loaded balls and squeeze his hard cock. It was only fair to let him do the same thing.

He was disappointed I didn't bone and asked: "What do you like? Do you want me to give you a blowjob?"

I wasn't surprised by his offer because every day (on Grindr or at the beach), guys express their desire to suck my cock.

Such as this one:

I rarely let guys touch or suck my cock.

As for him, I knew he would be terrible at it because he was married and rarely had sex with men.

"I don't appreciate getting a blowjob. I enjoy getting fucked," I replied, stood up, and turned around to offer him my ass.

"You do have a hot ass," he commented.

My ass remains untanned because I put ample sunblock on it.
My ass remains untanned because I put ample sunblock on it.

I spread my ass cheeks so he could admire my fuck hole. "And such a beautifully smooth hole," he added. "Although it's quite sandy.'

I already knew he wouldn't fuck me because he didn't say anything about it after he'd examined my hole. He also avoided touching it, which probably meant he had no experience fucking guys.

Nevertheless, I washed my ass and hole in the Mediterranean and returned to him.

"It's clean now," I announced, bent over, spreading my ass cheeks again, "in case you want to fuck me."

"Honestly, your hole is terrific, and I would probably enjoy fucking you, but I've never fucked a guy, so perhaps next time."

"Are you married?" I asked even though I already knew what he would answer.

"Yes," he replied with an embarrassed smile.

The nearby town is two miles north, and married guys always come to this beach seeking a mouth or an ass to fuck. Therefore, his answer didn't surprise me.

Since he didn't want to fuck me, I knew he was interested in my mouth.

I kneeled and asked: "Would you like me to suck your cock?"

This area is remote and ideal for sucking or getting fucked.
This area is remote and ideal for sucking or getting fucked.

"I'd love that," he replied, promptly shoving his hard cock into my eager mouth.

Serving a man's cock is what gives me the utmost pleasure.

Even when I'm not horny, seeing a demanding penis always awakens my submissive instincts.

Therefore, I boned immediately on feeling his cock massaging my throat.

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He grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth while I held his manly testicles. From how he was moaning, I knew he would quickly shoot his seed down my throat.

I don't like swallowing semen because, from my experience cum produced by meat or dairy eaters has a foul taste and smell.

In contrast, Felix's seed is fruity and delicious like mine.

Felix and I have been vegan for more than ten years.
Felix and I have been vegan for more than ten years.

Therefore, I said that I didn't want him to shoot in my mouth, which disappointed him.

"I'm so close," he said. "Where do you want my cum? I'd be happy to cum all over your handsome face."

"I know you won't fuck me," I replied. "But I would enjoy it if you at least cum on my fuck hole."

"Your smooth hole does excite me. I'll ejaculate on it if this is what you want."

I walked into this shallow pool, positioned myself in doggie, and exposed my hungry hole.

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"Damn! Such a hot ass and that hole, wow! I would love to fuck your cunt one day!!!"

He went between my legs, masturbated, and played with my ball sack. I was delighted that even though he didn't want to fuck me, he was aroused from seeing me in such a submissive posture.

I reached my hand back and grabbed his thick cock.

"Don't worry," I assured him. "I'm not going to insert your cock into my ass. I just want you to feel how wonderful it is to rub your cock against my lubed hole."

I gently pressed his throbbing cock against my warm anus and heard him moaning.

"You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that," he warned me.

His warning was like music to my ears, making me rub his penis aggressively against my cum hole.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" he yelled, grabbed his cock, and pointed it at my hole.

Since his cock head was nearly touching my hole, I felt his cum shots hitting it hard with intense heat.

It made me scream alongside him.

Seconds after he'd drained his balls, he was gone. I wasn't surprised or upset because I saw the look in his eyes.

It looked like "Why did I shoot my cum on another man's anus? What was I thinking of? I should return to my wife and kids before anyone sees me!"

As seen in this photo, he didn't have to walk too far to return to them.

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Half an hour later, I was still at the same place when another married guy arrived.

He was naked, in his early 40s, and I wasn't attracted to him at all.

The main reason I didn't want to fuck with him was that he was unnaturally smooth, including his cock. In addition, he was out of shape.

A bald cock attached to a body that isn't in shape is always a deal breaker for me.

In contrast, I find this gorgeous blog follower extremely attractive!

He's hairy, manly, and has an uncut cock to die for!
He's hairy, manly, and has an uncut cock to die for!

I didn't look at him to ensure he understood that I wasn't interested.

However, that didn't stop him from offering me his ass in various ways.

He primarily positioned himself as I did in this photo.
He primarily positioned himself as I did in this photo.

Since I ignored his efforts, he came over and stood by me.

He silently stood 3 feet away from me for several minutes.

I still looked the other way.
I still looked the other way.

Finally, he said: "You are so sexy."

Remembering the rule my late friend had told me, I wasn't too impressed by his compliment because I knew he only said it to gain access to my penis.

However, ignoring his lovely compliment would have been rude, so I thanked him.

"Your cock is gorgeous," he added. "I would love to suck it."

"I'm surprised you like my cock that much. It's rather small right now," I commented.

"You have a beautiful penis. It doesn't need to get hard for others to appreciate its beauty."

Oddly, yesterday another guy told me the same thing:

He commented on this photo:

My pubic hair's actual color is orange-brown, not black.
My pubic hair's actual color is orange-brown, not black.

"In any case, I don't enjoy a blowjob," I told him.

"But that's impossible!" he argued.

"Well, that's the way it is. I'm a total bottom. I get excited by getting fucked, not from receiving a blowjob."

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"Seriously? A total bottom? I would have never guessed. You look so manly."

I apologize for repeatedly writing and telling a similar story about bottoms confusing me for a top but it happens quite often.

Here's another example:

I wanted to tell him that not all bottoms look feminine like him, but I said instead:

"You shouldn't confuse being manly with a desire to fuck."

Do I look like a bottom or a top in this photo?
Do I look like a bottom or a top in this photo?

"Well, I'm actually a top," he said. "However, I'm more interested in sucking a cock than fucking."

That was such a lame lie.

A top wouldn't be interested in fucking, only if he were suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction). In that case, I wouldn't be interested in him anyway.

For me, that's a minimum requirement, even if my sex partner doesn't plan on fucking me.

I don't fuck, but it would also be disappointing if I didn't bone!

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An hour after he'd left, I was half a mile south.

A naked, hairy gay guy in his mid-60s checked me out but kept walking north.

I was immediately attracted to his hairy body and what looked like a piece of beautiful breeding equipment. From how he was checking me out, I knew he would return.

To lure him towards my hungry ass, I put on a thong.

I was also getting ready to leave.
I was also getting ready to leave.

I wasn't surprised that he got closer to me on returning, and we had a lovely chat.

"You look really sexy in that thong," he finally commented, and I knew that we would soon start fucking.

"Actually, I was getting ready to remove it, " I said, putting down my backpack and revealing my semi-erect cock.

"You are a very sensual young bottom," he said and moved behind me.

The top left pointy rock is where I was before.
The top left pointy rock is where I was before.

He began massaging my horny ass while pinching my sensitive nipples.

His touch was fantastic, and my cock got hard instantly.

He caressed my love hole and my balls with one hand and masturbated with the other.

A black guy in his 30s passed and checked us out.

I've known him for a few years and remembered that he has a huge cock. He'd expressed his interest in breeding me in the past, but he always had a weird body odor, and his teeth were horrible-looking.

I was relieved when he didn't bother us and kept walking.

The mature top gently pushed me down.

Now, I was in doggie waiting for him to fuck and breed me. I handed over the lube and exposed my fuck hole with one hand.

He lubed us both and began rubbing his cock on my horny hole. To my disappointment, I felt that his cock wasn't hard.

"Damn! I'm going to fuck you, boy!" he said, but that didn't help his cock get hard.

I was disappointed because, at first, he reminded me of this blog follower.

He was hairy, and his flaccid cock looked so promising!
He was hairy, and his flaccid cock looked so promising!

I did everything I could to help him get hard but to no avail.

Even though I was disappointed, my cock was hard, which embarrassed him even more.

"You'll see, when my cock gets hard, it's bigger than yours!" he promised.

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I was getting impatient because I'd realized he wouldn't be able to fuck me.

"I want you to come for me," he said.

"I enjoy ejaculating when a man is fucking me, so I don't think I will," I told him.

"I'm so close, though, and I need to leave soon," he said, but he really meant "I won't be able to get hard enough to fuck you."

"Then go ahead and shoot on my hole," I impatiently said and was rewarded with a few drops of cum on my anus.

After he'd left, the black guy returned.

I stared at him and felt like the married guy from the start of this blog post:

I was willing to say or do anything to get his black cock in my ass. I couldn't care less about his tattered clothes, strange body odor, or crooked teeth.

He approached me and asked: "Still horny? Didn't that old guy just fuck you?"

"He couldn't get his dick hard."