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Men with small penis can't satisfy my needs...

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Even men with small penis love their cock.

They love to play with them, talk about them, fuck with them (but not me...), and milk them.

I always play with my large cock in the shower:

I also love to milk other guys' cock.

I milked this Russian tourist with my submissive ass at the beach this week:

He took this photo:

As for my 7-inch thick cock, I milk it daily.

I often use toys such as ball straps, dildos, or vibrators when I masturbate:

Men especially love to share photos of their cock.

I can testify about this passion since I receive countless dicks picks from men who wish to fuck my tight hole.

I'm totally attracted to this guy's huge cock:

He says that he's saving money for a trip to Israel.

He dreams of breeding me at the nudist beach.

It's also my dream:

It's not a surprise that men are so attached to their penis.

For most, it gives them immense pleasure. As for me, my ass gives me far more pleasure than my cock.

While my thick cock gives me intense physical enjoyment when I play with it, when I get fucked, the pleasure that I experience is both physical and of the mind.

Men sometimes behave irrationally regarding their cock or when discussing this topic.

I love my cock, but I'm not obsessed about it or discuss it often.

As a nudist, it's just another organ:

A lovely guy recently told me he's never been with a guy.

He admitted that he's been constantly masturbating to my photos.

I always encourage men to pursue their sexual desires. However, only the legal ones!

If you are into bizarre, creepy shit like sleeping with your brother or a dog, please don't discuss it with me.

I find it appalling when guys try to discuss bistability with me!

So would Luka!

That lovely guy wanted to discuss his penis with me.

Here's part of our discussion:

A few days later, he sent me a photo of his cock.

He wasn't exaggerating when he wrote about his "tiny cock." It didn't even resemble a penis. It looked more like an enlarged clitoris.

My cock head is bigger than his entire cock!

I wasn't going to comment about his tiny cock.

I was merely happy for him that he enjoys his cock although it was a micro penis. However, then he asked me if I liked his cock and if I would like to play with it.

This was my answer to him:

I wish I could say I was sorry he reacted that way to my answer, but I wasn't!

His question was rather idiotic. What did he expect? I'm not a size queen, but how can a less than 2-inch penis satisfy my fuck hole?

To enjoy anal sex, the penis dominating my ass has to be at least 5 inches long or extra thick if it's smaller.

Getting fucked by him would have been like fingering myself with half a finger!

I recently posted a photo of my hard cock beside my friend's beautiful uncut penis.

I asked, "Which one do you prefer?"

Here are our hard cocks:

I also commented that I prefer to serve an uncut penis with my mouth and cum hole.

My post received mixed reactions, as I'd expected. However, I didn't expect the following:

"Hey, man… you're from Israel, and you're actually for foreskin? Wow, that’s great to hear."

Many Israelis don't feel comfortable when dealing with an uncut penis.

In contrast, I'm overjoyed when taking care of one!

We had a short discussion.

I quickly realized I was dealing with a zealot who was very passionate about this topic.

"Don’t you wish you had your foreskin?" he asked.

I found his question absurd. It was like asking a black person if he doesn't regret not being born white.

As for me, I'm a jew and a proud one.

Part of being a Jewish man is to be circumcised.

Indeed, I had no say about it, but as I was growing up, my parents often made life-changing decisions that I had no control over.

Being obsessed about having or not having a piece of skin attached to your penis is a sign of being immature.

A guy who feels his happiness was deprived because he lacks foreskin is pathetic.

I'm crippled, yet always happy!

Since I wanted to end our discussion, I answered:

"I don't waste my time thinking about impossible things, and I think it's pathetic to focus my happiness on such a trivial topic."

Regretfully, he persisted: "If you ever have a son, what would you do?"

I told him he already knew I was Jewish, so the answer should be clear.

Here's his response:

"That’s sad. Mutilating baby boys. And why I’m so against the Jewish religion. Anyways, thanks for chatting with me. I think it’s best if we go our separate ways now because we clearly won’t see eye to eye on this."

Antisemitic vermin have been attacking the Jewish people for over 2500 years regarding this topic.

He's just another one who follows the footsteps of so many others.

Following his disgusting views, I hereby award him an SS-Obersturmführer military rank.